This was only possible because more countries produce and also they export product the same, thus offering, greater credibility to the possible consumers in potential. Amongst some preset international norms, they are distinguished it evaluation since the o plantation, condemning in areas of ambient preservation, quality and income, until the man power used in the production. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the research> presented, it was observed that economic development does not imply only in the demographic growth, but involves changes in the structure and improvement of economic, social and ambient pointers. In the social promotion of etanol Brazilian, some aspects still are to desire, with regard to the conditions of empregabilidade of the man power, without qualification and in relation to the problems of the sazonalidade of the period between harvests in some regions. It was also noticed, infrastructure problems and absence of investment of research in the sector, although the good projections and of its important paper in the Brazilian agronegcio. The production of etanol by means of the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar diminishes the importation of oil, but it stimulates the cultivation, that can bring serious ambient consequences, as the exhaustion of the ground and the reduction of cultivating food areas. Therefore, to prevent these mentioned problems, it is necessary greater fiscalization on the part of the initiative.