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Your child has protruding ears? Want to save him from the attacks of peers? Do not tighten visit a plastic surgeon. Otoplasty – Ear correction by plastic surgery. This operation is shown people suffering from droopy ears and is a surgical procedure that affects the soft tissue and cartilaginous ear. Carrying out such an operation is recommended in childhood or adolescence, because such a breach is often an inherent problem, which can cause psychological problems for the child. More information is housed here: PCRM. Indications for plastic surgery for correction of the ear: droopy ears broken Ear the absence of the pinna Contraindications for cancer and problems with the blood. Process operations: Before an operation, it is necessary for a complete examination, including tests done and to inform your doctor about all illnesses and allergies. Also before the operation, carefully check your blood sugar level and clotting time. Otoplasty in most cases done under local anesthesia.

Ear correction can seriously will vary depending on the problem. Of course, the choice of technique otoplasty is dependent on the doctor. He makes choices based on the survey, personal experiences and ideas about the aesthetics of the ear. Often, when troubleshooting droopy ears incision is made behind the ear. In this case the surgeon must cut the cartilage and remove the excess. In general, the operation lasts about an hour. At the end of the operation is applied to the ear a sterile gauze dressing and over it. Rehabilitation after plastic ears: Often, after surgery to correct his ears do not need to be in hospital. After surgery, postoperative edema may occur, as there are cases with little morbidity, which removed the usual anesthetic drug. The result of operation is preserved for a lifetime! So do not hesitate to march to a consultation with plastic surgeons, who in most consultations cases free of charge.

Acute Abdominal Pain !

One of the major causes of income in emergency rooms or doctors’ offices is acute abdominal pain of sudden onset and unknown cause. The same is initiated in the upper middle abdomen (epigastric) of mild intensity of such crushing or burning on other occasions, that over the next 4 to 6 hours the pain migrates to the lower right (right lower quadrant ) on occasions beginning in this site, but mild intensity is increasing. In this part of the clinical picture is crucial, most of the patients and family self-medicate or go to the pharmacy where he recommends: analgesics, antispasmodics, digestive enzymes or antibiotics, so that the presentation fails to follow its evolution as it is , ie it covers and the symptoms disappear for a few hours. Harvard insists that this is the case. The recommendation is that before a picture of acute abdominal pain go to doctors for advice or to the nearest medical facility for clinical assessment and complemantary tests to rule out acute appendicitis is the most common cause frequent episodes of acute abdominal pain and abdominal operations. Appendicitis is characterized by tenderness in the lower right (McBurney +), pain when decompressing sharply in the same area (Blumberg +), migration of pain in times to the right lower quadrant, nausea, vomiting by one occasion, lack of appetite, the blood test is: leukocytosis (greater than 10,000) (greater than 75%), oral temperature greater than 37 C, pain on passive movement of the right leg or walking. Among the additional tests also have it which is of great value to arrive at a diagnosis of the cause of abdominal pain, which in combination with the blood and physical examination, the patient will have to act immediately, whether medical or surgical treatment . Details can be found by clicking Bristol-Myers Squibb or emailing the administrator.

The fatal complication in diagnosis is a Peritonitis is the rupture of the appendix with fecal output and contamination of the abdominal cavity, complicate surgery and hospital stay are occasions that jeopardizes the patient’s life. Therefore, before an acute abdominal pain is best not to self-medicate and go as soon trust your doctor or health center to avoid dire consequences and it is best to receive prompt medical treatment.. .

Dietary Supplments

Compare: dietary supplements in America are well known 46 years, consumption has become the rule and culture. There is already used to it, doctors are well aware of action and range of supplements, they see their undoubted benefit. In Russia, there is a stable understanding of the need for supplements – only debatable – as is always around for something new. Most likely, this is a matter of time: Do we use dietary supplements to be healthy, and drink drugs that treat one, and another maimed. Senator Elizabeth Warren has similar goals. The main difference is that up to now in our country, doctors are often negatively related to Badam. This attitude is explained by lack of awareness about the effectiveness of dietary supplements.

