Longevity Life

Let's start with the first step – your decision to live a long time (or forever). You took a firm solution, despite the collective consciousness, despite the opinions of your friends and others. You have chosen to live long, happy and still be healthy and wealthy person. Kicked out of my head the images of frail elderly people and of their lexicon removed the word "aging". What do you do then? That's right. Look for ways to do this.

How to renew myself zhizn.Ne will consider rejuvenating external procedures – this is not the prolongation of life. It is simply pointing gloss on his appearance. Inside you're still those who est.Fizicheskie load and different forms of power (solntseedenie, raw food, etc.) simply supports the body. Prolong life by 10-15 let.Nanotehnologii is closer are to progress. But while the Higher Powers do not want to give everyone the opportunity (you can guess why). Scientists share information bit by bit.

So the science is advancing, but very, very close medlenno.Pochti to the issue of prolongation of life came genetics. Changing a person's DNA – it is precisely the way in which you want to go. There was talk about extending life up to 120-150 years. And when scientists do it – is unknown. But if you want more, then we must change. Change yourself. Their thoughts, their actions put in order. I repeat: Longevity and immortality – it is reality. Only a person need to understand why he needs it? Why is it allowed? And why is he? It is unlikely that the traditional "plant a tree, build a house and raise a son" – this is the meaning and purpose of your long life.

Solve More Essential Existencial Problems

I will look for to give to relief in the present article the three great desires that had always been gifts in the human spirit since its miraculosa creation (from preexisting material and for pneuma the holy ghost), until our days, and to relate them with modern science. These desires secundum quid are legitimate, however, the great problem inhabit in its displacement of target and its other people’s independence the good and perfect will of God, manifest in the revelation Jewish-Christian. These legitimately human desires, that with passing of the years had changedded into subject and object of study of positive sciences, can be related with two tickets of the veterotestamentrias Holy Writs, namely, the fall of the first couple (Genesis 3), and the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11). Of the boarded subjects, the first one belongs to biological sciences, more specifically to the genetics, as it is referred the practical philosophy (politics), and the last one is on to astronomy. The first subject is the aspiration of sciences biological for immortality the human being; today it is said in reaching immortality of the life when the human genome is studied. Some geneticistas affirm that the humanity in the future, after to mapear the human genome and to discover the gene that cause the death, power to revert its process and to reach immortality. Not obstante the kinship with the dogma of immortality of the soul in the context of the religion, immortality refers now the materiality, not if it speaks of immortal soul in the after-life as we know, but immortality in the natural scope. The desire for immortality of the life in the natural scope, always was a human dream, since the myth of the source of youth until the Drcula de Bran Stocker, and in our days the myth persists with maquiagem of positive science. In the book of the Genesis the moment is told where the first couple is attemped to eat of the fruit of the tree of the good and the evil, the serpent, that is Lucifer, when offering the forbidden fruit, affirms that the human beings will not go to die when transgressing the law of God, is the beginning of the myth of the immortality independent one of God, which is giver of the life.


On the one hand medical facilities where no safety control is prescribed, are tested according to DIN VDE 0751-1 or DIN VDE 62353. Examples of this category are microscopes and other laboratory equipment, suction devices and exam lights. On the other hand, the entire range of equipment in a practice must be checked. These include vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, microwaves but also extension cables and power strips. This test is the VDE 0701/0702 to reason.

Detailed information for testing according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 get inspection stickers-news.de. The tests to ensure the safety of patients, staff or third parties according to BGV A3. The periodic check of electrical medical devices or products are not prescribed by DIN VDE 0751-1. Should exist no determination by the manufacturer, the responsibility during the practice owner or the operator of medical technology. The guideline is about a year between two retries.

