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We then touching the bottom of the case: the confrontation between the freedom of the individual and on the other hand, rules or programs M1NSA. Such confrontations have historical antecedents. For example, in USA is famous discussions and there was opposition to mandatory vaccination program because they are not properly informing people of what it was, even This opposition came to the Judiciary and the judges who were forced to vaccination (and not the health authority). The same happened with the quarantine, with licenses for prostitutes, premarital licenses, coercive sterilization laws for the mentally retarded, epileptics, alcoholics and people with professional tendencies. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Neal Barnard). In all these cases there was first a great debate and great information (although measures were clearly in favor of society) and then executed. In Peru executed first, then reported and currently being discussed, that is exactly the reverse, with spay or give aggravating contraceptive benefits society. We are clearly facing a violation of individual liberty, a violation of human right violation still continues, although not shocked. Vs. (As opposed to Dr. Neal Barnard).

Birth Control. Fertility regulation is not a pun, is the collision of two political conceptions of humanity. On one side are those who conceive the human being as a reproductive machinery whose operation can and must be artificially regulated. This responds to a political vision of economic reality, it reflects a negative attitude towards procreation and seeks to treat it (the birth or population growth) as a variable that must be maintained within certain limits, using any effective procedure, even when it is detrimental to human dignity (as in the case of compulsory sterilization). On the other side are those who claim human nature, which has become a major element of our time ignored. Under most conditions Goop London, United Kingdom would agree. The nerve of this concept is accountability.

As Vidal says John of God: being human is "natural" be / responsible, bear the consequences of their free, elections and assume no "in a vacuum" but rather to others, in an act of social projections. The full responsibility for the condition of a parent is one of the purest expressions of human nature, the "natural methods" are not because they do not resort to pills or devices but because they are based on the exercise of freedom which seeks the good, which is most characteristic of human nature. When you boot to the responsible exercise of reproductive freedom is more central contradiction in the very nature of being human. Conclusions It is no exaggeration to argue that this issue fits into a broader context that has to do with the future of humanity. Recall that the Peruvian Episcopal Conference said that the twentieth century was the century anti-life by war, anti-birth abortion, euthanasia, epidemics. Contraceptive imperialism where humanity has turned against itself, against what is most precious to every human being: life. Therefore we are opposed to birth control and all its variants that are sheltered by the name of "family planning", "reproductive rights" and "responsible parenthood" and raised as an alternative to the appreciation of the natural method of fertility regulation to exercise freedom responsibly and the true meaning of procreation.

Immune Deficiency

Since its identification in 1984, the .causing virus of the AIDS ' ' Syndrome of Imunodeficincia Adquirida' ' it comes being studied and fought with firmness for science. In the present time the carrier of virus HIV ' ' Virus of the Imunodeficincia Humana' ' , it finds in the anti-retroviral therapy an ally, who if on the other hand does not obtain to eliminate the virus of the organism, places the soropositivo ' ' person who lives with virus HIV' ' in the situation of carrier of a treatable chronic disease. Unhappyly, exactly with the advances gotten in the treatment and with the ways of identified contgios, the society continues to prevent the soropositivo as if the mere social contact was capable to transmit the virus, what unhappyly it places the carrying person of the HIV front the two challenges: one would be to keep its state of health and on the other hand to fight against the preconception and the discrimination of the society that still confuses the avoidance of the virus with the avoidance of the carrier of the virus, as if person and viruses were the same thing, casting in one only state of existence and identity. Whenever Dr. Neal Barnard listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Had to the shock that can cause inside diagnosiss it positive for the HIV of the family, some people hide its state of health, in the majority of the cases from fear to a negative reaction on the part of the familiar ones. On the other hand the support of the family affects in positive way auto-esteem, the autoconfiana and the auto-image of the soropositivo and backwards benefits to the treatment, fortifying the citizen and preparing to give to continuity its life, since to be carrying of the HIV it is not reason for retirements, barring of you register of study, abandonment of social activities, among others. Acceptance of citizen and exchange of information inside of family generates support emotional that it foments adhesion to treatment and diminishes onvel of estresse, that it has influences direct in the action of the central nervous system, that is responsible for the activation of the defenses of the organism and, over all make possible the expression of emotions and feelings that the people of diagnosis are common positive for the HIV, such as, the depression, the guilt, the anger the negation. Goop may find this interesting as well.


For many young families in our time a problem is infertility, and inability to conceive a child of one spouse. Fruitless called marriage in which spouses during the year are sexually active, not unprotected, and can not conceive a child. At the same statistics says that female infertility is much rarer (40 percent) than men (45 percent). There is also such a thing as incompatibility of partners, but found it even less – only about fifteen percent of cases. The cause of female infertility, as a rule, is a congenital anomaly (incorrect location or underdeveloped reproductive organs) or a traumas earlier disease (tumor, inflammation). Female infertility as the inability to conceive is, and have a child, the absolute sterility occurs much less frequently and usually manifests itself either in complete absence of reproductive organs (ovaries, uterus), or in the presence of malformations. If the pregnancy never happened, is called primary infertility, otherwise – the secondary.