Please note: Reception 13-20 THOUSAND conventional units of vitamin "A" is able to slow the development of even the most terrible illnesses to date – AIDS! The main reason – to distrust medical Badam about it at the time said Polling. Modern medicine is so complicated that almost every physician has to become a specialist in his field. Often he have neither the time nor the opportunity to follow developments related sciences, particularly biochemistry and molecular biology. In many cases it simply has to trust the recommendations of the pharmacology of which, for obvious reasons advocates of nutritional supplements – even less. Global pharmacological market in 2000 was estimated at 330 billion dollars. Who will give up without a fight a Klondike? " And to pay this man must be sick, but if he takes supplements and ceases to be ill – there is competition. Studies have shown that dietary supplements are often the only means known to man to resist disease and recover health. The current situation characterized by strong information flow, so you must constantly acquire knowledge in new areas, Fortunately, now there are refresher courses available competent and complete information about the benefits of dietary supplements and how they are applications are special research centers to develop and produce nutritional supplements.

Acne And Pimples

Anyone not happy with pimples and acne on his face. Black dots and reddish hills acne acne does not adorn us. Where did they come from and what are? It happens that the output of the sebaceous glands plugged sebaceous plug, then on the skin surface, we see a whitish nodule. If a tube contains the sebaceous skin flakes, sweat and dust, then the knot is black. Since blackheads are formed. The reason why they occur can be difficult to find. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. Sometimes this is a common uncleanliness, sometimes a genetic predisposition.

Cause the formation of acne bowel disease and metabolic disorders, as well as abuse of sweet, spicy or fatty foods. Pustule – a small, reddish area of the skin, elevated above the surface and containing pus. Often, acne appear on the site inflamed acne. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Sometimes the main reason is the alteration of an organism when growing up. If acne or pimples appear on the face only sporadically, it is particularly worrying is not worth it.

More thorough washing is sufficient or more sun exposure, and they disappear. It is quite another matter if the pimples and blackheads multiple and 'stubborn'. Then without a visit to a doctor not do. In any case, we must remember that squeeze them extremely dangerous. The infection can spread throughout the body. But if still you risknesh remove acne, mind you at least the following: carry out that operation with only isolated, nevospalennym eel. In this thoroughly wash hands and disinfect the skin necessarily alcohol or cologne. Skin has a good idea to first to steam. Never touch the area between the nose and upper lip. Even the ancient Doctors call this place 'triangle of death'. Absolutely it is useful to limit yourself to a sweet, stop to get involved in smoked sausage, and plenty of walks and a good night's sleep.

Oxygen Cells

Another danger of free radicals is an extension of their own merits. Normally, the chemically active molecules Oxygen protect against alien agents, killing bacteria and viruses. This process is regulated by antioxidants (or antioxidants), which keep free radicals at bay. But when the immune system shattered by lack of natural antioxidants in the body against free radicals turning of the body, which leads to even more shake-up the immune system and the emergence of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer and disease Alzheimer's, etc. Some contend that Dr. John Mcdougall shows great expertise in this. 'Aggressive' interactions caused by an excess of free radicals and the acidity of the internal environment, causing a chain reaction that ultimately leads to disruption of biomolecular structure cells (protein compounds, compounds of hydrocarbons, enzymes) and changes in the structure and functions of the cell membrane (lipid), as well as pathology in the DNA and mitochondria. Disrupted cell integration. Cumulative effect caused by free radicals, leading to the death of cells.

So to disease and aging. Today it has become evident that formation of free radicals is one of universal pathogenetic mechanisms in different types of damage to cells and organisms. Studies show, free radicals are involved in processes: aging, carcinogenesis, chemical and pharmaceutical destruction of cells, inflammation, radiation injury, atherogenesis, oxygen and ozone toxicity, etc. Figuratively situation can be summarized as follows: The human body is an oxidation – reduction system, which can be compared with the "stove" which constantly burned organic produce and synthesize the necessary materials + waste. Over the years, "stove" are increasingly clogged with slag and ash, with a natural cleaning mechanism – through the water cycle and air violated because neither water nor air can not have enough free electrons to "burning" slag.

Bread And Healthy Eating

Bread is the main source of carbohydrates and vegetable proteins in human nutrition. Nutritional value of bread depends on the composition of the flour. The average chemical composition of the grain is as follows: 45-50% of water, carbohydrate ranges from 42-50%, proteins – 5-9, fat – 0.7-1.5%. Of the minerals present in the bread calcium (150-350 mg / kg), phosphorus (600 – 2000 mg / kg), iron (7-22 mg / kg), magnesium (220-730 mg / kg). Bread baked from the lower grades of flour – an important source B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin), niacin. When baking bread, these vitamins are destroyed by 10-15%. Very high energy content of bread – it gives 1 kg 7950-9750 kJ (1900-2330).

