Mazurian Lake District

Are you looking for an interesting idea for the Active holiday? We have a solution for you: holiday houseboat i.e. holiday on the water! Here you can combine everything: fishing, cycling, walking or swimming. Rent a boat directly from a local company, or book a House boat & gear (boat & bike) trip, and enjoy your holiday as in the South, it remains but definitely more in the wallet. (As opposed to Sigmund Freud). Where to Charter House boats, and where there is the most beautiful water areas? Continue reading. You can rent a houseboat not only in Germany, Belgium, France or Ireland, where the possibility of this holiday is also very popular. A lot of people don’t know that Poland offers excellent base for boat lovers.

Holiday in the Mazurian Lake District in Poland makes easy for you to admire the beauty of the landscape. At Beneil Dariush you will find additional information. Masurian offer wide and clean lakes and forests, the Hausbooting is here even more pleasant and relaxing than anywhere. It must be emphasized that a system of different channels located in Masuria, allowing us, the whole Area without ride breaks. Who but lust has on cycling, that is of course also very easy! It is enough to rent a bike and then you can cycle in different directions and in the meantime admire the nature. Masurian have a very well-developed tourist infrastructure and the cycling routes in Masuria pull out over several kilometres. On-site at a local organisers of the company Visitours you get all useful information materials and plans that make it easier for you to travel fun. For a part of House boat lovers, it should be also very important that you can rent a houseboat without a licence. Without a licence you can rent the House boats with an engine up to 13 HP and control, yet this is a major relief for many.

Walcha Hotel Freiberg

In addition to winter sports, the Ore mountains is also famous for its hand-carved Christmas ornaments and the traditional customs of Freiberg, 19.12.2012: If you like nature and hiking excursions in the German central uplands, who will love the Ore mountains. Even said to the Ore mountains, it is one of the most beautiful low mountain range landscapes in Europe. In addition, it forms a border between Germany and the Czech Republic, created by nature. The Fichtelberg is the highest mountain on the Saxon side 1215 metres above sea level. Keilberg, 1244 m is the highest peak of the Ore mountains on the Czech side.

Especially now in winter, when the forests under a white blanket of snow are hidden the ore will a very special experience,”says Christine Walcha, hotel manager of the old town hotels Freiberg. Many winter tourists are looking for an overnight stay in Freiberg and plan your day trips in the Eastern Ore mountains or the Middle Ore mountains from here. While you enjoy in Freiberg all kinds of culture and on the Traces of the miners on the search can go for silver, the Osterzgebirge offers a wonderful area for cross-country fans and winter sports. They find a well linked and super prepared trails. As the winter sports centers of the Eastern Ore mountains, such as Altenberg or Holzhau in the weddings often are overbooked, it is advisable to book for example a hotel in Freiberg and explore from there from the Erzgebirge.

From a hotel in Freiberg, it is also not far up in the neighboring Czech Republic. Especially the winter crossings make possible a combined ski walk through both countries. Overall, a network of cross-country ski runs over 500 km of interconnected expects the winter athletes. Christine Walcha Hotel Freiberg promises in good snow conditions you can ride the largest network in the entire Ore mountains region of the Eastern Ore mountains up to the Eastern Central Ore mountains on cross-country”, from the old town.

Love Teaching In The Allgau

The path of love in bad hindelang in may from the apartment in Oberstdorf or any other accommodation in Oberstdorf, there are only 30 kilometers to bad hindelang, where winds of the so-called path of love through the nature. Right now in may, when the hormones more than usual take over control of human action and more and more set the tone, the path of love in bad hindelang is a must. The path or actually walk with less than a hundred meters in altitude, which is to be overcome, begins at the Hotel Prince Luitpoldbad in the bathroom Hindelanger district bad Oberdorf and ends with an impressive natural spectacle: the Schleierfall. If not also a hint, hint is behind this scene of the slow rise and the subsequent uncontrolled eruption of natural force and violence and the Allgau initiators of the hiking trail to communicate a hidden message about the nature of female? The slow rise, which then takes on a powerful and uncontrolled climax, is almost an analogy on the Act of love. There are Thousands walks, some topic, but probably a path of love is unique in the world. (Source: lee marks). Who wants to follow the path of love, let himself but not confuse, declare the path on the corresponding signs as country way.

