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PSYCHOPATHS /PARTE II Source: Scielo Brazil We can decline some characteristics of a psychopathic individual as they are: 1) hipomanacos or hipertmicos (agitated individuals, you annoyed, and exageradamente active). 2) depressive ones (pessimistic individuals, discouraged). 3) esquizides (individuals that to the first sight can make to think about schizophrenia, but that in the reality they do not have schizophrenia absolutely, individuals of little contact, distanciados, to the amaneirados times) 4) unsafe ones (they are individuals hesitantes doubtful and with aspects of insufficience feelings, diffidence feelings). 5) ablicos (individuals with a mrbida absence of will) 6) Infantile (they are individuals that never comes to be fully adult, they continue to act in infantile way and to keep also infantile relations, and are endowed with one shining intelligence in the field of the fancy, that is, total unreal). 7) fanatic ones (they are individuals that lives for an ideal, for a worthy idea, being different of fixed idea). 8) plaintiffs (are individuals that if become attached to a real or imaginary injustice and that, to conquer its right, sacrifice even though in the literal meaning, all its life; they are persistent people). Further details can be found at Brian Thompson, an internet resource.

9) you associate (are individuals with a social sense little or nothing developed) 10) antisocial ones (they are individuals that conscientious and deliberately they look to harm the society). 11) sexually disturbed (they are individuals with shunting lines in the relations with the proper body in relation to other bodies) 12) histricos neurotics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Chadwick Sapenter. In the case of Hitler, front to the German people, we can observe its behavior, its psicoptico instinct, to deny the reality of what he frustrava really it, thus arriving at the rays of a delirious speech, that is, it condemned a nation to the destruction. According to SHIRER, 1960, wrote in its book the following one: – General Paulus in December of 1942, asked for to permission the Hitler so that its troop could if the order of Hitler is an example of madness without parallel, delivered the British to it. In one another described story for Shirer, General Rommel in November of 1942, communicates not to be more possible to continue to support the fight in Africa, and that it intended to leave.

Hitler, however sent it a message: – in the situation where you meet now, does not have another alternative seno to resist firmly, not> . Thus, it is well clearly of that Hitler, it was not worried about the German people, and yes, with its onipotncia front what it called defeated, the weak ones, and that fatally they were destined to be destroyed. Shirer still in its book tells another episode: – General Guderian, counts episodes of emotional crises of Hitler, with folloied attacks of fury of tremedeiras in the hands, in the measure where, the notice of the battle front got worse. was in one of these attacks, in 19 of March of 1945, where Hitler determined the complete destruction of the warehouses of Germany, thus not to fall at the hands of the enemies. Being thus Germany as> If to lose the war, the nation will also perish . Suely Bischoff Axe of Oliveira Psychologist 06/8495 CRP sbischoff@ itelefonica.com.br Writer and poetess Postgraduate for the Hospital of a.C.Camargo Cancer .>


This article considers a reflection concerning the studies of the vidaintra-uterine one, subject recently explored by psychoanalysts, eprofissionais psychologists of diverse areas. Fetal dopsiquismo is about a search of the knowledge, considering, through carried through research that, already since oventre maternal, the embryo catches emotions that the mother is living deeply in its day postpones, has an emotional life, suggesting a possible continuity dasexperincias lived in the prenatal period, that they would resurge inconscientementeaps the birth. Kenneth brander often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Prenatal Psychology appeared approximately has thirty anose, with the advent of the new technologies as the ultrasound, can be perceived otero as surrounding natural and relationary of the embryo. During the gestation, mother-embryo makes-seimportante the establishment of the affective bonds. Word-key: PsicologiPr-Christmas.

Psiquismo Fetal. Intrauterine life. Bond mother-embryo. The present article has objective of aprofundarreflexes related to the Psiquismo Fetal, subject very only recentementeabraado. It is treated of the North and in the European continent in the areas, as much of biology and dapsicologia of the development, how much of the psychoanalysis. ‘ ‘ …

