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Rasp Da Silva

Since 1960 the pharmaceutical professional started to play an important role for the farmacolgica therapy next to the patient, was born then to the call clinical pharmacy, that considered to directly use the pharmaceutical services to the patient, acquiring knowledge that these services would not be only to excuse and to guide the patient, but yes to consider possible farmacoteraputicas interventions, aiming at improvements in the quality of life of the patients (RASP Da Silva, 2005). In 1990, with the sprouting of the concept of pharmaceutical attention, the druggist started to establish a direct contact with the patient, in intention to evaluate, to identify, or even though to prevent possible problems that can occur during the farmacolgico treatment, these actions include the pharmaceutical professional in the team of health professionals (RASP DA SILVA, 2005). The medicine use is the form most common for therapeutical treatment in our society, however the delay in the attendance in the hospitals and the low income of the population is some of the factors that favor the self-medication (MARTINHO, 2005). Dr. John Mcdougall has similar goals. The self-medication occurs when the symptoms of the illness seem to be of low gravity and the patient believes that taking definitive medicine relief will bring it of these symptoms, but this can cause it diverse problems as effect undesirable, to mask illnesses, poisonings, among others (MARTINO, 2005). Therefore the pharmaceutical professional must promote the rational medicine use, adding efforts with other professionals of the area of the health and fulfill its paper before society (HEPLER; STRAND, 1990). Second Rasp Da Silva (2005), the indiscriminate medicine use can present adverse situations that are classified as problems related with medicines, this classification can direct the professional druggist in the identification, resolution and prevention of these possible problems, the definition of the problems related with medicines includes in its context any negative result that has relation with the medicamentoso treatment, these problems is presented in the following way: Indication without treatment: the patient does not make use of the medicine that needs.. At Dr Alan Mendelsohn you will find additional information.

Estevo Professor Francisco

Street Estevo Professor Francisco, N 20, Tower, Recife? FOOT. (81) 87164981.; 3. Nurse. Specialist in Docncia of Superior Ensino. Professor of the Course of Nursing of the College Maurcio de Nassau. Avenue Ruy Barbosa, 579, Recife? FOOT.

(81) 96480782. involved in vaccination, aiming you avoid mistakes, that might harm to only user of this system. This study aimed you determines the importance of training health professionals who work with vaccination. METHODS: This is quantitative and descriptive. Date were collected through questionnaire containing 10 objective questions related you upgrading of nurses working in the room vaccine. The research was initiated to after the approval of the Ethics and Research of the Hospital of the So Paulo Restoration and conducted in the municipality of – FOOT. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: In the survey, found that 86, 37% of respondents, IE 19 participants considered relevant you the training room offered vaccine. 72,7% of participants reported having adds training in the area between January and December 2009, but 86,36% of respondents said they would like lives training courses will be improvement.

When asked you consider to whether or not current, 95,45% of respondents said yes, they feel refreshed about vaccination, but when asked questions about the vaccine, 59,1% responded that they had any questions. In relation you working teams in vaccine, 40,9% reported working in the industry will be lives than four years, claimed lives than 8 36,38 years and 22,72% between 1 and 3 years of service. He will be questions, 68,18% said they turn you municipal theatre PNI, 18,19% the 13,63% PNI resort you and said nurses and nurses who resort. CONCLUSION: Essential The present study showed that it is that the team room vaccine is skilled and trained you safely carry out to their actions. The questionnaire showed that although most professionals in the area studied acting will be to over seven years, there ploughs many questions about the uses and application of vaccines. Although most state that has undergone training in to year questioned, adds professionals said they have had in training, which leaves room will be doubt regarding the capabilities offered. Therefore, it is necessary you examines the exchange of information and take steps you correct the flaws pointed out in to order you reach the puts fixed will be the prevention and eradication of illnesses. So important educate the public you the need will be vaccines is you guide professionals the importance of training and updates in search of quality improvement and service delivery.

Helena Luiza

Vocs had been with me at precious and marcantes moments of my life. I am certain that we will be perpetual friends. To all the friends who I conquered in the college. I am thankful in special my friends Creuza and Danielle, for always having been sincere people, who had demonstrated for action and words to me that really were my true friends in the college. Vocs had been people where I always could always count fortifying me in some occasions, to the times even though without knowing.

