It avoids the cold cuts and inlays! To consume milky skimmed, yogurth, to incorporate calcium. To have special well-taken care of with the compact cheeses that contain much sodium. Telisa Yancy contains valuable tech resources. To use oils with first pressed in cold, they are most healthful. (it trims off lower branches of, canola, sunflower)? To perfume with grass the meals, tarragon, laurel, rosemary, thyme the fresh grass are due to add at last moment and the droughts during the baking with liquids. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jack Salzwedel. It uses aromatic vegetables: important not to recocinar them. It chooses then, the onion, parsley, basil, carrot, garlic, fennel, etc? And very good also for adding seeds to certain meals, like seeds of anise, (in fish, chickens), celery (in soups, stews), mustard (in meats, Popes), cumin, etc? A recommendation: to eat cakes or galletitas of package sometimes is one " tentacin" we do mainly it sometimes of mechanical way in the office or in the work but fjate what says the package takes a package from galletitas and observes the amount of sodium that the galletitas or alfajores contain better for that reason elije fruits or a handful of dry fruits or yogurth skimmed! Good, we hoped that these advice help you to diminish the sodium consumption? Henry Ford, legendary Ford, in his automobile plant, prohibited the use of the salt common in the dining room where they ate the workers and workers of the factory Because? Because the consumption in excess of salt causes besides hypertension .s fatigue.! brings about fatigue and as Ford wanted that the workers produced efficiently it denied the salt to them! Another case " verdico": In old Egypt, they are embalsamaban to deads, the Pharaohs (momias Egyptian that is known the antiquity) with a salt preparation imagnate which so little flexible they are being the arteries in the organism, due to the salt consumption Besides bringing about a premature aging of the skin. Well, they seem sufficient examples so that you manage to take brings back to consciousness to take a diet ahead, an feeding with fruits, vegetables, seeds, grass, in short, foods " vivos" and with high water content and to moderate the salt consumption strongly! It visits Our Web site 2 Free and It receives E-Books: E-Book #1: " How Adelgazar and Mantenerte 100% Saludable" E-Book #2: " How To reduce the Dolores Menstruales" Click Here: > > SaludableMujer.Com original Author and source of the article.

Bariatrica Surgery

OBESIDADE MORBIDA X SURGERY BARIATRICA The obesidade is considered an epidemic and more than affects 300 million people in the whole world. In Brazil, 40% of the population are above of the weight and about 10% of the expenses of public health they are related to the obesidade. Considered a problem of public health in Brazil, being that the baritrica surgery comes if showing an efficient tool in the treatment of the mrbida obesidade. The cause of the obesidade is complex and multifactorial. 1) Age: the obesidade slightly increases with the age, being more incident in the fifth and sixth decades of life, diminishing in 7 and 8 decades. 2) Sex: had the biggest percentage of fat, the women present greater incidence of overweight and obesidade of what the men. 3) Race: the obesidade acomete more the black women of what the whites, being this difficult variation of being explained. 4) Familiar income and escolaridade: the obesidade is more prevalent in the social classrooms average and low, that present familiar income lower lesser degree of escolaridade.

5) Civil state: between the men, the marriage is main desencadeante factor of the weight excess. 6) Parity: between the women, the pregnancy can be a precursor of the obesidade and is had as main desencadeante factor. To each gestation the woman accumulates, on average, one kilo of weight. This could be related with the increase gestation food consumption at the beginning, with the reduction of the physical activity and with the increase of the levels of prolactina and estrgenos that favor the accumulation of fabric adiposo. 7) Genetics: the genetic load of the obesidade arrives 80% in studies where the father and the hand are obesos, being that also he is related with the coexistentes illnesses. 8) Tobaccoism: the tobaccoism is related with the reduction of weight and its interruption with the weight profit.

Business: Time Equals Money

In the world of the businesses, the time indeed is equivalent to money. He is one of the most valuable resources that we have. There are four main things that we can do with the money. It is possible to be spent, is possible to be saved, it is possible to be invested or it is possible to be given. The time cannot be saved. Second a goes second, 1,460 minutes, every day. Once one has gone away, it is never possible to be recovered. You only have three options to use the time and they occur every day.