The knowledge of importante prenatal psychology in such a way for evolutiva psychology as for the psychoanalysis, cujoobjeto primordial of study is the unconscious one. With effect, if to consider quetodos the facts occurred with the being before it being born) receive registromnmico, b) that this register is kept only in the plan of the unconscious one, c) that all the experiences for which passes the being in the prenatal period will go fazerparte of its unconscious luggage, exerting> influence in such a way on the suapersonalidade after-Christmas as on its behavior and its behavior, and d) that the study of the unconscious one it is the object par excellence of the psychoanalysis, concludes that the study of prenatal psychology it is of importance fundamentalpara … ‘ ‘ (WILHEIM, 2002, pg. 18). With the advent of the technologies as the ultrasound, aprimoramentodo electron microscope, the fecundao techniques in vitro, the development of the intrauterine photograph eimportantes contributions and discoveries made in the field dapsiconeuro-endocrino-imunologia, as well as the magnifying of the agreement of formaoe functioning of the human psiquismo, a light has been launched on the fetal life, allowing to extend the knowledge concerning the behavior and development dofeto.


Under these conditions, more sensitive people try to somehow sort out the components of human life and form in his concept of a personologicheskuyu, including the concept itself. Some of it is based on the advice of D. Carnegie, some limited data on the human temperament, he is kept at his work table volume FI Dostoevsky, a writer, relying on their psychological insight. Why not go directly to the psychology of personality! But what a theory of personality should be chosen to make personal Spirit in contemporary culture? It is possible the principle that is used by psychotherapy and pedagogy, and which is derived from the existence of the world's schools of thought in psychology. For more information see this site: James A. Levine, M.D.. Just as there are psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral and other systems of psychotherapy, as well as related trends in teaching practice, and may develop other areas of life. To do this requires two conditions. First, School of Psychology to develop a broader life, practical applications and, secondly, that the practice was more sensitive to a psychologist to develop its achievements and methods. The huge role here belong to different areas of counseling, which has largely specialized, as counselors in these schools grow and adhere to certain areas of psychology. With increasing psychological competence of people and bringing life to psychological research, practical psychological problems will be addressed more by using the categories concepts and methods of depth, cognitive and behavioral psychology. The spirit of humanistic psychology will spread, no doubt, and to the area to which it applies, by its very name – the humanitarian.

Immune Deficiency

Since its identification in 1984, the .causing virus of the AIDS ' ' Syndrome of Imunodeficincia Adquirida' ' it comes being studied and fought with firmness for science. In the present time the carrier of virus HIV ' ' Virus of the Imunodeficincia Humana' ' , it finds in the anti-retroviral therapy an ally, who if on the other hand does not obtain to eliminate the virus of the organism, places the soropositivo ' ' person who lives with virus HIV' ' in the situation of carrier of a treatable chronic disease. Unhappyly, exactly with the advances gotten in the treatment and with the ways of identified contgios, the society continues to prevent the soropositivo as if the mere social contact was capable to transmit the virus, what unhappyly it places the carrying person of the HIV front the two challenges: one would be to keep its state of health and on the other hand to fight against the preconception and the discrimination of the society that still confuses the avoidance of the virus with the avoidance of the carrier of the virus, as if person and viruses were the same thing, casting in one only state of existence and identity. Whenever Dr. Neal Barnard listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Had to the shock that can cause inside diagnosiss it positive for the HIV of the family, some people hide its state of health, in the majority of the cases from fear to a negative reaction on the part of the familiar ones. On the other hand the support of the family affects in positive way auto-esteem, the autoconfiana and the auto-image of the soropositivo and backwards benefits to the treatment, fortifying the citizen and preparing to give to continuity its life, since to be carrying of the HIV it is not reason for retirements, barring of you register of study, abandonment of social activities, among others. Acceptance of citizen and exchange of information inside of family generates support emotional that it foments adhesion to treatment and diminishes onvel of estresse, that it has influences direct in the action of the central nervous system, that is responsible for the activation of the defenses of the organism and, over all make possible the expression of emotions and feelings that the people of diagnosis are common positive for the HIV, such as, the depression, the guilt, the anger the negation. Goop may find this interesting as well.