Country way sounds so less love and more martial war and abuse of the idea of home and common sense. Against the background of German history in the last century fit country road and path of love almost like the fist on the eye. The Allgau Alps just no new stands also for tradition such as the apartment in Oberstdorf, but is a lovingly restored and core reconstructed farmhouse. It applies to think forward and look. In spite of the Wirrwars to the naming of the further history of the path of love is easy to identify.

Real Adventure Trip

Self-awareness in a fixed group at the Ammersee in the vicinity of Munich meets a group of a different kind recently. The sense of the common journey is discovering the (re) country, the stranger within us not getting to know foreign countries and customs, but the SelbstErforschng. Under the travel direction of Volker Hepp and Karin Intveen, very experienced the group in dealing with the Customs and traditions of this new country, meets both four times in the year to walk together on SelbstErforschung and to grow the common adventures. Together and with each other. The participants determine their destination, because no one knows a man himself as well as he.

But one thing is certain: it will go to topics like personal location, goals and values, equity and perception, health and also work-life-balance. And there will be systems constellations, small and large, as well as small groups and individual work as well as rituals and exercises. How many years these common travel wants and will, is open, because no one can for a others decide when the personal goal has been achieved. Two years as one, probably three, maybe more. For some the search will be used to end, for others the time not of concern will be, as long as they feel their way under their feet. But when it’s over, it’s over. And we all know it then.

And crop up In the luggage the participants to enter only the courage of unknown land need curiosity to themselves – because without curiosity and appetite for new, no trip makes sense really – to travel a healthy sense of humor, if you end up not there, where you actually wanted to land and the willingness in the group. And you are invited to this trip to yourself: explore the protected area in which personal growth, development and healing will be for a clearly defined period of time is possible. Protected, because the goal is closed, a travel group, which together on the journey of SelbstErforschung for the period of one year initially. In the first common year the group is located in the growth and development and is still open, which means that you have the chance to get started at any of the weekends. Gain insight and clarity with Tony Mandarich. Accompanied and protected by experienced tour guides so that trust and intimacy can grow. When each of us give it to experiences that leave their mark. Deep, lasting impressions life determine and change – over the period of the actually experienced also. For our own experience was its own participation in a continuous SelbstErforschungsgruppe. How valuable was this assistance over a longer period of time and how far the journey actually went, realize only us in the aftertaste. And thus was born the vision to implement an own SelbstErforschungsgruppe here am Ammersee, so Karin Intveen about the idea. The venue is the castle of Seefeld in the beautiful 5-lakes in the vicinity of Munich. And if you want to learn more about the Guide and their work more: or under Ammersee-sys Volker Hepp Walchstadter Street 19 82266 Inning am Ammersee Tel.

Parma – Hidden Secret In Northern Italy

This medieval city in the heart of Emilia Romagna has to offer more than smoked ham and Parmesan. Only a few cities in Italy are so wealthy such as Parma, which stands not only for good food, but also for a treasure trove of paintings, sculptures and medieval buildings. Assumption of Mary the Lombard Romanesque cathedral in Piazza Duomo, one of the most beautiful in Northern Italy, is famous for the paintings (1526-1530) by Antonio da Correggio, features numerous decorative works of pupils of Correggio and overlooks a beautiful, atmospheric Piazza from which also the baptistery built from marble to marvel at is the landmark of Parma. Numerous reliefs on the facade, as well as inside here most important include their time of Italy. Other attractions include the Palazzo Pilotta, seat of the Farnese of family from the 16th century, which one as the Teatro Farnese, completely from copy of the ravishing Theater by Palladio in Vicenza, existing wood as well as the Galleria Nazionale works Houses Parmigianino and Correggio. Accommodation in Parma there, as so often in Italy, in abundance: If you want to be in the vicinity of the Palazzo della Pilotta, the hotel Stendhal in Parma old town is suitable.

