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The Pool

Yes, and medical use tanning obtained in the solarium, often far exceeds the benefit of sunburn, uncontrolled specialists. Case for small: pick up a solarium, which would be located near work or residence bestows. Thus, providing a useful "sun" those who have no summer vacation, it's time to think about water procedures. Ask any specialist about the benefits of swimming, and you immediately hear a lengthy lecture. Her entire store is optional, it is enough that it allows the sail to unload the spine, keep muscles toned, provides beneficial effect on the entire body.

Also nice after a hot day plunge into the gentle waters Do not let the sea, but at least the pool. Therefore subscribe to the swimming pool will also help to pass our "no visiting" friends summer months. For those who prefer a powerful stroke relaxation in the bathroom, give them a set of sea salts with different flavors. They can choose their own city or bring from vacation travel. Giving sea salt aromatic herbs and essential oils, you present a fraction of the austral summer my friends and co-workers. Thinking about how the rest of the summer in the city friends will spend the evening routine, do not forget that there are also summer weekend. When, defying domestic affairs, the companies flock to parks and the countryside to spend time in nature. Our duty in every way to help in this good endeavor.

Give your friends a ball and volleyball net. Yes, so. Then you do not just hear words of gratitude for such a gift, which is able to wake up gay boy or a mischievous little girl in the most serious and respectable people.

The True Face Of Poverty In Russia

I recall that on Oct. 17 in the world celebrates the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Therefore, I want to dedicate some posts to this infamous phenomenon of any society in our country. Official statistics show steady increase in average wages, income levels, in general, everything is normal in the country, so it is now, nobody believes it. Take the statistics from various independent sources and interviews and see how we are poor and why. The official minimum subsistence level in Russia's regions can be found in materials published by Russian newspaper. As we see in Russia on average is 4,780 rubles.

So, the number of Russians with incomes below this amount per person – 43.100000 people. Altogether, according to latest figures, live in Russia 132000000 people. Of course you understand that these 43 million of our citizens simply are not in poverty, and on the brink of survival. Another category of citizens with incomes up to 10 thousand rubles. on person is the majority of Russians, as beggars, and neither of which can not afford, but have yet revenues cover the costs of housing and a slice of bread.

So in fact, without the beauty of official statistics, Russia has 70-75 percent population of beggars. But in Russia there are 1,5% of the population, owning more than 50% of national wealth. According to the cma , Russia has annual revenue of over $ 1 million from 160.000 people. Only in Swiss banks is about $ 25 billion Russian origin.

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