Why “The Secret” Does Not Work At All. (Mystery Of Mysteries )

When does life begin, each separate, man? Where it occurs and how it goes? That fills our lives, what does it consist? Where the time is ours, the beginning of life? Maybe it lies in the relationships of parents? In their dreams, the plans of the birth of her child, to continue the sort of … Here, incidentally, an interesting topic to ponder: What motivated parents at the start to the creation of a child? Love each other, need, desire to "fix" themselves to their partner, fear of loneliness, prestige, tradition, love of children, or event? .. What? Either way, they – the parents, it had created. There is a certain period in the development of fetal growth that occurs in the womb. Closed, isolated space, though not completely.

Signals penetrate from the outside there. Initially, there are all conditions for comfortable development, growth, baby. In other words, is the environment, and has everything necessary for life and development growth. After a while, and the fruit is completely filled, and even overflowed this niche. Here we can recall the evolutionary theory of Darwin. Following its concept, form, fills and fills, play its ecological niche, and either dies or goes to another, while transforming.

In the womb, the embryo initially settled, which eventually became a fetus, and then the child (if Of course, it is appropriate to such a division.) Fetus, the fetus in the womb well, comfortable, has everything necessary for life. But the child no longer. Cramped little space, little food, needs are growing and their satisfaction decreases.


It follows that before analyzing the spatial components that make catalysts or inhibitors of human development you need to understand in body and soul the unit spacetime and mind-body. The human interprets the world in his image and likeness none of what we experience is alien to our Constitution. We share their same components with the universe. All external event is experience internally with natural chemical processes of human physiology. Chemical reactions are our own that we can perform. We all share the same processes, the same reactions. Everything the man does is internally built somehow.

Our actions are actions that are reproduced internally. Look at the human body and will find in it the work of man. Body is the foot and shoe, with the time one reality is shaped to each other but without changing its essence, without producing significant changes. It follows that there is an upper limit of interpretation possibilities marked by biology. Any interpretation of the external is nothing more than a coupling between different elements that exist within our body. The nervous system is strongly protected like our reproductive system, not easily are you can circumvent. The nervous system is a closed circuit that plays only its own essence: that of human beings.

A cat is a cat and its essence of cat and the world passes through his body of Jack your essence of cat. All our knowledge are inside in potential State awaiting her awakening, what we do, we interpret what we have internally. If we look at the cities we will see a simile of the human organism, the same if you look at any product made by man. Highways are the veins, our communications are a reflection of the chemical reactions in our cells. All our physiological functions appear represented in one way or another in our works. It is not remarkable that we have no real knowledge of our habitat that is our own body? Anyone note that dysfunction, the veil of ego deprive us of being. Nothing new gives us the thought that is not in advance at our disposal. But, does that there is what is left? Because as I have said, are functions of livelihood but not of essence… Illusion won from us, we are unable to have a space open amongst ourselves. If you would like we can get out of this hell? The first step is to begin to dismantle this whole set of beliefs that hide our true nature. We have become a cell that destroys his own body and his own world. We are not identified as belonging to mother earth, as an integral part of it. The thought that won our be has created a fiction, an illusion, hide us the reality of what is.

Photochemist Companies

The liquid residues of this group must follow specific orientaes of the ambient agencies locais’ ‘. The photochemist residues possess high indices of chemical misalignments, in function of this become necessary its treatment with the purpose to become them less pollutant, thus reducing the ambient impacts through measures that obey the parameters and environmental laws the governmental bodies fiscalizadores possess an important mission in what it refers to the fiscalization of the fulfilment of the laws on the part of the companies, the performance of the same ones, are decisive so that the establishments fulfill its obligations and responsibilities stop with the environment. An important measure it is the delivery of these residues the companies specialized in its collect and treatment, therefore it would represent an enormous advance against the pollution and improper launching in the environment. CONCLUSION the combat to the pollution and the preservation of the natural resources is resultant of a series of attitudes and actions that must be taken by diverse sectors of the society and the governmental bodies. One shows of extreme importance the reaproveitamento and the treatment of the photochemist residues with intention to become them less harmful, reducing considerably the ambient impacts and contributing for promotion of the quality of life. The companies who use this technology of image production need to adopt a position that demonstrates ambient and social responsibility, therefore this are vital so that if reduces the caused ambient damages, and one of these actions is the act of contract of specialized companies to manipulate the photochemist residues. The governmental bodies must assume its responsibilities with relation to its fiscalizador character, making with that the institutions respect and fulfill the environmental laws. Therefore, the referring problems to the photochemist residues can be decided, and so that this if materialize is necessary a bigger integration enters the involved pursuings in this process as companies, public agencies and society, always objectifying with priority the conservation of our biosfera.