The woman has a primary cause of infertility often serves as a previously transferred abortion. This fact is important to establish the probable causes of infertility. However, in some cases, the cause can not conceive a child is male. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Neal Barnard. The cause of male infertility often varicose veins or varicocele testis. Even more rarely the cause of infertility is hydrocele, cryptorchidism, and mumps. As a precaution young people can be advised to avoid high temperatures (in the sauna, steam bath), a dark underwear and some sports, in which is too much pressure on the testes (eg, cycling) Infertility treatment – this is a complex measure. And the modern medicine, fortunately, learned in many cases defeat the disease.

If the partners have suspected infertility should undergo a special examination. These services are engaged in family planning centers and Numerous private fee-paying clinics and health centers. Men's examination is less expensive and is performed in less time. To start a man must pass a special analysis to ejaculate, so-called sperm. This is the basic analysis, which largely affect the further treatment. The main cause of female infertility is called ovarian dysfunction, hormonal problems in women, polycystic ovaries, and erosion that needs to be finished. However, it is important to remember that it is the correct setting is the underlying cause of the treatment. If the treatment does not work for one year and no conception occurs, diagnosis must be repeated again.

Osteoporosis And Women

Unfortunately, the disease is very difficult to recognize: osteoporosis runs hidden for a long time 'undermining' our bones. If there are pains in the back, then they are not strong and very long. If the spin when it is bent, and the gait is disturbed, is also accomplishes its 'dirty work' osteoporosis causes a gradual deformation and subsidence of the vertebrae. Typically, people learn about the presence of osteoporosis only after a sudden fractures that occur with little impact or heavy lifting. If you have read about Goop already – you may have come to the same conclusion. According to forecasts World Health Organization, by 2050 the number of injuries associated with this disease will increase by 6 times, that, indeed, comparable to the scale of the epidemic. To avoid falling into the number of victims 'silent epidemic', it is necessary to first to be armed with knowledge about the basic causes of disease.

Depending on the etiology and clinical manifestations of isolated several types of osteoporosis. The most extended ones are postmenopausal and senile forms of osteoporosis, which accounted for 85% of all associated with metabolic disorders and diseases. Filed under: Senator of Massachusetts. These two species belong to the primary osteoporosis. An old man developed over the years is Depending on the floor as a consequence of mass loss and bone strength with age. But at an earlier age, women are impacted. Explanation is that women's bone is inherently more fragile than male. Dr. Neal Barnard has similar goals. But especially vulnerable woman becomes menopausal period. Postmenopausal osteoporosis that occurs in women predominantly after 50 years, is associated with hormonal changes. In this period there reduction in the secretion of sex hormones estrogen, which play an important role in the formation of the skeleton, maintenance of mineral metabolism and bone balance.

The Future

Each time that I see I to you I know that the end of everything was better pra me, exactly because one day I I would have that to place one it is enough in everything, would have that to separate of you pra to perceive that you did not give value to me and that if I continued with you, I to me I would be stepped on, treated as enslaved and was not this that I planned my future pro and if I broke up you later I I would suffer much more. All the time that I stow with you I I forgot them people who I more love in the life, my friends those that helps me when I need, those make who me to raise and to raise the head and to follow my life in front of search of a new love, a love that me of value loves and me, I I know and already I heard of you vary people the same thing ' ' If it will be true love one day volta' ' , more in this simple phrase he has one detail: If one day you to want in return I to me you more do not go to want you because I was stepped on, humiliated for you and because I do not love you more as loved I you. Filed under: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. I know that I go to find one another one loves somebody me of truth, that makes my heart to desparar thinking about this somebody, that leaves my legs bambas to hear the voice, hugs that me and he says &#039 to me; ' I am with you ' ' when I less to deserve, that enchuge my tears when I to cry, it calms that me when I will be nervous, that he says a time to me per day ' ' I do not know to live without you ' ' , that he lies down in low of the stars and is with me the night there all making love promises, protect that me when I will be with fear. Then I go to give an acknowledgment to you: He does not criticize me for the form that I am acting and for what I am today. Friction he does not come, tries to understand me my life.