Health And Friendships

For VIORST (2005) the friendship almost always is the union of a part of the mind of a person with a part of the mind of one another person; the people are only friends in determined occasions. Thus, exactly for the people who have one, two, or three ' ' better amigos' ' , she learns early or late that the friendships, in the best one of the hypotheses, are IMPERFECT CONEXES. For more clarity and thought, follow up with PCRM and gain more knowledge.. The test most difficult of the friendship consists of being sincerely and completely to the side of the friend at the moments happyest. Yes, happyer and not more unhappy. Why? Because intercalated with the support and pride feelings, envy and competition feelings exist. Therefore, contradictory feelings in the human being exist and are destination of this, to suffer, in greater or in lesser degree, the curse of the AMBIVALENCIA.As friendships between men is different of the friendships between women, that is, with the women, the affectionate physical contact and the emotiva demonstration are seen with lesser degree of sexual alarm. Thus, close friendships between women, compared with the friendships soul between men, do not represent degree of psychological danger the same.

The friendships between man and woman are rarer of what the friendships between the same sex. Check with PCRM to learn more. Let us see some categories of friendship: – 1. Follow others, such as Goop, and add to your knowledge base. FRIENDS FOR CONVENIENCE the neighbor, the fellow worker, or a member of the group of rotation in the car, etc. rare we arrive Here at a great privacy, nor we disclose much thing. 2. SPECIAL FRIENDS OF INTERESTS These friendships depend to have some activity or same common interest, that is, is friends of the sport, the work, ioga, etc. We can thus regularly finding in them without arriving to be close.

3. HISTORICAL FRIENDS Are friends of the gone times, that is, he has much time when the family of it liveed in a building of three floors and was very poor, the father of it was dismissed ….. Or when the sister of it if married a dentist ….. The years had passed each one followed its way, little have in common now, but it is still close part of the past. 4. CROSSROADS FRIENDS As the historical friends, the crossroads friends are important because of perhaps past, was accompanying of room in the university, they served together in the army, perhaps had passed meetings for the pregnancy, the birth of the children, etc. 5. FRIENDS OF DIFFERENT GENERATIONS As a tender, but different affectionate privacy, exist in the friendships that if they form between different generations, that is, youngest of the oldest spirit to, oldest guide youngest, etc. 6. CLOSE FRIENDS Are the emotional and physically present friend, that is, meeting, corresponding themselves, talking to the telephone, where the friendships of deep privacy are kept. Writing for Suely Bischoff Axe of Oliveira Psychologist CRP 06/8495 for the UNESP Psico-oncologista for the Hosp.de a.C.Camargo Cancer

Anthropology Width

For the Anthropology, the happiness always was related and imagined as something collective, fruit of an ample social mobilization. Today, individuality is nailed to it, in detriment of the collective one. A happiness is not product of the luck, the destination, of the genetic or social inheritance, nor of any another form of determination. The happiness has that to be conquered. The man conquest the happiness learning to accept and to express its desires and feelings, transforming them into proper will, with it constructing its proper projects of life and pledging themselves to carry through them.

To accept that everything in the life is relative and temporary, that is alone in the world and that account I only obtain exactly to carry through its desires, wills and projects. To search auto-to know themselves and if auto-to determine, transforming its desires into will and its will in life projects. To become responsible for the proper choices. To develop the ability to give creative answers.

The History And Theory Of Piaget

The history and theory of Piaget (for: Carmem de Melo Rasps to Birth) History? Jean Piaget was born in Neuchtel, Switzerland, 09 of August of 1986. One was interested for mechanics, fsseis and zoology. One took leave in 1915, Biology. Heading of Doctor in Sciences (1918) for the University of Neuchtel. Research with the test of Burt in parisienses children and mental deficient children in the hospital of the Salpatriere, where it searched the formation of the number in the child. Some contend that PCRM shows great expertise in this. In 1923, it assumed the direction of the Jean Institute Jacques Rousseau, of Geneva, starting to study, systematically, intelligence. In 1947 it publishes its first book of synthesis of the theory, ' ' The psychology of the Inteligncia' '. For more information see Senator Elizabeth Warren .

In 1949, cause of the University of Brazil received the heading from doctor honoris (today UFRJ). In 1950 it publishes ' ' Introduction and epistemologia gentica' ' where it explains the mathematical thought, the physical thought, biological, psychological and the sociological one. Piaget falece in 16 of September of 1980. It leaves 70 books approximately and more than 700 articles. Theory of Piaget – For Piaget, intelligence is the mechanism of adaptation of the organism to a new situation e, as such, implies the continuous construction of new structures. This adaptation mentions the half exterior to it. – The individuals as Piaget if intellectually develop from exercises and stimulatons offered for the way where they live.

