Genetic Disorders

Which recognize life theme and the tree will not pursue you a hereditary disease has always a particular mental spiritual aspect, within “passed on by generations” and that each family member must be viewed. Behind it stands no higher power and no overriding fate, what you must suffer. When a soul chooses a life, she also decides on the framework and the objective. We a disease highlight once, such as breast cancer. If breast cancer always acts in the following generations, it goes for all is the life issues to deal with “Culture and Ernahrtwerden”. The most diverse contexts will have lived here so long from all sides, for all family members to recognize the relations on this issue, and internalized the solutions. The breast cancer that this comes into play, is the red thread on the physical level. On the psycho-spiritual level, it involves the gaining of awareness of independence.

All variants of Being subject to dependent on making can emerge and now. The woman who gets breast cancer, is of course directly affected and must clarify this topic personally for himself. For them, the questions arise where I’m maybe a parent mother who is sacrificing for all, or where am I not agree with my role as a woman and giving? I think simple now deliberately this, to show basic information. I want only the veil something. Of course hang here many individual, but also family collective through social networks with it.

The whole environment has also the chance to learn without having to get equal cancer penetrate the subject through an examination of the topic. Who has managed this and gained consciousness to be independent by a private trust and therefore in principle of life to feel supplied has reached his goal in this life. Breast cancer will have no meaning in principle more for these people. Of course one can great fear of cancer will also become the trigger, but a strong sense of basic trust will prevent this. Occurred a hereditary disease, always the deeper relationship should in addition to therapy, in which the person concerned has real confidence, be recognized and then implemented in life. This increases the chance for a cure to a considerable degree. roach. Get support! To do this, also in addition read the article “There are incurable diseases?” Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist

ADHD Genetic

(PM) Berlin, 12.10.2010 a recent study suggests that the disorder ADHD has genetic causes. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (short: ADHD) are affected in Germany about 500,000 children and adolescents, boys with three to four times more than girls. Often, these children are restless and impulsive, and suffer from attention and concentration difficulties. On the basis of their behaviour frequently problematic situations in the family and in schools. There are many misunderstandings in this disorder. Especially parents have to fight, that they just poorly educate the children or feed with too many sweets, and thus to promote unrest with prejudice. Now, a team of scientists of at Cardiff of University in Wales discovered that the cause of the so-called hyperactive syndrome is genetic. Children compared the genetic structure of 366 ADHD to the DNA of 1047 people who do not suffer from this disorder.

The researchers found that 15 Percent of affected children exhibit significant and rare changes in DNA, on the other hand, there were only seven percent in the healthy. In hyperactive children are therefore certain sections of DNA, the so-called gene copy number variations (CNV), either in duplicate or missing. Study leader Professor Anita Thapar told the press the study prove beyond reasonable doubt the influence of genes on the disease. As other researchers have been looking for the reasons for ADHD in education defects or environmental influences, would be required to realize according to opinions of Thapar, that the assumption is faulty. The scientists also showed that still much work ahead before the mental disorder could be fully understood. Also, Kate Langley, one of the authors of the study, acknowledged that the study of the genetic material on CNVs alone is not sufficient to determine whether a child or teenager was suffering from ADHD.

However, the study can help better to determine the causes of ADHD. Often takes a hasty Diagnosis of the disorder in young people instead. Not every strenuous teenager who conforms to no parental or educational, suffers from ADHD. Lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet can also lead to a conspicuous behaviour. A solution on the basis of sufficient rest, sport and balanced diet should be found here. Also dietary supplements such as BrainEffect also”indicating that can provide the brain with all the essential vitamins and nutrients, and so in addition to promote the concentration at school and at work.

Stefan Morsch Foundation

Annual balance sheet of the oldest donor file: nearly 600 Stammzellspenden 2013 the cooperation with educational institutions should be developed at the first German donor file a record number of potential lifesavers were registered in the past year: almost 23 000 people have can be 2012 by the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation type. This means that they have agreed to do so, to give a chance to cure a person suffering from leukemia with a registry in the event of an emergency. At the same time, also a new record for the number of people was achieved, indeed for their genetic twins”could donate. Almost 600 donors were lifesavers. The Stefan Morsch Foundation based in Birkenfeld (Rhineland-Palatinate) is the oldest Stammzellspenderdatei in Germany. Under the motto “Hope help heal” the Foundation provides for more than 25 years help leukemia and tumor patients. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote, as unrelated to register people. Therefore, teams are the almost daily “Foundation in whole Germany, to so-called typing actions” to inform about the theme registry.