Customer Advertising

Advertise before purchasing for yourself ads will be useful to get some knowledge about advertising and advertising effectiveness. It is desirable to understand the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and new media advertising, to get acquainted with the theory of marketing communications. This will allow more intelligently communicate with advertisers, get better advertising and enhanced ‘return’ on their money. This will help presented below book. A. Rep’ev.

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Ogilvy on Advertising. All efforts Advertising can be reduced to the effects on the mind of the consumer. Attract attention, to impress, to put the memory – that’s the goal of any advertising appeal. To achieve this, we can act on a hunch, but you can apply to the research and experience. That’s about it narrates in his book, David Ogilvy – one of the patriarchs of the advertising industry, founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, with an annual turnover in excess of $ 10 billion, the classic theory of advertising, a recognized ‘best copywriter of the world’, a person included in the French Magazine list of the giants who have made the most significant contribution to the world’s industrial revolution, along with Adam Smith, Thomas Edison, Karl Marx, J. D. Rockefeller Sr. and others. Presented in the book ‘theoretical’ tenets of advertising effectiveness, combined with the experience of their practical application make the book and science-based, and useful in terms of practice. K. Hopkins. Scientific Advertising. An acknowledged master, the genius of sales, Hopkins spent many years in the maelstrom of advertising. He has hundreds of dizzyingly successful advertising campaigns. He was a consummate copywriter. He ran Many brands, prosperous today. He personally invented and developed numerous methods of selling advertising. In the book ‘Scientific Advertising’ he systematized and summarized its phenomenal experience. The author explains in detail and popular, how to make the ads really effective, consistently describes all stages: from the collection of baseline data through the media planning to develop the advertising message. According to the author, most important – is artfully combine the creativity of employees of advertising agencies, in-depth study of the needs and demands of end users and technical requirements “of the customer.


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Despite the injury, Michael was entitled to charge until end of season, but he thought that you knowing that It would not play that would not be ethical. This earned him the esteem of fans and officials, and showed that the world not everyone money moves them, and that we can find examples of life in any field. Leverages your knowledge Robin went on to win money with football, as a television presenter, as commentator and in other areas. He became famous even outside the football circle. Now has a blog associated with bwin on which we can read their opinions on sport King, normally very successful. And probably thanks to these successes also earn its money betting on football in the own bwin.


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Scenes can be made innumerable conjectures and be handled to manifolds. For this sector the exits cannot continue being conventional, regulated. It is necessary to return to begin and to observe all the process. To break paradigms. The best social re-engineering is in extending the hand to all and having disposition to change of authentic way.

Sometimes he is preferable to listen, to speak and to discuss of open way and without complexes with the militant people who to listen a North American or Chilean professor, or which I, who I come to say that to do. The exit is here. They have the experience, the preparation and all the elements to defeat the proposal of Hugo Chavez. They have not wanted it to see or they have not wanted to see it. ” It is necessary to open the eyes and not to have closed odos” the Competing Leader Manuel Rosales says, in one of his peculiar answers. It is necessary to dare. ANTECEDENTS Before 1998 were very difficult or little common, to observe people pertaining to the Middle-class, inclusively upper middle-class, making activities political of street, visiting districts, etc. For them the political era ” moda” or an activity reserved to a determined good class.

They never sweated and they did when it excelled ” chanel” ” Cartier ” or another aroma, nothing similar to which transpira after to walk itself by a district of the marginal zones. CHAVEZ I force to this class ” excluida” to become jumbled socially, partially they left his ” negocios” and they play a political roll. Their reasons probably did not have legitimation then, today is another thing.