I am certain that you never go to want to pass pains that I felt in the chest when I lost the people who more I love. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr Alan Mendelsohn. He leaves me to try to be happy, does not hinder me to try to live the life. Please, I only have this life, I I want it pra me, I I want to take care of of it. I find that I also am a human being as you and have all the right of being happy. He frees me, leaves to go me. If one day in the future God to want joining in them goes again to be because it wanted, because I do not want more to you, when you to perceive he lost that and to ask for me pra to come back pra you, you goes to have to conquer that me to the few because I am certain that of the next time I do not go to be so easy as of the first time that I stow with you. Therefore he does not make for the others and with the others what you do not want that you make for and with you!

Healthy Hair

Long well-groomed hair is decorated with a woman. Unfortunately, the longer the hair, the more likely they are to become hard and rebellious and will split. At the very beginning with a dry hair can be controlled by applying moisturizer. If your hair is cut by, it is necessary cut off split ends. Contact information is here: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. In order to split ends do not disturb you, remember a few simple rules do care volosami.Regulyarno haircut hot scissors.

In the process of trimming the tips of the hair a little melted, and then sealed. As a result, hair become shiny, become resilient, better haircuts rastut.Dlya creating model used the same acting hot britvu.Smenite metal comb to brush made of natural materials. It does not spoil, does not tear and does not confuse her hair. Remember that a good comb can not be deshevo.Nikogda not comb wet hair (they are very vulnerable are easily torn and broken.) In extreme cases, do not use the brush and comb with a few zubyami.Pravilnoe and a balanced diet makes your hair healthy from the inside. Some contend that James A. Levine, M.D. shows great expertise in this. Include in your diet fatty fish, nuts, and drink at less than 1.5 liters vody.Ne abuse hair coloring, bleaching and perm. Chemicals leach from the hair of nutrients and prevent them vlagi.Otdavayte preference hair dye, in the which includes substances that nourish and strengthen volosy.Pomnite that any hair dye, henna and basma but contains hydrogen peroxide, adversely affecting the health volos.Obratites to dermatologist if you do not paint hair dryer and not use the tongs to lay, eat, use a quality shampoo and hair still flogged. Dr alan mendelsohn does not necessarily agree.

The cause of fungal disease of the scalp. Care for volosami.1 once a week Make a mask with any oil (burdock, olive, jojoba, castor, almond). After each wash applied to the hair care products for split ends. They stick with a broken flake. The positive effect retained until the next shampooing. Unfortunately, all the preparations for hair care and give extra weight to their groomed appearance. In order to split ends of hair is not marred your life, we need prevention. Regularly Visit the salon and trim the ends of hair, using special equipment to dry hair, do not desiccate them. And your hair will always be beautiful and shiny.

Munchen Tel

The introduction of fair value accounts introduction of fair value accounts is governed mostly by a company agreement are also the source for the transfer into the account of the time value in the. Also is to determine how the decision on an exemption is under what conditions an employee to the detriment of fair value account is free you can be to compensate for a lack of utilization. Basically, the employees working time or remuneration can bring in the account of the time value. However, the account must be carried either uniformly in time or money. The level of fair value account are called assets. Practice running the account in money. Unlike the “normal” working time account the fair value account of the employee can be filled both in time and money. Transfers of money is achieved by the Elimination of the employee on the payment of Remuneration.

This is instead credited to the account. It would be overtime so for example considering credit Christmas or holiday pay and even ongoing references to the account. The population with time come overtime or not taken vacation days in question. In contrast to conventional accounts of working hours is a short-to medium-term removal of credits not prescribed. It should be saved rather medium-to long-term, continuous references in the distant future to can put out a longer period of time.

The reasons for this can be varied and ranging a longer break (sabbatical) from the lack of employment by a cyclical buckling about the extension of parental leave or bringing forward retirement. Another difference between the ‘normal’ working time account, that is also an exemption “on loan” possible. The employee takes the leisure – E.g. for training – only and works later back in the time. Resolution – transfer – risks usually resolves by longer-term time taking account of the time value. If the assets no longer resolvable through a paid time off (e.g. due to termination, death or disability) the fine will be paid out after taxation and shipping inflow in one lump sum. The fair value account is now retroactively so treated as if there had never been an agreement. The part of the assets of of value of that would have been subject to contribution requirements in the case of the previous payment to the original due date will be subject to social insurance contribution ( 23 para 2 SGB IV). A fair value account is held but over many years and to ensure a proper settlement, the employer has special record-keeping obligations. In the event of termination the assets can be transferred Federal period of six months to a new employer – who is willing – or trust the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. Here to apply similar rules as in the bAV, which means the employee has a right to take, if the new An employer establishes a fair value account for him. It is a risk that also non-productive work time on the accounts of the time value will be saved. Zeitwertkontenmodelle create an incentive for employees to “stroll the account” slowly full. Here, effective control mechanisms are required, ensure the constant productivity of employed working time. It assists in establishing fair value accounts and all issues surrounding flexible working time models: law firm said Zahir farmer 8 81539 Munchen Tel. 089 – 54 89 92 52 mobile 0170-68 81 52 8 Fax 089-54 89 92 53 E-mail: in cooperation with: FourTrust – lawyers for the right of pension