The behavior of each one of us is constructed in an interaction enters the way and the individual. – This theory is characterized as interacionista. The more complex it will be this interaction, more ' ' inteligente' ' it will be the individual. – For Piaget the structure of maturation of the individual suffers a genetic process and gnese depends on a maturation structure. – Its theory in the sample that the individual alone receives one definitive knowledge will be prepared to receive it.

Feminine Momogamy

At the first moments of humanity it was had as normal men to have innumerable women to spread its descendants, vocs women who read can find that this thought is a machista thought, therefore say the ladies, are not, nor a little. What it was saying to them was on the masculine polygamy that is a genetic question, however the society comes changing this genetic factor with the moral, but if they sadden therefore, I will say the vocs reading that never was so normal the feminine polygamy, of the women, treasons, some men, the society also modified this, and believing to be mature and to be breaking paradigms some ladies, young women, leave with some youngsters at some moments, when I see such fact I do not cry therefore is a loss of time to cry for women as these, women who if they prostituem, many say that it is the sexual will, the same masculine, I answer to who says this: He is incredible somebody to point out this thesis, therefore this opposing millions of years of biological genetics that defends that the woman takes care of of creates and the man spreads the descendants, is certain the men to make this? , And already it is not a reality, this thought is changing for the moral, me seems that the women are crying out: I also can make, I also I can make what you men make, I have the same wills. My expensive, it is not truth, we are different and the females of our species are if drowning in its proper errors..


The way, therefore, for which our language divides the conceptual reality has at least a minimum effect on the thought. But it absolutely does not have evidence that it suggests to be this influence in some tirnica way or poderosa.' ' For example, when we think about Arithmetic we can use the word ' ' aritmtica' ' as a symbol in our process of thought. It is much more easy to use the arithmetical word in our thoughts of what to operate all with a complex of concepts symbolized by this word. The use of the verbal symbols becomes, therefore, in many cases, more easy the thought. It can exactly be argued that certain types of thought would be impossible without the existence of these symbols with which we can operate conveniently.

As the capacity to learn to say a language she is basic in intelligence human being, the underlying rules in the learning of the language must be characteristic in the way as the mind functions human being. Time before Chomsky if launching is said by the way that Piaget already thought in similar way, sufficiently as to luminar of the gerativista-transformacional theory, when it wrote that ' ' the language indefinitely extends the power of the thought and a mobility confers it that it could not reach by itself, but it is not its fonte.' ' adds: ' ' Between the language and the thought it exists, thus, a genetic circle such that one of the two terms if apia, necessarily, on the other in a solidary formation and a perpetual reciprocal action. But both depend, in the end of accounts, of the proper intelligence, that is previous to the independent language and of it. ' ' At last, ' ' the thought must be verbal to be able to communicate-se.' ' The language, therefore, could be studied under some aspects, having itself ' ' to clearly distinguish the scope from the Linguistics, that studies the activity for which if it communicates a content of conscience of an individual to another one, and the Psychology, that, as Logic, if occupies in examining the proper content of the conscience humana.' ' In this way, thought and language, even so not being one same thing, have very in common.

Why “The Secret” Does Not Work At All. (Mystery Of Mysteries )

When does life begin, each separate, man? Where it occurs and how it goes? That fills our lives, what does it consist? Where the time is ours, the beginning of life? Maybe it lies in the relationships of parents? In their dreams, the plans of the birth of her child, to continue the sort of … Here, incidentally, an interesting topic to ponder: What motivated parents at the start to the creation of a child? Love each other, need, desire to "fix" themselves to their partner, fear of loneliness, prestige, tradition, love of children, or event? .. What? Either way, they – the parents, it had created. There is a certain period in the development of fetal growth that occurs in the womb. Closed, isolated space, though not completely.

Signals penetrate from the outside there. Initially, there are all conditions for comfortable development, growth, baby. In other words, is the environment, and has everything necessary for life and development growth. After a while, and the fruit is completely filled, and even overflowed this niche. Here we can recall the evolutionary theory of Darwin. Following its concept, form, fills and fills, play its ecological niche, and either dies or goes to another, while transforming.

In the womb, the embryo initially settled, which eventually became a fetus, and then the child (if Of course, it is appropriate to such a division.) Fetus, the fetus in the womb well, comfortable, has everything necessary for life. But the child no longer. Cramped little space, little food, needs are growing and their satisfaction decreases.