Debtor for all girls. That our friendship is perpetual! To the masters, had folloied who me in the academic life, that they had had time and voice in my life, that they had still shown the way to me and as to know to pass for them. I am very grateful for vocs taught to have to give me to wide or even though small steps in all the directions. My orienting Helena Luiza, which contributes so that she obtained to write this monograph. McDougall Program has much to offer in this field. Here it is here my gratitude and my affection.

Debtor for the patience and devotion At last, to that direct and they had indirectly contributed for my success. SUMMARY the adolescence if characterizes for a gradual transistion of an infantile organism for an adult organism with somatic and psychic consequences, mainly those that say respect to the sexual sphere. The increasing occurrence of the pregnancy in the adolescence is considered important problem of public health in Brazil and, in result of this they are being created a set of writs of prevention and control for the improvement of the index of pregnant adolescent. The pregnancy in the adolescence has been described as important obstacle to the development of the individual, limiting of dramatical form its educational, economic and social chances. The removal of the school is almost always enters the negative repercussions of the pregnancy in the adolescence, as well as the biggest difficulty of ingression in the work market.

Aged Life

How much bigger the number of information, minor the number of illnesses, and deaths of in function of illnesses. Kris Aglae Authorial *Direitos Reserved the physical health is important in the life of all human being. When it is mentioned to the aged one () more still; therefore already all lived a life, honored commitments, worked, it works, and it contributed with the growth of our Country, therefore they are worthy of rest. However, valley to remember whenever each organism reacts of a different form in relation to the aging. If an elderly with another one cannot compare, because each one had a life description, family, friends, work, feeding, cares with the health among others.

' ' Nor therefore the aged ones () must leave to have one ' ' oldness ' ' rejuvenescida' '. To conserve this rejuvescimento, it is important to occupy its time with physical exercises. Being thus to carry through any type of physical activity, the correct one is first to pass for one detailed medical evaluation and with well-taken care of greaters, mainly in function of the lived years and because also some make medicine use, then exists this necessity to be intent to everything what it will be to make. Dr. John Mcdougall is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Practising any physical activity, the aged one () will feel more disposal, more useful, with more will of living, thus improving its auto-they esteem, and with courage; this will make with that if it feels more healthful, sociable and happy. The familiar environment, the friends and the healthful feeding also are basic to improve its quality of life. With Law N. 10,741, of First of October of 2003, where the Statute of the Aged one with some information on its rights was created, this Law it strengthened to aged () the discountings in the ingressions for artistic, cultural, esportivos events, leisure; they had been benefited with 3% in the reserve of the residential units in the habitation programs; vacant in the public and private estacionamentos; social benefits.


Due to reduction of the quality and life expectancy and the failure of treatments conservatives, as the dietoterapia, the mrbida obesidade is difficult of being treated only by means of diet and physical exercises and has led to the indication of surgical intervention, and thus to carry through the surgery of the obesidade or baritrica, for the fact of being treatment most efficient e, with effect, more lasting (WAITZBERG, 2006; IT HISSES; IT WALLS, 2007). The used techniques to carry through the baritrica surgery are the gastroplastia, adjustable gastric band, gastroplastia vertical line with bandage, bypass gastric in Y-of-Roux, biliopancretica derivation of Scopinaro and Duodenal Switch (HISS; IT WALLS, 2007). This article is organized in sections. The first section is this introduction, section 2 represents the objectives of the research. The methodology used in the accomplishment of the research is presented in section 3. The results are described in section 4. Finally, final consideraes are presented in section 5.

2.OBJETIVO Verificar the incidence of the obesidade for sex; To analyze practical of physical activity and its frequency; To analyze the incidence of patients who possess the upheaval of the periodic alimentary compulsion; To verify the degree of obesidade of the inserted individuals in the program. 3.METODOLOGIA This article is about a qualitative and quantitative research. The collection of data was carried through by means of interviews for half-structuralized questionnaire, therefore it allows a more complete and detailed description of the qualitative and quantitative aspects, thus is possible to verify the veracity of the answers (DAMASO, 2003). The gotten information had been recorded with a recording device of voice. 7 patients in the month of April of 2009 had been interviewed. As inclusion criterion, the patients had been selected who had interned one day before carrying through the baritrica surgery in the Hospital Evanglico Goiano, Anpolis-GO. The etria band was of 23 the 58 years.