Assimilation depends on the quality of bread flour. For instance, bread baked from flour with high gluten content, has a high calorific value and porosity. So easy bread soaked with digestive juice, well digested and assimilated. On uptake and grain yield is influenced meal. Thus, the meal containing a large number of bran bread making less digestible.

In the laboratory study of grain determine the organoleptic and physical-chemical results of its good quality. Freshly baked bread has a clean, flat surface with no cracks and sags, which are formed during baking of bread from fermented dough, or at too high a temperature baking oven. Bread with large cracks (1 cm or more) and the influx has an unpleasant appearance and storage is susceptible to growth of molds, as in the recesses of cracks created favorable conditions for development fungi.

Womens Health

Women and children is an indicator of the health of society as a whole. It is no accident in the civilized countries women's health – is the subject of special concern of governments and the strong media attention and Internet. Educational programs have raised awareness of women in women's health, beginning with adolescence. Every woman in the U.S. or European country knows what is needed annual Pap test and mammography after age 40, and almost every gynecologist – a personal doctor. My friend young American in frank conversation admitted that after moving to another state it once a year, continues to fly to their doctor for routine inspection, because only trusted this doctor and do not want to look for another.

Because of this relation to women's health in the community cases of advanced malignancy of the reproductive system are uncommon. In Russia, the vast majority of cases of cervical cancer, which is completely preventable, it is found in an incurable stage, and the number of abortions is highest in the world. What's the matter? To clarify the relationship Russian Women for Women's Health Service website "VebGinekolog" conducted an independent survey of 209 women, which showed the following: Of all those surveyed only 56% visit a gynecologist regularly, and only a third of these, prophylaxis, while the rest – of necessity, ie, due to pregnancy or disease. 28% refer to a gynecologist at least once a year and only when needed, 18% do not attend at all. It turned out that most women (52%) experiencing negative emotions at the thought of a visit to a gynecologist: the fear to hear from them that something is wrong, and even shame and fear.

After the visit, a third of women remain unsatisfied with the results. On the question of the relation to These doctors, only 50% of participants rated it as polling friendly, respectful and interested, and only a tenth of that number said that experiencing pleasant feelings when communicating with your doctor. 35% rated relation to them a doctor, as indifferent, and 8% – as arrogant and degrading. Do not believe in the necessity of regular medical surveillance, and accordingly, are showing their ignorance in matters of health 17% women, while the rest belong to their health very responsibly, but only 47% fully trusted the doctor, while 36% believe the low qualified physician and to some of the recommendations are in disbelief. 89% want to better themselves situation with the service of women's health in the country can improve such government measures as improving the quality of education in medical schools and the development of a free public health care system, 22% believe that women should increase their civic participation, to something better, 12% believe in the development of private medical insurance and, while 7% think that over time will improve by itself. So who care about women's health? It is not necessary whether to take on the world: the government to make women's health a priority, obstetrician-gynecologists think of his high calling of the healers of body and soul, medical web sites to improve the quality of information and women to become more active with regard to their own health?

Chinese Medicine

Healthy nursing mother give a small child quality milk, and a normally functioning thyroid gland women give the child a healthy impetus for further development of the intellect. No need to be rocket scientist to her forehead, to understand – patient does not give a full ear of grain, and a woman with a weak and sick gynecology will give a healthy egg. Patient no land to cultivate a healthy tree, a woman with breast diseases will not give healthy milk. And, Finally, the patient thyroid gland does not give the mother to her child the rudiments of the future of normal intelligence. Five key points of the body a woman – ovaries with appendages, mammary glands and the thyroid gland – five corners pentagram man of the future. Any violation of these key points will weaken and shift of the beam-pointed star and as a result of "distorting" the proper pentagrams. Five key points of the women are linked and deviation of the health of one of them will inevitably lead to deviations in the other. Similarly, the restoration of harmony in one of the points will restore health to others.

Often, visiting China and having lots of friends, I learned that Chinese women almost never suffer from gynecological diseases, and absolutely not familiar with breast diseases. This is primarily due to the fact that Chinese women during the cold season are paying much attention to conservation of heat in the pelvic area and legs – warm enough to dress up as opposed to our women. Please visit Dr. John Mcdougall if you seek more information. Many of the Chinese women enjoy the daily strips, which are impregnated with decoction and can be bought in any store. Applying the experience of China in Russia, it was noted that any inflammatory process in gynecology women can be eliminated by applying the therapeutic and prophylactic pads soaked in decoction and prostelennye charges herbs. In some of the particularly difficult cases, further used tampons soaked in antiseptic lotions. Even in diseases such as myoma, a significant improvement was observed and decrease by 2-3 weeks of treatment. Women in their applying treatments and preventive gaskets made in China, were able to pass the menopause with minimal complications in health status.