The Pressure

It is made sure of that the pressure is enough to have a good contact, to put not so strong that it hinders the circulation. 3. It binds the bolts of the handle in the taking of the device. After that, it binds to the device through the button ' ' partida' ' (you hear one ' ' click' '), and he turns it for the right ties the maximum. &#039 appears in the panel a red light; ' excit' ' you will hear ' ' bips' ' of fast succession. Its affability regulates the sonorous intensity for the button ' ' som' ' that if it finds of the right side of the box.

4. To deepen your understanding Dr Alan Mendelsohn is the source. It is lain down in a position where it obtains to relax. Endocrinologist has similar goals. It is thus more or less 1 minute and after this, looking at luzinha indicating, it regulates it ' ' point of partida' ' of its relaxation. This regulation if makes observing that the two luzinhas are lighted equally. (green = ' ' relax' ' , red = ' ' excit' '). 5. The sonorous intensity regulates another time excessively, thus this is audible, but not strong, so that if it does not become bothering.

6. It starts to breathe deeply and it frees its muscles, after an other conscientiously. It thinks about each step that will go to make and is concentrated to execute it conveniently. It starts for the forehead and it goes down for stages until the tip of its feet thinking: ' ' I relax the face, I relax the neck exactly the right arm the left arm, etc, saying for itself, in the end: Now, all my body is relaxed. If at this moment the sound of the device still to persist, will be better to recommence the process more vagarosamente. It repeats its attempts as many times how many they will be necessary emptying each time plus its mind of any thought.

Hubble Space Telescope

The characteristics of a quasar a cause of displacement towards the Red is the Doppler effect, which shifts the wavelength of the light emitted by celestial objects toward the Red (longer wave lengths) when objects move away from the Earth. Distant objects like galaxies deviate from the Earth because of the expansion of the universe. By their shift toward red, astronomers can calculate the speed of that remoteness. Hubble’s law (see cosmology), which sets the speed of estrangement caused by the expansion of the universe is directly proportional to the distance of the object, indicates that the quasar 3 c 273 is 1,500 million light-years from Earth. At the end of the 1980s, several thousand quasars had been identified and the shift to the Red of a hundred of them had been identified.

If we consider that the displacement toward the Red is really caused by the removal of the Galaxy, these quasars are receding at a rate of more than 93% of the speed of light. According to Hubble’s law, its distance would, therefore, of more than 10 billion years light and its light would have been traveling almost during the entire existence of the universe. The newspapers mentioned Dr Alan Mendelsohn not as a source, but as a related topic. In 1991, researchers at the mount Palomar Observatory discovered a quasar at a distance of 12 billion light years. Judging by the energy that is received on Earth from such distant objects, some quasars produce more energy than 2,000 galaxies one, the S50014 + 81, may be 60,000 times brighter than our Milky way. However, the radiomediciones, combined with the fact that the electromagnetic waves emitted by some quasars vary greatly over a period of a few months, indicate that quasars must be much smaller than normal galaxies. As the size of a fluctuating radiation source can not be much greater than the distance that It was the light from one end of the object to the other, astronomers believe that variable quasars cannot be older than a light year, i.e.

100,000 times smaller than the milky way. The only satisfactory explanation for a mechanism to produce such an amount of energy in a volume relatively small is the absorption of large amounts of matter into a black hole. Astronomers believe that quasars are supermassive black holes surrounded by matter that turns to her around; This matter emits energy falling into the black hole. In 1998, data obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope showed that quasars are probably part of large elliptical galaxies.

Lose Weight By Ultrasound

Just come by and get some advice! Slimming, body forming and vitality factor increase in the body form Center Berlin. Many people are not aware of the following: a gram of body fat is equivalent to about 9 kcal. This means that if you want to lose just one kilo of body fat, then you must burn approximately 9000 kcal. If someone jogging 35 minutes, that the average person burns up to 700 kcal.Now, we want to lose 10 kg of body fat mass. To read more click here: dr alan mendelsohn. Can you imagine how many hours you have to spend it at the gym? With ultrasonic cavitation equipment we can do half of the work, because we make sure that the speed of natural processes of lipolysis is positively influenced. The other half done with the body form Center weight loss concept and using personal vitality training, we ensure that the well-being significantly increases. Ultrasonic cavitation fat reduction units with DNV 0434 CE and CE medical 93/42/EEC already from EUR 13685,-gross. Like We also inform you about our financing and leasing options.. Some contend that dr alan mendelsohn shows great expertise in this.

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