270 Typing actions have been organized so nationwide. “Emil Morsch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation: we are human beings at the Centre, need the help.” Nearly 11 000 people each year fall ill with leukemia. Often, a stem cell transplant is her only chance to escape the blood cancer. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that every healthy man aged 18 with a stem cell transplant can save lives. You can register with the consent of the parents aged 16 and over. Therefore we will set our focus on the education of young people this year”, said Foundation founder. In the past few years we have cooperated very well with the German armed forces”, the 69-year-old reported. Greatly increased the percentage of soldiers in the file: not only that the number of typed soldiers within the donor file and the share of the marrow grows, is today 30 Percent.


For your way he will find friendships pure, but that human beings will be able to degnerate themselves ahead with the time of your precariousnesses, there you will remain alone. For your way he will know gotten passionate people, but that they will go to stop in the first show window with bigger brightness and bigger beauty, despite the price if to pay to enter in the store is more expensive. For your way you will cross with company ideal and perfect, but when the life to charge devotion, abdication and it will have that to open hand of something for the dream that together will construct, there will see as the love without attitude is susceptible and weak, leaving you to the edge of the life and one more time alone. Discord, indifference, fear It is the uncertainty of personal projects that can yes and must be shared. For your way it does not want to make of this allotment a conquest, not! The conquest is a sand castle that if more easy preparation of manioc meal of what you imagine. It makes of this, then, a project for the conquests, therefore a good project can support your dreams and ideals with bases solids. It wants to grow to the side of somebody, it wants that this somebody grows as person when being close to you, or when passing for your life. It does not leave that pass for your life without she has taken some mark of your character.

With firm intentions and of values. The growth for the growth kills! Therefore this is the beginning of the cancergenas cells that they provoke the cancer when they spread cancerous cells that they suffer from cancer. He is not frivolous and it does not make of the growth straightforward a reason to want this. What it is a lie, if counted some times, ‘ will finish if becoming one; ‘ verdade’ ‘. the problem is if you yourselves to believe this false truth. Therefore enaltea your projects of life and stops to depreciate yours ‘ ‘ quereres’ ‘ (after all, if it wants as much thing in the life, is not same). It follows your way. Despite your heart beats calmer without as much euphoria, and from there? Great euforias take the disillusionments and frustrations of equal or bigger ratios.

Either fort, tranquilo and night watchman! Your way is of resignation and great love of its part. If the disrespect, the rejection, the indifference and the preconception make of your intentions ‘ ‘ attitudes without valor’ ‘ for the others, if auto-it does not exclude from the world. It goes ahead, it follows in front, it fights for your ideal of life and in case somebody to dare and will have courage to go with you, simply, looks at inside of the eyes, extends the hands and leaves the love to illuminate this way. Under the light of the love your way could only be covered, without the ice of the fear and the indifference and without the bitter taste of the incompreenso.


' The true patience, associated always with the authentic hope, it characterizes the attitude of that know that, to carry through the impossible one, she is necessary to become it possible. the best form to become possible the impossible one is carrying through possible hoje.' ' (Pablo Freire) ESTENOSE TRAQUEAL the interest in carrying through a bibliographical survey on the considered subject is alicerado in the intention to detect and to prevent decurrent iatrogenias of the endotraqueal intubao, considering to be this a procedure frequent carried through in Units of Terapia Intensiva (UTI). Also the deficit in the quality of life of the patient was considered, when victim of this iatrogenia. 1.ANATOMIA AND PHYSIOLOGY OF the SUPERIOR AERIAL WAYS (VAIN) the superior aerial ways are responsible for the air transport of the environment until the pulmes and vice versa, as well as have for functions to filter, to preheat and to humidify inspired air. They are formed by: nasal socket, faringe, larynx, trachea and bronchis (Kawamoto, 2003). Of these structures, with bigger care, we will detail to follow the trachea, place where estenose occurs traqueal. In the description of trachea (Gartner and Hiatt, 1990), we consider it to be constituted, in structural terms, for three layers called mucous, submucosa and adventitious.

The mucosa is constituted by the respiratory epitlio, proper blade and elastic blade. The respiratory epitlio or of covering, of the pseudo-estratificado type to colunar ciliado, is constituted by six cellular types: cells colunares ciliadas, caliciformes cells, waxy cells, basal cells in brush, cells and cells to granulate. For Hoss, Reith and Romrell (1993), the ciliadas cells colunares are distributed by all the ways of conduction of the respiratory treatment and that they put into motion muco for ciliar action. The mucous secretion production is function of the caliciformes cells; such secretion if adds to the glands located in submucosa layer.