The second positive factor in the restoration of women's health was the application of vacuum massage to the lumbar region, lumbosacral and pelvic area. Vacuum massage banks installed on biologically active points, tend to stretch the skin pathology. In the field, responsible for the condition of internal organs in female patients formed pronounced bruising, and in some cases even watery blisters appear. With the improvement of health status were hematoma, and watery bubbles dissipate or pierced. In conclusion, we appeal to women. Dear, preventing your health plays an important role in the birth of our children. Not always involve our own, male attention, a positive effect on your health. Pay more attention, not external, but internal and our children will be healthy and happy.

Health Diet

The fact that a number of bad drugs are combined with each other. Dietitian can pick up the best option for the layman – it can difficult. Be sure to follow the recommendations, it can save you from negative consequences. Overdosage will result in only health problems but does not quick results. Do not take medicines longer assigned to the course unless the course has not been appointed by your doctor. Do not risk your health.

Well, of course, a balanced diet and reasonable physical load will help you quickly achieve the goal. Many are wary of slimming drug, preferring a diet. However, this method is not devoid of ‘gotchas’. Most diets are extremely ineffective. It due to the fact that their recommendations are quite take into account the lifestyle the person and environmental influences. A diet suitable to a specific person, not only solves the problem of excess weight.

It helps to improve overall tone, a positive effect on emotional state. As mentioned earlier, to move faster toward the goal will help you exercise. Moreover, they should continue to do even at the end of the diet. Many diets can be called ‘Fast’. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are designed for a relatively short period of time. The most reliable way to control weight is to change the diet for life. An excellent illustration of this approach is the diet Elena Malysheva. Significant negative fast diets – they are based on a sharp restriction in the consumption of any foods. Only a very strong-willed person will be able to overcome themselves and go on a diet beginning to end. Many diets restrict carbohydrate intake and focus on the conclusion of excess fluid from the body. Slimming on such diets are fairly quick results. But joy is most often short-lived. After the fat continues to go very slowly, but very quickly recruited by the end of the diet. And, more often, even at a higher level. This is the feature of fast diets. As long as you follow the strict regime – metabolism slows down, and with it stalled and burning calories. At the end of a person’s diet usually returns to its original diet. But here’s something the body has not had time to readjust. Calories burned is still slow and body mass increases. This study confirms the U.S. National Institutes of Health: 98% of losing weight after stopping a diet to gain weight again, with more than the initial one. There is another factor against low-carb diets. Glucose is the main source of food mogza. With a sharp reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates can be broken mental processes. This can cause neuro-psychiatric disorders. Be reasonable. In desire to lose weight, losing weight is sometimes go to extremes, such as using enemas for weight loss. Efficacy and safety of such measures is questionable. If you need to throw off a few pounds – you can take advantage of a diet or make a fasting day. However, if your weight is very different from the norm – the problem should be solved with the help of a professional dietitian. Itself – is, medication and must appoint a doctor.

Health And Longevity

Hooray! Today was a fantastic day! And all because I have been assured of the correctness of statements: "dream careful, because dreams can come true." My dream – or rather, wish-come true! It all started with that one day I wanted to find vitamins, and live, and not some out there, "poly", which could be consumed with a glass of morning instead of breakfast, all day and be in good shape, and know that my body has all the normal and productive operation, and no viruses and I stress not care. So it was back when I was 10 years saw a capsule a respected firm. PCRM addresses the importance of the matter here. But once it became inconvenient. Because you need to drink a lot of capsules, capsule different, and even several times a day. Just imagine that you are at work, surrounded by staff, and even jobs involving all hands – there is no time or stand in a traffic jam. Yes, there are already a capsule! In traffic jams the toilet no, sorry, that is the amount of fluid take time … In general, time capsules are outdated.

And so here today is me and offered an excellent range of vitamins. And most importantly – one cup in the morning, and a feeling of fullness of life for the day. And now wants to share information with everyone who wants to be healthy, and not to think that over the years – life goes – this is – not true! I do not want to brag, but for those 10 years that I spent on vitamins, I never felt sorry about it. AND phrase of my friends when they met with me ".. and you all molodeesh? "- was to label my)) I myself feel that my health has stopped on the 10 years of age))) and age of my fans turned out to be somewhere around 22-26 years old – is also about something so … so says eternity is real, and it does not need to leave this life.

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