Chemistry Distilled

For the author, the interdisciplinaridade is internal umaexigncia of these sciences, a necessity for a melhorinteligncia of the reality that they make in them to know. Being of extreme importance the proper agreement e/oucompreenso of the interdisciplinaridade meaning, on the part of corpodocente involved, to be able to evolve in a project with moldesinterdisciplinar, as the mentioned one in this present article. The project to interdisciplinar the chosen norteador axle between the involved ones was the CrregoIbirapitanga, as already mentioned previously in this article, to break deanlise chemical of the water samples of the proper stream with the purpose to dedetectar the atmospheric pollution. Later the collection of the samples, wing same foramanalisadas by a group of pupils in the laboratory of Chemistry-Physics-Biology eats participation of two of the involved professors, of> chemistry (carrying through osexperimentos practical together with the group) and with the one of geography (auxiliandonos experiments and registering the occurrence). Using the seguintesmateriais: – a syringe; – a dropper; – four pipes of assays; – water samples of rain, the stream; – ammonia. Osseguintes chemical reagents had been used: for opreparo of the solution drain plug, 16 grams of Sodium citrate (C6H5Em 3O7*2H2O), dissolved distilled H2O were weighed and were completed the volume for 100ml. Emseguida, weighed 16g of sodium salicylate (C7H5NO3) in distilled H2O and completed the volume with water until 100ml. A solution was prepared 1,0 mol.

L-1 of hidrxido of sodium of the salt weighing 2,5g was emisturou with 25,0 distilled ml H2O, in this foiacrescentada solution 0,2g diclorisocianurato-dihidratado (C3Cl2N3NO3*2H2O), and completed the volume with H2O distilled until 100ml. As catalytic desdio-dihidratado nitropentacianoferrato was weighed 0,12g (In the 2 Faith (CN) 5EM *2H2O) was dissolved with distilled H2O and it was completed with 100ml. soluoestoque of ammonia was prepared weighing NH4Cl, diluting in becker, adding in a balloon of 100 mLe completing the volume with distilled water.