Influencing factors must however be given prominence as the type of device, the usage purpose and the frequency, the operating conditions, the frequency of lack of and maintaining the devices. For the setting of inspection periods of electrical equipment a breakdown carried out by the VDE 0701/0702 for the time being mobile and -resources. Mobile equipment is portable devices such as vacuum cleaner, coffee machines and kettles, which must be tested in an interval of one year. For devices in offices such as printers and phones, a control sufficient of all two years. Fixed electrical equipment are installed in a site, in the longer term such as, for example, washing machines. Here the test period is four years. Only specially trained persons, such as electricians, approved and calibrated measuring instruments may test a VDE it. The auditor or the auditor must have at any time their qualifications. The examination of electrical medical devices and resources will focus on an early detection of defects, which in the worst case can lead to hazards, damage and accidents. The VDE test includes various types of inspection and electrical measurements:-Visual inspection – investigation of the electrical appliance on externally visible defects and damage such as faulty cables, plugs or switches, Wear, missing covers, faulty repairs, safety-reducing pollution, presence of security-relevant inscriptions and proper labelling of electrical measurements – collection of various electrical measurements, depending on the type of appliance, protection class and measuring method measuring the protective conductor resistance measuring the insulation resistance measurement of the substitute leakage current measuring the contact current measurement of the patient the leading current measurement of the differential current function test must only after successful inspection and performed to correct results; Device will be activated according to its purpose and function upper fourth documentation contains information to the investigator (name, business name, signature), measurement methods, measurements, date of inspection, etc., defects or damage is observed in a VDE testing, the inspector must issue a recommendation for repair and the medical device with a corresponding test badge, for example with “the inscription defect”, attach. After completed inspection with no deficiencies have been identified, is the identification of the medical device with the corresponding certification label. The badge has tested the printing of medical technology according to BGV A3 “and also indicates the next test date with month and year. A compliance with all medical product Act, demands and BGV A3 tests ensure not only legal certainty across the street from authorities and the insurance protection from damage or accidents. Enables the functionality, accurate diagnosis and quality for patients at a safe level.


The Greeks already indicated the existence of a fundamental particle, acting being constituents of matter, predicting the existence of a few atoms of small size, and listing a small amount of different types of them. Until the end of the 19th century were not discovered more data on those items. J. j. Thomson, along with other scientists, discovered in 1897 that atoms were indivisible as he was believed, but that could be separated into small components.

He discovered the composition of atoms and the existence of particles that orbiting in the outer zone calls electrons, whose mass was much smaller than the nucleus. The core for its part, had positive charge and its weight was almost the totality of the atom. While he was not able to determine the composition of the nucleus, were sitting the basis for further investigations, the first of which focused on the structure of the atom. The atom consists of a nucleus of great size that orbit the electrons. It was e. Rutherford who developed a model based on a solar system in miniature, in which the nucleus was a star (the Sun) and the electrons in 1911 the planets. The explanation of his theory had two errors: 1 – that the electrons would issued power spin, decreasing its speed would then fall to the nucleus; erroneous because the electrons occupy fixed orbits. The second error was that electrons could jump from one orbit to any other around the nucleus.

Health Secretariat

According to responsible for the sector of epidemiologia of the health secretariat, the illnesses as leptospirose, hepatitis, the diarria one, dermatosis, verminoses, have its roots in it accumulate of garbage in the sewers and rivers, therefore waters hinder the ticket them thus occurring to floodings and with them the illnesses above cited. It is to have of the governing, to promote the health for the community, so that the population has a glad and healthful life, but the action of the community is also of great importance in this promotion, therefore they are interlaceds thing, ' ' action of the community and commitment of the governments, in the search of a more healthful life for all and each one ' '. Ambient education and Health – 2 Lesson Prof. Dr. Pablo Enrique Battaglin Axe. Aiming at to the improvement of the conditions of health of the families, the Secretariat of Health of the city of Altamira comes promoting debates and quarrels in schools and quarters, around the subject, in the direction to acquire knowledge the society how much to the ambient education, despertando the conscience it criticizes how much to the prevention of the illnesses caused for the risk factors. This study it discloses to the diverse causal factors of the illnesses and the determinative ones for the improvement of the conditions of life of the altamirense society.

AMBIENT HEALTH For the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), basic sanitation can be understood as the control of factors of the environment of mental and social the human being, that intervene or can intervene with the welfare physicist, (PHILIPPI JR; MALHEIROS, 2005). The sanitation has for objective to minimize the damages to the environment that intervene with the health of the population, and has for purpose to protect and to improve the conditions of life of the population (OAK; OLIVEIRA, 1997). The good quality of the consumed water, represents an important factor in the relations of the sanitary monitoring epidemiologist, therefore, it hinders the sprouting them illnesses.

Happier New Year?

