Tarot Comes

It says the popular knowledge that all that live with the sword die with the sword, and the ten of swords is an arcane one of the tarot that speaks to us of the consequences in the real life of this proverb. It is the letter that more visibly to simplify the destructive and negative power of the swords. Although only with a sword it could have ended the life of that man who teaches the figure, 10 swords were used, of exaggerated and brutal form. It has not been assassinated, but massacreed. It is precise to be sent to the ace of swords, first the arcane one of the saga of the swords. This deck warned to us on the use of the excessive force for the intentions of the evil, and the 10 of swords show the result to us obligatory of an abuse authority. All those that refuse to listen to the wisdom of the swords finally will be annihilated by them.

When it leaves revealed this deck in the distance the tarot, normally it means a sudden failure and unexpected, a disaster, a force beyond the power of the person humiliates who it and it annihilates without warning nor mercy. It is not possible to be avoided to think about the law of karma, so famous in the Eastern philosophy. This law says that the person will harvest what seeded, and if it has acted with badness, is logical that it finishes as shows the figure to it. However, like the other arcane ones, the ten of swords also have a positive side, since it says to us that we are in front of the final test, last passage in one releases succession of events. According to they say, the night is darker right in the second before the dawn, and is what indeed it says this letter to us. Nothing already can be worse, therefore only have left to rise we to us of the floor and to return to begin. When observing at great length the bottom of the illustration, we will see the sun rising enters black clouds. The present is extremely negative, but the future he is promissory.

Each new beginning must come from a end, which can be a defeat, but that will not prevent that the seeds of the future victory are seeded. The illumination comes from the use of the mental and spiritual faculties for the good, and this is the lesson that this arcane one of the tarot leaves us. It is necessary to learn of the errors and misdeeds, not to fall again under the edge of the sword. Meaning arcane majors Tarot the car? Runas: divinatory interpretation of Cen/Kenaz STARS and TAROT.es? Gypsy tarot, history of the tarot, reading of letters Gypsy tarot? The historical origin of the gypsy tarot – important data Articles? The reading of letters and the golds Gypsy tarot? The intuition and the letters of the tarot Articles