On the Internet, just like in real life so many ways and methods of making money. With each day connected to the Internet, more and more users. A large part of users see the Internet not just a place for entertainment, music downloads, wallpaper on your desktop – but also a means of earning extra money. Members who own this or that knowledge, you can find yourself with extra cash is more likely. And what make novice users who have not yet possess all the knowledge or are not experts in a particular segment? These users, call them newcomers, are looking to start a simple job for which need not expertise. It is necessary only for a time and an Internet connection.

This is what the scammers are. The main purpose of speculators – the new Internet users who have not yet quite familiar and easy to swallow the bait of monthly wages in scrip $ 300-500 or more. Wandering through the internet, I wanted a little more detail to find out about the work of speculators. I decided to choose a very simple and easy operation that can be done with ease virtually each. This is a set text.

Offers to earn decent money on a set of text – it is an essential attribute of any site that offers a remote job. What is the essence of this work. You send a handwritten or scanned text, and you need to print it and send the requested e-mail address.