A happier New Year? If the old man is not repeated A new year this before us and Christmas is already something distant. The postal with desires of prosperous year have forgotten, because a brief balance of the past year produces an opposite effect rather. Many describe to mass media like alarmist, but what it is lived is dramatic and not only in Haiti. Only in Africa 2.2 million AIDS people die annually; 1,4 of pulmonary infections; 2,4 of malaria; 700 thousands of intestinal affections; 600 thousand by diseases that could be avoided with vaccines, to which those are united that passes away by wars, undernourishment or to live in subhuman conditions. In addition every 5 seconds a hunger boy dies. That in 2009 12,000 people as a result of natural catastrophes died only (the lowest number of last the 20 years, in comparison to the 240 thousand victims of 2008) is not reason to tranquilize itself, since the increasing defrosting of Greenland it accelerates, foretelling an ascent of about 7 meters of the level of the sea. Then for who will be a Happy Year? Many are wondered why God is silent and they do not include/understand how the churches do not give convincing answers.

To only say it does not bring solutions to them, nor either the theological ceremonies and speeches. Many are wondered why the church does not recognize that with to have arranged that the prophetic voice finished with the coming of Jesus Christ, it at the same time cut the direct dialogue that God had with its children through its prophets. That the hierarchy connected with the church in the last 2000 years broke away from in this way definitively that enemy with the divine world, they demonstrate the facts to it of history, as it has documented the German historian to it Karlheinz Deschner. And nevertheless all that one that feels that it is impossible that the Creator has left his children and wishes to discover of independent form the jaw imposed by the tradition connected with the church, can discover that God speaks and helps in this time, although not within the ecclesiastical institution. In the supply given by the prophecy of the present time, which prevails is the freedom of decision and the free will of each, under the motto: whoever to think whoever it creates that it and to leave the one leaves it. For that one dares more to it with the heart than with the intellect, yes it could be the beginning of a really happy New Year.


Art in Bad Blumau of Spa and wellness is currently very popular and the perfect way to gain distance from the stressful everyday life for a while. The artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser pondered similar is already in the 1950s and wanted to create places of retreat in the cities full of peace and nature. The travel portal travel24.com presents one of these small paradises. The perfect alternative to a stressful city tour or an active walking tour provides a wellness holiday for all those who want to relax completely. Particularly the place Bad Blumau is suitable in Styria, Austria. There the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser has created once one of his famous oases, which is used as a hotel and Spa.

Hundertwasser was fascinated by the water and was inspired in his works of the fun run and the shape of the drop of water. He was a strenuous opponent of geometric shapes, which dominated most of the cities, and wanted to places create instead, where harmony and tranquillity a centrality have. The Spa Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau is characterized by bright colors, rounded shapes and green roofs in this sense. Visitors who live not only in a hundred waterworks, but relax at the same time, the various Spa offers variety. The hot springs can be enjoyed in eleven indoor and outdoor pools and affect thanks to its healing properties especially positive effect on muscles and joints. At the same time the hotel is environmentally conscious, the sources used by the way for heating and to generate electricity. More information: magazin.travel24.com/… Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann

Greek Orthodox

The new all inclusive Club resort with a 5 tridents luxury area on the Gulf of Aqaba welcomes its first guests immediately after a four-year planning phase, it is welcome as far as: Sinai Bay, built on 25 acres, year-round Club Med resort with a 550-metre private beach on the Gulf of Aqaba, opened on December 4 and waiting sports enthusiasts, families and culturally interested guests. Designed by the renowned architect Didier Lefort, the spacious designed all inclusive Club in Egypt with a choice of six swimming pools, two restaurants and three bars offers excellent retreat options, at the same time but all the advantages of Club holidays in usual Club Med quality. Maximum range for active and holidaymakers competent G.O.s (gentils organisateurs, Club Med employees) the sports enthusiasts take care depending on the skill from beginner to professional in tennis, scuba diving, sailing, golf and many other sports. In the largest Club Med Spa on 1,000 square metres of guests between the relax numerous activities. The two-storey Cinq waiting Moon of wellness area with a sauna, a Hammam and numerous relaxation room and treatment rooms in the Interior and outdoor area overlooking the private Bay. And culture lovers, who want to become acquainted with Egypt’s highlights, not to be neglected in Sinai Bay: trips to the ancient capital of Petra in the nearby Jordan, a trip to the Greek Orthodox monastery of Catherine at the foot of the Gebel Musa, the so-called mountain of Moses, exciting desert safaris into the realm of the Bedouin in the 4WD Jeep or quad bikes and hikes on the mountain Sinai let the guests enjoy the interesting history and culture of Egypt. Family holiday with best care for the little ones a differentiated Club Med childcare, which already starts with babies from four months, allows the parents to take advantage of the wide range of activities in Sinai Bay.