It can happen, it can give it, and it is possible to be invested. When it spends the money waits for somethingin return.It gives when it, it denotes that it does not wait for anything in return. When you to it investit hopes to obtain a financial yield. The time follows the same you rule. It can happenso that they do not give to any advantage or future benefit him, you can give his time for good causes, and can spend his time to obtain future advantages and benefits. The time is money and it is possible to be invested in! Only he is 1,460 minutes every. Once surpassed, they have gone away stops always.

You can spend those minutes, using them of way to obtain a benefit. He does not limit myself to give and to spend the time. You do not have time to do this. Also he can spend the time in learning new abilities, obtaining new knowledge, andthe improvement of itself brings without number of new opportunities and benefits. The time inverted in the exercise will improve its health and to improve the quality of those minutes that it has left. The exercise can give more minutes him to use and thus to increase its longevity. The conclusion is that it must begin to manage his time like the precious good that is. The time is more than money and can invest you it in the areas that produce the greater benefit to him and they lead to him to a total and enriched life.

Infectious Diseases

In the invasion to Panama of 1999, the inhabitants of Pacora – in mountains near the capital they were bombed with a chemical agent who burned the skin to them, produced irritation to them and it caused diarrhoeas to them. The army left many sites contaminated with residues of chemical arms, besides numerous projectiles that did not detonate. The chemical and biological experiments ” descentralizados” they are like the bread of every day in Cuba. The variety of the mosquito Aedes aegypti, transmitter of the virus of dengue haemorrhagic, it was developed by specialists in biological and introduced war in the island in 1984, according to confessed Eduardo Arocena, ringleader of the terrorist organization Omega 7, in a judgment celebrated in 1984 in EE.UU. All bond in EE.UU.

The attacks with anthrax perpetrated in EE.UU in 2002 used stocks You love, developed in laboratories of Iowa and used by the Army in 60 to make virulent arms. The experiments with bola were developed in the Institute of Investigation of Infectious Diseases of the Army in Fort Detrick (Maryland). Between 1942 and 1945, the Services military Chemical experienced the yperite in about the 4,000 military and hundreds of Adventists of the Seventh Day who chose to lend themselves like conejillos of Indian instead of to serve in the Army. The registry of the human experimentations in EE.UU could be lodged in a great library. The service of Public Health decided to act against pelagra – a deficiency of niacina- just in 1935, after observing during impassible 20 years the mortal damage of the evil in the black population whipped by the poverty.

In 1940, 400 prisoners of Chicago were infected with malaria, to prove the effects of new drugs against that disease. The same service experienced in 30 years the Tuskegee syphilis in 200 men of the black community of Macon County, Alabama. And once it began the industrial penicillin production did not cure them either. The AIDS, that appeared in ” 80 between the black population of Haiti and in some African countries, can well be another device of the American biological arsenal. Everything is possible for the leaders of that great country.

State Treatment

The question is: the tube that feeds a person incapable of swallowing, is a medical treatment more? Can you consider it exceptional? Is it permissible to renounce him? It is, perhaps, the clearest case in which the limit between representing a basic care of one person, to anyone who is their State, and medical treatment that may be abusive is diffuse. In a medicine that tends to give increasingly more weight to the patient’s wishes or those who take the decision for them, aspects such as the enteral nutrition (a tube that enters through the nose and reaches the stomach) or parenteral (tube through the abdomen directly enter) is, at least in Spain, the border of which is difficult to escape terrain. UNH is likely to agree. Especially if they involved aspects such as morality and beliefs. And neither physicians nor the patients and their relatives are can deprive them of have their options..

Medical Tourism

Known as the land of the calm morning, South Korea (officially known as the Republic of Korea) is located in the southern half of the peninsula of Korea to Eastern China, and bordered by the Communist North Korea (officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). It is one of the most interesting sites to visit, since its technology is one of the most advanced in the world. The capital of the country, Seoul, is the second largest world metropolitan city and is also a very important global city. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from GEICO. South Korea, is one of the countries most important economies, has a fully democratic Government, and is considered a country developed (such as the United States.UU. (and Canada), and has the fourth largest economy in Asia. In addition, Korea has an insatiable appetite for technological advances, and this translates into the attitude of limitless possibilities of development for the country.