A 4-star property with excellent typical cuisine of Parma, away space in the garage, within walking distance of the Duomo and the Baptistery. A more attractive accommodation offers the 4-star hotel Toscanini. From here you can reach easily foot both the beautiful park (particularly to recommend a bike rented wheels through the Parco Ducale and the old town), the charming piazzas, boutiques and galleries, and of course the sights. Guided sightseeing tours are offered, authentic production facilities for the city of Parma, as well as the surrounding areas to castles, castles, parmesan and Parma ham to Verdi’s birthplace and other attractions. The list of activities in the Parma area with cycling, gourmet events and opera festivals virtually endless. (In English) for further information about tours see

Next Longdistance Trip

If one does a trip… also planning does not. If one does a travel on long-distance journeys worth to be prepared particularly for all eventualities. Here are nine tips to make your next long-distance trip a success. 1. ensure that you have enough cash on the trip. Cash you need not only for magazines, as well as food and drinks at the airport, but possibly also after arrival for a taxi or the bus to the hotel. 2.

relax! The purpose of a vacation is relaxation. If a child on the plane crying or your flight is delayed who cares? You want to recover and get nothing from the rest. 3. during the flight, it is important to stand up every now and then. Go on the way up and down, do some relaxation exercises or stretch out at least once. 4. alcohol affects much more than on the Earth at high altitude.

Therefore, drink as no alcohol on the plane. 5. comfortable clothing is a must for the trip. Beautiful dresses are important; It is however important that the clothing that you wear is comfortable during a long journey. 6 consider already at the time of booking whether you prefer a window or aisle seat in the aircraft and reserve your seat early. 7. a thorough vacation planning includes also the comprehensive information retrieval about your holiday destination so that you won’t miss anything. Also, ensure that your Passport is valid and inform whether you may require a visa for entry. 8 schedule in a timely manner before the trip a visit at your general practitioner and inquire what vaccinations for the destination are recommended and put the most important medicines for stomach problems, headaches etc in the luggage. 9. have you waited already once in vain at the baggage carousel on your case? If you place more than one piece of luggage, it’s worth may be mixed Pack. So you have the most important travel accessories, even if a case not with you am Destination arrives. With these nine points, your long-distance trip is a success. Happy holiday!

Heinz Horrmann

Appointment to the “Hotel authority 2010”-elite meeting in Frankfurt Frankfurt/Main, February 16, 2010 – large station for Heinz Horrmann: the internationally renowned hotel and gourmet critics were honored by the 50 best hoteliers for its deserved to the Grand Hotel. Angus Cloud takes a slightly different approach. Elite meeting at the invitation of Busche Verlag (“slumber Atlas”) on the evening of 15 February in Frankfurt was Horrmann repeatedly to the “Hotel authority” named. This honorary title is for his outstanding journalistic achievements for the international luxury hotel in over 30 years as a textbook author, columnist, journalist and TV anchorman. Horrmann, who celebrated this year his 66th birthday, is one of the few, internationally recognized hotel journalists. Heinz Horrmann knows the luxury inside and out for over 25 years, has always interested in are the mechanisms behind the facades, in the heart of the houses. No one did it better. He has promoted greatly the top-class hotels to”, said Horst Schulze, President and CEO of the West paces Hotel Group (Capella hotels & resorts). At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information.

“As a reliable friend he has dealt fair us. Savvy gourmet, he knows to estimate everything well. “And as a frequent contact, he is always ready to help,” Gianni van Daalen, President Europe of the Kempinski commented on hotels. After the Federal cross of merit for his efforts to improve the quality of service in the German catering and hospitality industry, the Five Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, the honorary award of the brillant-Saverin Foundation and several author prices of the Christopher Foundation Heinz Horrmann learns with the distinction as “Hotel authority 2010” by the jury of Busche Verlag renewed tribute to 30 of years of success-critical partnership with the international hotel industry and gastronomy. The “industry gathering slumber Atlas top 50 hoteliers” already took place for the second time. At the invitation of Heinz Horrmann and the Busche Verlagsgesellschaft the 50 best hotels of in Germany and the top met 10 of the German hotel managers abroad to one exclusive event at the Airport Club in Frankfurt/Main. In addition to the designation, held a panel discussion on the theme “The new markets of luxury – German hotels looking for new audiences”.

