If honesty could be measured in objective terms as if it were a safe sport that you could bet at bwin a 1.07 to 1 that Michael Robinson is one of the most honest football players who participated in the Spanish League. An honest man Michael Robinson was an English player, a rocky front that much suited to the game for Osasuna, team which already signed at the end of his career, when he had won a European Cup among other titles in various English teams. Taking contract in force it was unlucky on a lance and injured his knee. The damage was so serious that given the age of the player it was impossible to return to playing football. His career as a professional athlete could be terminated. And Robin, as it is known already now more than one decade later, decided to terminate its contract with Osasuna. The team of Pamplona is a modest club that the tab that paid him was a small fortune.

Despite the injury, Michael was entitled to charge until end of season, but he thought that you knowing that It would not play that would not be ethical. This earned him the esteem of fans and officials, and showed that the world not everyone money moves them, and that we can find examples of life in any field. Leverages your knowledge Robin went on to win money with football, as a television presenter, as commentator and in other areas. He became famous even outside the football circle. Now has a blog associated with bwin on which we can read their opinions on sport King, normally very successful. And probably thanks to these successes also earn its money betting on football in the own bwin.