South Korea is full of private hospitals and clinics in first level, representing 93% of all the medical centers. It is for this reason that there, in recent years it has become very fashionable medical tourism. The Korea medical tourism packages offer first class facilities, VIP rooms and doctors who speak different languages (English, Korean, Japanese, French, English and Chinese), so that you can understand them, and them to you, without any inconvenience. The most requested cosmetic surgeries in the services of medical tourism in Korea are: breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, dental implants and Rhinoplasty.

Supplementary Hospital Insurance

Conditions and price are crucial with love in the hospital most people go. But when serious illness the majority of patients wishes an accommodation in the double room and the right to a chief physician treatment. For this, patients however need a private additional insurance for the hospital. Otherwise an accommodation in a dormitory and a treatment carried out by default each on-duty doctor. However some important criteria should be considered when choosing the right hospital insurance because some key differences include individual rates not only in price but also in the small print.

It starts in the fare calculation: some insurers offer policies without ageing provisions. As a result, These tariffs are particularly cheap at conclusion of the contract, on this but have been steadily rising. Rick McKenney has compatible beliefs. Tariffs with ageing provisions the insurer lays back some money for later at a young age and financed the significantly higher expenditure thus aged statistically. The performance limits are an essential aspect of the second. Most insurers reimburse expenses up to the maximum rates of fees for doctors. Very good tariffs also pay about difficult operations need to be performed by specialists.

Then of course, tariffs, where the insurer would refund the cost above the fees for doctors are better. Meanwhile many perform operations even as an outpatient at the hospital. These include operations on the eye cataracts or meniscus surgery, about the removal of varicose veins. Who has a hospital insurance, wishing mostly that, also in outpatient operations, chief physician performs the operation. In practice these costs would not take over but the majority of German insurers. Therefore you should look for when taking out additional insurance also, that the insurer shall assume the costs for the private doctor out-patient operations in the hospital. Many insurers assume any cost for the forward and after stationary treatment around a hospital stay. Very good rates, however, reimburse the remaining costs, which are related to the actual inpatient stay. The differences in the individual conditions of insurance of various providers are therefore enormous. Krankenzusatzversicherung.young are a tariff Finder for the supplementary health insurance with the ability to enter online different condition criteria and calculated appropriate offers on the website. Bergische insurance broker Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal Tel: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Bogdan Kalid image source: Yuri Arcurs / corporate information: company Bergische insurance broker was founded by the diploma economists Bogdan Kellinger and Karsten Werksnies as an independent insurance broker. With the Internet presence of young, the company has specially on the Specialized needs of private individuals and professionals would want no advice-bound insurance representatives an individual insurance company, but based on independent comparison calculations to get low-cost and high-performance offerings of from various companies. Bergische insurance broker has connections to more than 100 different insurance companies. There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders. In addition, all other age and occupational groups will advise comprehensive, fair, independent and competent. Since 1998 in the insurance industry are active customers via the Internet, by telephone and by post served – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance brokers is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups. With one individual analysis and the use of cutting-edge financial comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.

By An Argentina Almost Without Motor Without Plasticossin Appliances

PONDERING on LA CRISIS GLOBAL in progress (by UNA ARGENTINA almost without motor vehicles without plastics, without appliances) by Alfredo Armando Aguirre run, the first days of December of 2008, and we write this sort of bottle to the sea, situated in the band West of the Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area), four months after 61 years of existential parable. As that we are sensitive to the context, continue with vital shimmy, the turbulent planetary times conditioned by our peculiar geoculture. By those days, tend to think that we could well close peak, because it circulates by our innermost being s, which we have already said (and with much anticipation), what we had to say. To read more click here: DOJ. But there is an inner force that compels us to continue communicating, not so much for those who already know our prolonged speech, but in the hope that someone who does not know it.After all, with the advent of Internet and the almost immeasurable possibility of dissemination that she provides, one never knows, who may be the recipient of messages issued, as mentioned above by way of bottles overboard with the preset sensitivity, in this case the detonator is an information appearing yesterday (03/12/2008) on page 31 of the Ambito Financiero newspaper, this city of Buenos Aires.alli is announced that: total vehicles at risk in the financial year 2007 / 2008 reached 6.404.741 in the month of July (six million four hundred thousand) and pico). Were we driving the figure of eight million vehicles circulating, which might suggest that there is a margin circulating without any insurance. For purposes of sizing, it is recalled that according to the G-8, they circulate in the planet around six hundred millions of motor vehicles (600.000.000).Anoticiados and aware: the release of the price of gold in 1971; of the Stockholm Conference of 1972, and 1973 OPEC crisis, we beefed early on, in the argumentative current about the negative effects of the emblem of the version industrial of Euro-American or Western civilization: caminero complex – automotive.