Tiger States Compared

Tiger countries B2C E-Commerce report 2013 the “Tiger countries B2C E-Commerce report 2013 ‘ demonstrates both the similarities and the differences of the Internet and E-commerce markets of the four Asian Tigers. So especially mobile online trading achieved high growth rates in South Korea and Hong Kong, while the General online trading in Singapore continue to medium to high double-digit percentage increases. Only Taiwan is less strongly developed in B2C E-Commerce, and also here an online trade growth in the low double-digit percentage range is predicted. Smartphones for the first time more frequently than notebooks for online purchases in South Korea used after double-digit growth within the last years, the B2C E-commerce sales reach a value of more than EUR 10 billion.In addition, for the first time more purchases online via smartphones as notebooks made are in South Korea. In addition to mobile commerce, also social commerce represented a growing trend in the South Korean online trading. In the second quarter was generally 2012 much money on travel arrangements and reservations as well as clothing and fashion products on the Internet. Leading companies and websites in South Korean B2C E-commerce in relation to the number of unique visitors in 2012 were generalists 11st, Shopping.Naver, Interpark, Gmarket and Cjmall in all. M-Commerce and group shopping accounted more than half of all Internet users in Hong Kong online purchases, for important trends in Hong Kong’s B2C E-commerce in 2012 where women often shopped on the Internet than men.

Between 2011 and 2015 a significantly higher increase in the M-Commerce is compared in Hong Kong sales, sales with General B2C E-Commerce expected. The average mobile spending per online buyers in Hong Kong reached nearly EUR 600, an increase of more than 40 percent compared with the previous year mid-2012. In addition to M-Commerce Group shopping represents a major trend in the online trade in Hong Kong.

Security Label

The German printing industry innovation award Nottuln, 17 October 2013. At the ceremony the PrintStars 2013 was the 3S Simons security systems GmbH with an award in bronze in the category packaging and labels”awards. The OTF safety label, which has developed 3 S for the protection of safety-related devices as well as high-quality packaged quality products and food was appreciated. Thus online terminals for cashless payments, quality watches, jewelry, perfume and electronics devices from unauthorized access or tampering can be among others. The initial opening protection is based on the secure-ID technology and cannot be removed without leaving any residue. Differently as a for a void foil adhesive avoided, which can lead to contamination. The OTF safety label be used among others at Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH. Thus, the market leader for pet supplies ensures the on-line terminals for cashless payments in its German stores.

Also in the previous year were Counterfeiting experts from Westphalia at the PrintStars competition successfully: the security labels that produced 3 S for the test manufacturers Ingun, also received an award in bronze. In addition, 3s for the print and media was Awards 2013 in the category of most innovative company of the year ‘ nomination. “The complete protection of safety-related equipment and quality products plays for manufacturers, retailers and consumers” an increasingly important role, explains Rolf Simons, Managing Director of 3s Simons security systems GmbH. the PrintStars award underlines our, to develop innovative and high-quality products for the initial opening protection and counterfeiting. ” The innovation award of the German printing industry who were organizers of the PrintStars this year get PrintStars 432 product submissions in 15 categories and nine special prizes, again more than in the previous year.

Over 900 print, printers, agencies, photo studios, publishers, steps in front of operations and Processing companies took part in the competition. The award also from the high, vocational and technical schools recorded strong submissions. The award ceremony was on 16 October 2013 in the framework of PrintNight “in the culture – und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle in Stuttgart, Germany. The PrintStars competition is organized every year and awarded the best print products. 3S Simons security systems GmbH the 3S Simons security systems GmbH is internationally renowned manufacturer of marking systems for the legally-compliant IP protection. On the basis of the world’s smallest micro colour codes SECUTAG has the company various industry solutions developed for comprehensive fraud protection. With these products of all industries, spare and accessories, tools, medicines, cosmetics, textiles, sports and lifestyle articles, artworks, primary and secondary packaging, label, Cap brands, pallets, documents, certificates and goods economic data can be saved and others. Furthermore, 3s security solutions can be Combined systems for traceability (E.g. Datamatrix, RFID), so the whole production and supply chain is fully protected against plagiarism. Learn more about the right secure IP protection under