Fireplaces Stoves

From the 4th 6th February, 2011 spirit of fire spring home show in Furstenfeld SPIRIT OF FIRE House fair for stoves, fireplaces, and soapstone stoves at Scheibelhofer, from Fr. 4. up so. February 6, 2011! Just in time before the start of the season you can is comprehensive on the subject of heating with wood IN the stove”to inform! In the over 800 m2 tiled stove showroom, get a comprehensive overview of the trends and developments in modern tiled stove construction. From the classic stove, fireplace, to low-cost solutions for small apartments, you get a comprehensive overview of the cosy world of stoves. Of course, you will see numerous examples of how to connect the many possibilities – from simple table heat up out to the popular stove oven combination for the modern eat-in kitchen cooking & heating. Storage heaters meets soapstone! Friends of the Specksteines see exclusively the basic furnace with Luxitfeuerung and soapstone casing.

This innovation is a milestone in the development of Soapstone stoves. Spirit of fire combines the advantages of the Specksteines with the benefits of the basic heater. It is now possible to plan a high-quality storage heaters with Luxitfeuerung, and build. As storage and radiation outer material of 5 cm strong spirit is of fire soapstone used, which makes the positive memory and radiation properties of the Specksteines ideal come to bear. This storage heater combines the undisputed advantages of a basic or storage heating stove with the pleasing appearance of the Specksteines. Through a perfect basic furnace combustion with memory core Luxit, as they are installed in tiled stoves, combined with the memory coat of soapstone that results from a unique symbiosis of these two materials.

It is also for the first time possible to combine the soapstone, because the spirit of fire ideal natural complements soapstone with the full Tile-ceramic cleaning optics with plaster. WellnessCabine – the wellness oasis for home! Of course have you see also the WellnessCabine in use at the in-house exhibition. The use of energy of a Woodburning tiled stove for heat, light and aroma applications will thus possible your own spa oasis for home! Europe’s most modern stove Design Studio! Round off your stay with a visit to Europe’s modern stove Design Studio (with virtual tours of the tiled stove and 3-d stove presentations.), and experience first hand how your individual oven on the screen is created. Worth a visit of the largest stove exhibition of in Austria! No matter whether you want to get just a few tips and suggestions, or fully inform yourself about the currently cheapest form of heating – heating with wood – in a genuine spirit of fire stove. Benefit also experience as Hafner master operation of more than 30 years!

Urban Poverty

Urban poverty in Mexico, and one could say that in any country, defines a separate company with its own forms of socialization and relationships, with proper operation. This perfectly describes what Michael Janoschka speaking of the economic restructuring related to the process of globalization. This leads to insecurity in a sector which in turn causes a change in the spatial context: we have a confinement of the lower class that is expressed through physical and behavioral barriers; latter reflects the growing trend in major cities a eliminate unwanted aspectosa . Those belonging to the class of urban poverty, they see their way of being and way of organizing determined by the context and the conditions under which they operate slab, the characteristics that these same factors were awarded, and all that to which are tied because of the prevailing system in society. According to UN figures, the world's 1 billion people are living in misery, there is no better term to encompass the precariousness of their homes and lack of essential services. In our country there are now 18.5 million people in extreme poverty (La Jornada, 2009), and according to the INEGI most concentrated in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca. The indicators for which this institution is worth, and therefore its low rate characteristic of this stratum of the population, are those relating to essential public services, piped water, electricity, drainage, land different floor, walls roof and durable materials, dwellings without overcrowding, service toilet; the equipment housing, housing that include a refrigerator, television, telephone, car, health, people with access to health services, to education, over 15 years literate, children attending school, adolescents who attend school, over 15 years with post-primary education, to employment, working women, population economically active, employed population that receives more than two minimum salaries, those employed in the formal tertiary sector, professionals or technicians. .