Buccal Complex

It affirms that nor always the presence of one spots mechanical with devoid aspect in the buccal mucosa means that it is I snow, but yes, it can be I accumulate of substantiates generally metallic of silver caused for maneuvers during obdurate to the silver amalgam. Conclusion After the revision of you vary used bibliographical workmanships in this work, I have to elucidate the following one. In first place: the solar consumption of alcohol and tobacco, radiations and genetic predisposition are factors that condition in the appearance of daily pay-malignant injuries. its precocious treatment aid in the prevention of the cancer that tachometer the buccal socket. From there that it has a necessity incontestable of the general hematologists doctors, to know the characteristics clinical of these injuries, better to obtain to diagnosis and to make the due treatment of these injuries, in the initial phases. The use. abstinence to the alcohol and the tobacco, as well as the use of hats and the solar protectors also helps to prevent some serious injuries and its respective precursory cancers. .

Open Education

It fits to detach here the question of the pleasure and displeasure, therefore Freud also came across with the qualitative question of the sensations and ideas. Which would be the motivation of ours action? What it would make to prefer such or which thing or idea? Freud answers to these questions relating the classroom Omega of neurons to the displeasure, therefore this would be the factor that puts Phi and Psi in movement, stimulating the system to the fulfilment of its primary function, that is ' ' zerar' ' the stimulatons for the survival of the organism. Therefore for a system that desires the rest, any stimulaton is considered displeasure and must be ' ' escoado' '. Soon, we perceive that Omega transforms amount into quality through the intensity and regularity of the stimulatons, that in this case are conscientious. Freud becomes original when it approaches a philosophical question and it of the science characteristics and reorganizes the hierarchy of the passions, in the measure where it attributes importance to the displeasure, had here as all and any stimulaton, as the factor that the machine puts into motion human being, different of Hobbes and Condillac that attribute to the desire and to the pleasure this function. Perhaps check out Dr. Peter M. Wayne for more information.

Conclusion Leaving of the beginning of that all the human being it thinks and that the end biggest of the life is the happiness, we have then gnese of the thought based on the sensations as point of convergence between Hobbes, Condillac and Freud. However Hobbes and Condillac attribute the happiness to the necessity of pleasant sensations, in Hobbes the desire already put into motion the human being, in Condillac the pair pleasure/displeasure become the man capable to choose what happiness brings it. Both the philosophers will give base to the studies of Freud on the functioning of the mind and this goes to enxergar in this notion of passional life what it unbalances the nervous system, that stops being well necessary of rest. Freud then almost brings a conception of happiness that inexistent, therefore to live for it is a pack, since never we are free of stimulatons, lives in constant discomfort, only when exempting in them of the stimulatons we will be happy, that is, never will be happy while still alive, because as Freud the goal of the psychic device is the death, when will occur the end of all the stimulatons. In this perspective, we will find mitolgicas figures of Eros and Thanatos gifts in these philosophies constituting the paradox of the life human being and for which we can look salvation in ' ' espelho' ' , that it configures the matrix of cure of the psychoanalysis based on the old motto of the temple of Delfos ' ' Mesmo&#039 knows you it you; '. Bibliographical references BOCCA, F.V. Passions and psychoanalysis: modern dimensions of the nature human being.

Victory: UFES, Nucleus of Open Education and in the distance, 2010. CONDILLAC, E.B. 1993: Treated to the sensations. Campinas, Ed. Unicamp. FREUD, S. 1995/1885: Project of a psychology. Trad. Osmyr F.G. Jr. R.J: Imago. HOBBES, T. 1979: Leviathan. S.P., Cultural April. NICOLA, U. illustrated Anthology of philosophy: of the origins to the modern age. Trad. Maria Margherita de Luca. So Paulo: Globe, 2005,479 P.

Cancer Treatment

Therefore, the correct fulfilling of forms is so important, therefore they are who will go to help in the detention of the deficiencies of the treatment of the Cancer of Breast in the city of Porto Velho and other regions of Brazil. METHODOLOGY For the present article became fullfilled a exploratria research, explicativa as in such a way descriptive. Descriptive, therefore searched to analyze and to register the situation of the public health and factors that condition the desistance of the treatment of the breast cancer. Explicativa, therefore searched to clarify what it causes the deficiencies in the utility installment. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA the present research was carried through to investigate the situation of the treatment of Cancer of Breast in the city of Porto Velho /RO, better to understand the reality of this illness in the city, evidencing possible problems in the process and, of this form, improving the situation of the women in treatment. On the orientation of the necessary information to the patients on the prevention and the treatment of the Cancer of Breast: Graph 1? Quality of the orientation to the patients on prevention and treatment of the Cancer of Breast the research evidenced that: 6 (six) of the users consider good the orientation given on the prevention and the treatment of the Cancer of Breast, 2 (two) excellent and 1 (one) bad one. Follow others, such as Assurant Health, and add to your knowledge base. However, the majority that marked the good option if related to Is Peregrino and specified that in the Hospital of Base it has many problems. On already having been in wait list to initiate some treatment or examination related to the Cancer of Breast: Graph 2? Initiation in list of wait to the treatment or examination related to the Cancer of Breast Of the interviewed ones, 4 (picture) already had been in wait list to make some examination related to the treatment. .