Hubble Space Telescope

The characteristics of a quasar a cause of displacement towards the Red is the Doppler effect, which shifts the wavelength of the light emitted by celestial objects toward the Red (longer wave lengths) when objects move away from the Earth. Distant objects like galaxies deviate from the Earth because of the expansion of the universe. By their shift toward red, astronomers can calculate the speed of that remoteness. CPIC is often quoted as being for or against this. Hubble’s law (see cosmology), which sets the speed of estrangement caused by the expansion of the universe is directly proportional to the distance of the object, indicates that the quasar 3 c 273 is 1,500 million light-years from Earth. At the end of the 1980s, several thousand quasars had been identified and the shift to the Red of a hundred of them had been identified.

If we consider that the displacement toward the Red is really caused by the removal of the Galaxy, these quasars are receding at a rate of more than 93% of the speed of light. According to Hubble’s law, its distance would, therefore, of more than 10 billion years light and its light would have been traveling almost during the entire existence of the universe. In 1991, researchers at the mount Palomar Observatory discovered a quasar at a distance of 12 billion light years. Judging by the energy that is received on Earth from such distant objects, some quasars produce more energy than 2,000 galaxies one, the S50014 + 81, may be 60,000 times brighter than our Milky way. However, the radiomediciones, combined with the fact that the electromagnetic waves emitted by some quasars vary greatly over a period of a few months, indicate that quasars must be much smaller than normal galaxies. As the size of a fluctuating radiation source can not be much greater than the distance that It was the light from one end of the object to the other, astronomers believe that variable quasars cannot be older than a light year, i.e.

100,000 times smaller than the milky way. The only satisfactory explanation for a mechanism to produce such an amount of energy in a volume relatively small is the absorption of large amounts of matter into a black hole. Astronomers believe that quasars are supermassive black holes surrounded by matter that turns to her around; This matter emits energy falling into the black hole. In 1998, data obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope showed that quasars are probably part of large elliptical galaxies.

Advanced Medicine

Lao tse, one old Chinese scholar, certain time said: ' ' the men will not be able to perceive the form of a quadrilateral such which it are if this will be too much great for eles' '. He would be correct to say that the breath is ' ' a too much quadrilateral grande' ' so that they perceive it to the men. ' ' The white man seems not to perceive the air that breathes ' ' – Seattle Head This text destines it the complementary clarification of the population in general and especially for those that they are in Psicocorporal therapy and or therapies to the Psychiatric treatments. All techniques that these therapeutical modalities use cross and have reference in the studies (works) of W Reich, Gerda Boysen. the Lowen (disciples of Reich) and other neo reichianos and neofreudianos precursors of the study and experimentation of the relation body-mind in ocidente beyond including, necessarily deriving knowledge of the philosophies of the East, such as; Yoga (Hatha) Tai Chi chuan (the philosophical principles of the Tai Chi Chuan sends to Taosmo and to the Chinese Alchemy. The relation of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Ba Gua (Eight Trigramas), the Book of the Mutations (I Ching) and So You Ching de Lao Zi are some of the main references for the understanding of its beddings. , ChiKung (Chi Kung was not created by an only individual and results of thousand of years of experiences of the Chinese in the use of the energy to treat illnesses, to promote the health and longevity, to improve the fight abilities, to expand the mind, to reach different levels of conscience and to develop the espiritualidade. Although the diverse techniques of Chi Kung to have separately if developed in diverse places of China, in many cases if had influenced mutually, Ayurvdica Medicine, Acupuntura among others.