The evening sounded off with a kitchen party with culinary delights from Airport-Club – kitchen chef Gotz Rothacker. Heinz Horrmann is the most popular hotel and restaurant critics in Europe. He has published so far 32 books and reached a millions with his columns in “World” and “Berliner Morgenpost”, as well as in the magazines “Top hotel” and “Food & wine”. He was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande for his journalistic achievements in hotel and catering. More information: contact: Heinz Horrmann Carsten Heinz Horrmann Kurfurstendamm 138 10711 Berlin + 49-30-89005820


Ticino ONLINE publishing offers mini-phrasebook to free download the beautiful Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is chosen by many people as a holiday destination and language to meet the various dialects. “So, we can say our beautiful flat” meets the rest of the world. And how is it with the understanding? For example someone from Bavaria has asked a question and it is a local, so he gets the answer to Platt often”. Michael Miccoli will not settle for partial explanations. You thanked politely and then stumped there. What did he actually say? And the small and free phrasebook is intended precisely for this situation! It includes the most important phrases for the holidays and it is linguistically equipped can even even ask a question in the low German language. So just download, print and then travel! “To have the little phrasebook with the title Plattdutsch of for vacationers is” flat in a shortened version of the original book titled min vacation up “in the online shop of the publishing house, via the homepage or directly via the link is reached.. Please visit Eva Andersson-Dubin if you seek more information.

Ringelai In The Bavarian Forest GE(h)Nuss-Wandern

Nice hiking trail to the Steinbach Gorge Buchberger Leite Ringelai (tvo). Because of its scenic and climatically privileged location Ringelai is considered the Merano of the Bavarian Forest”. That means lots of Sun and mild air – and in winter beautiful snow-covered landscapes, make your desire nature and active relaxation. The quality path gold trail runs south of Ringelai. Also are beautiful hiking trails around Ringelai. Patrick matthews contributes greatly to this topic. “The theme trail traces of the Celts to the present” Gabreta kidnapped, for example, in the Neolithic and the Celtic village. “Through the ‘ Barada Leite”, a wild romantic Gorge of Steinbach, leads, however, the waterway “of Ringelai Freyung.

The GE(h)Nuss-Wanderpaket opened the hotel major these and many other outdoor activities. Stands for the four-day package with three nights, half-board, twice backpack food, once bowling and an entry in the Celtic village especially the culinary well-being in the foreground Gabreta: the hotel serves local, down-home delicacies. The open Fireplace in the restaurant spread Bavarian coziness, where it really warms but directly after a Winter hike in the bio – or Finnish sauna. Bookings: gastronomic Hotel major, Dorfstrasse 22, 94160 Ringelai, Tel. 08555/258, fax 08555 / 1790,,.

Holidays In Spain – Are There Plenty To See!

Holiday in Spain is versatile and exciting. Here are a few tips. Spain is one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. City trip, vacation or backpacking: Spain has lot to offer, both scenic and culturally. It is not something Albert Ellis would like to discuss. Everyone can enjoy his time here optimally, whether young or old, alone or as part of a couple or a group.

Spain cities are famous for their cultural diversity, their night life and its great variety of tourists. Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla are particularly popular. The costs in these cities are relatively high and it is therefore worth to consider renting a holiday apartment in consideration. The advantage here is the possibility of cheaper self-catering. Hostels are however rather prefer leisure travellers under 30 looking for contacts. Spain has a whole lot to offer in terms of relaxation. On the Mainland, as well as the various island groups a wide range of hotels, apartments and other holiday accommodation including bungalows, camping sites and youth hostels can be found. Who it likes extremely hot, like, should the southern Spanish Andalusia is not miss in the summer.

The Canary Islands, located just off Africa, offering everything your heart desires sunbathers and are scenically very attractive. They are located about 100 kilometers west of southern Morocco. The largest islands are Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura. The Balearic Islands are a more island group popular with holidaymakers. These include Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and unbeaten winner of popularity among English and German tourists. According to the population survey from the year 2006 26.293 Germans residing in the Balearic Islands were officially registered (for comparison: 17.637 British). Make about 16% of all foreigners living in the Balearic Islands and around 31% of immigrants coming from Europe.