Worker Analysis

INTRODUCTION the act to search can be defined as the search of knowledge concerning one determined reality from the use of systematic and formal procedures. It is through the accomplishment of research that we have witnessed the sprouting of discoveries and the construction of knowledge that enclose until the aspects most trivial of the experience human being and, each time more, this activity if it shows essential for the reinforcement of any disciplines. In the area of the nursing this does not reveal different, being several the authors who have emphasized repetidamente that to generate knowledge by means of research it is basic condition for its characterization as a science. Of the historical point of view, the research started to be part of the daily one of the Brazilian nursing only recently. To deepen your understanding Bristol-Myers Squibb is the source. In fact, the first works carried through for nurses on the basis of date of the years of 1950 the scientific method. In the years that if had followed, an increment in this associated activity can be folloied, mainly, to the sprouting of Courses of After-Graduation in the Country, having as sustentculo the studies carried through for pupils and professors in related courses. Discoursing on the evolution of the research in nursing, Saupe demonstrates that since its beginning until the current days it had an expressive increase in relation to the scientific production of the nurses and tells that the changes had not only occurred in relation to the amount of published works, but also as for the types of research carried through and used methodologies.

Exactly recognizing the advances gotten in relation to the research in the present time, we understand that, to continue progressing, the necessary nursing to be constantly involved in a process of evaluation and reevaluation of the produced knowledge. That is necessary a time that, if the nursing desires to be contributing for the scientific development and technological as other areas of knowledge, produced knowing it must condizer with the social demands and have considerable informative value. In this manner the subjects that have excited the interest of researchers of some areas, in national and international scope, present the referring questions to the world of the work and its repercussions in the relative health of the individuals and, in particular way, aspects to the health of the worker. Considering such estimated, it is our interest to investigate if such questions have stimulated the nurses to develop research and to analyze as the scientific production of the nursing has focused the interrelaes between the labor activity and the relative process health-illness the workers and, in last analysis, to verify which the contribution of this production in the direction to characterize the health of the worker as important field of elaboration of knowledge. In this manner, the objective of the study is to analyze the research concerning the thematic Health of the Worker, published in periodic of nursing in the period of 2007-2011.


' The true patience, associated always with the authentic hope, it characterizes the attitude of that know that, to carry through the impossible one, she is necessary to become it possible. the best form to become possible the impossible one is carrying through possible hoje.' ' (Pablo Freire) ESTENOSE TRAQUEAL the interest in carrying through a bibliographical survey on the considered subject is alicerado in the intention to detect and to prevent decurrent iatrogenias of the endotraqueal intubao, considering to be this a procedure frequent carried through in Units of Terapia Intensiva (UTI). Also the deficit in the quality of life of the patient was considered, when victim of this iatrogenia. 1.ANATOMIA AND PHYSIOLOGY OF the SUPERIOR AERIAL WAYS (VAIN) the superior aerial ways are responsible for the air transport of the environment until the pulmes and vice versa, as well as have for functions to filter, to preheat and to humidify inspired air. They are formed by: nasal socket, faringe, larynx, trachea and bronchis (Kawamoto, 2003). Of these structures, with bigger care, we will detail to follow the trachea, place where estenose occurs traqueal. In the description of trachea (Gartner and Hiatt, 1990), we consider it to be constituted, in structural terms, for three layers called mucous, submucosa and adventitious.

The mucosa is constituted by the respiratory epitlio, proper blade and elastic blade. The respiratory epitlio or of covering, of the pseudo-estratificado type to colunar ciliado, is constituted by six cellular types: cells colunares ciliadas, caliciformes cells, waxy cells, basal cells in brush, cells and cells to granulate. For Hoss, Reith and Romrell (1993), the ciliadas cells colunares are distributed by all the ways of conduction of the respiratory treatment and that they put into motion muco for ciliar action. The mucous secretion production is function of the caliciformes cells; such secretion if adds to the glands located in submucosa layer.

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