Constitution Court

Since the session for the second and third reading of the law according to the current schedule for the intended 26.10.12, have existing cash companies”or falling under the new company until transferred to this date. In addition to the donation agreement, the economic transition must be made up to this point! CONCLUSION: Despite the recasting of the inheritance and gift tax it is also under the new rules to take advantage of the favor of the time and to take quick decisions due to windfall law changes. The last word seems but still not spoken: good possible that the Federal fiscal court, as indicated in its decision of additional cargo from the grant, once again this year the estate tax presents the Constitution Court for consideration. The topic of succession so that is exciting for advisors and clients. Service: We are regarding this topic or specific questions to the succession planning and design, as well as for a personal meeting with you and your clients to the Available. Your contact: Dirk Hofmann, Attorney & specialist lawyer for tax law phone: 02271 98640 sample contract cash-GmbH the contract: a cash limited liability company in addition to cash contribution agreement and subsequent share donation offers the VSRW Verlag, Bonn in cooperation with the law firm of Schneck, Hofmann & partner at the price of 19.80 EUR.

Request the sample contracts please send an eMail to, using the stitch worts sample contract cash-GmbH”on. Also free of charge via our editorial hotline of the vsrw Publishing House, Bonn more information Advisor more info materials to the change of the ErbStG the JStG 2013 and cash-GmbH. Please send an eMail to, using the stitch worts Infomaterial cash GmbH”. Available are: – additional cargo decision federal fiscal court of the 05.10.2011 – justification Bundesrat (Federal printed 302/12).

Tarot Comes

It says the popular knowledge that all that live with the sword die with the sword, and the ten of swords is an arcane one of the tarot that speaks to us of the consequences in the real life of this proverb. It is the letter that more visibly to simplify the destructive and negative power of the swords. Although only with a sword it could have ended the life of that man who teaches the figure, 10 swords were used, of exaggerated and brutal form. It has not been assassinated, but massacreed. It is precise to be sent to the ace of swords, first the arcane one of the saga of the swords. This deck warned to us on the use of the excessive force for the intentions of the evil, and the 10 of swords show the result to us obligatory of an abuse authority. All those that refuse to listen to the wisdom of the swords finally will be annihilated by them.

When it leaves revealed this deck in the distance the tarot, normally it means a sudden failure and unexpected, a disaster, a force beyond the power of the person humiliates who it and it annihilates without warning nor mercy. It is not possible to be avoided to think about the law of karma, so famous in the Eastern philosophy. This law says that the person will harvest what seeded, and if it has acted with badness, is logical that it finishes as shows the figure to it. However, like the other arcane ones, the ten of swords also have a positive side, since it says to us that we are in front of the final test, last passage in one releases succession of events. According to they say, the night is darker right in the second before the dawn, and is what indeed it says this letter to us. Nothing already can be worse, therefore only have left to rise we to us of the floor and to return to begin. When observing at great length the bottom of the illustration, we will see the sun rising enters black clouds. The present is extremely negative, but the future he is promissory.

Each new beginning must come from a end, which can be a defeat, but that will not prevent that the seeds of the future victory are seeded. The illumination comes from the use of the mental and spiritual faculties for the good, and this is the lesson that this arcane one of the tarot leaves us. It is necessary to learn of the errors and misdeeds, not to fall again under the edge of the sword. Meaning arcane majors Tarot the car? Runas: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz STARS and Gypsy tarot, history of the tarot, reading of letters Gypsy tarot? The historical origin of the gypsy tarot – important data Articles? The reading of letters and the golds Gypsy tarot? The intuition and the letters of the tarot Articles


Words Key: State, Public Politics, Citizenship, Democracy. ABSTRACT This article seeks you comment on the State Reform and the Challenges of Public Management, focusing on the major factors that contributed you the achievement and overcoming obstacles, who led Brazil you the Administrative Reform, enabling the organization of man in society in the search will be the guarantee of constitutional rights will be the construction of social democratic political appears based on constrained by challenges you effective public administration in democracy. Keywords: Member, Public Policy, Citizenship, Democracy. The objective of this study is to delineate a debate concerning the Reformation of the State from the Constitution of the Republic that if constitutes basic element for a new model of Public administration, where if objective the universalize of the rights and efetivao of the democracy, establishing the democratic principle as excellent instrument front to the objectives to increase the governance of the State by means of the model of Public administration in the Country. The referring questions of the State to offer of public services in the health areas and education and of the collective interests soon is come across with problematic the social one of these services, which constantly are questioned by the institutions, social movements and entities of the organized civil society, that withhold great power of participation thanks to the democratization of the Public administration of the State.