Smoking And Secondary Smoking

It is known that any smoke formed as a result of incomplete combustion, or slow decay, contains very dangerous to human health. Carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, tar, nicotine and many others. And inhaling these substances in the lungs “Patient” generally should not cause doubts, clearly the harm of smoking hookah quite noticeable. But while people are young, the harm of smoking hookah, no matter how their concerns. With age, the harm from smoking shisha will become more noticeable. But will be too late. Tobacco smoke in any form causes irreversible changes in the body, especially at the genetic level, and its effect on the body and health are not fully understood. Therefore, the harm from smoking a hookah may manifest itself in several generations of smokers.

Harm from smoking a hookah may affect the health of the smoker’s children and grandchildren. And even the health of grandchildren! This should make smokers think. And in some parts of India, despite obvious harm from smoking a hookah, hookah adults give kids to try. It is simply irresponsible. Adults therefore harm from smoking hookah for their children, smoking a hookah at home, in the apartment. But to give their children the poison, it is should shock the World Health Organization. And to get smokers to believe that the harm from smoking shisha – it’s not fiction, but very seriously. Hookah is not a safe alternative to smoking hookah smokers in during a typical hour session can inhale as much smoke as there are more than 100-200 cigarettes, warns the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In a statement, said that hookah smoke, even after the passage of through a water filter that contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, heavy metals and chemicals that cause cancer. Water filter retains some nicotine, but does not guarantee the safety of smoking and does not prevent the emergence of dependence. Any tobacco contains a poison that causes dependency – nicotine, which is one of the regulators of tobacco consumption. Smoker smokes cigarettes as long as the body does not satisfy the usual dose of nicotine. To saturate the nicotine hunger for smoking hookah takes 20-80 minutes. If the smoker of cigarettes for 5-7 minutes makes about 8-12 puffs and inhales 0 5 – 0, 6 liters of smoke, while smoking a hookah is 50-200

Men Versus Women

When a woman gets angry the following happens. It takes a while, but she finally calms down, goes to the salon, nail places, changing her hair … goes shopping … and again becomes an attractive and playful. There is only one circumstance a situation where a woman falls into a stupor – inadequate, when applied to her violence. To her, or her children, for women the same. In this situation, a woman behaves very poorly for a long time and can not collect my thoughts, making at this time irreparable folly. There are cases where an attack on the bandits a couple, the woman instead to step aside and not interfere with a man to decide their fate hangs on his shoulders, which leads to his imminent death. Also, when danger threatens her children, she is ready to betray and sell all, not even trying to think that all of its actions will not affect their destiny.

Men, for example, is extremely difficult to experience their explicit or latent defects, many think of their manhood. Women, do not tend to think of themselves bad, and are absolutely sure that everything that they gave and the nature is perfect, that does not require additional improvement. Remember purely feminine expression best is the enemy of the good? They have never engaged in training genetalnyh muscles and do not even know most of what it is and what it’s all you need. Them, and so love, live with them … and it was enough. They believe 100% that any man can become their prey. How, in general, they are right …

The man never anything there is no 100% certainty, it is always in their doubts, fears and quests, the improvement has been made and further progress with its pereusovershenstvovaniem … Remember these lines? The whole life of peace and fight to the death … Rest we can only dream. Hence the constant anxiety and uncertainty – potency problems, conflicts at work … dipressii – binges … love, unexpected joy – family problems … and so all my life. Men always feel sorry for all: Police shot by bandits … bandits – shot by police officers sick children, a neighbor – an alcoholic friend – impotent … secretary of his boss, who with her as he considers ugly goes … All. Of this men and all the problems … and change anything – they can not.

Alcoholic Genes

Alcohol damages the genetic apparatus of the cell, so the children of parents who drink at risk of developing alcoholism than children of healthy parents. So, it is likely that alcoholism can be in this family disease that is transmitted from one generation to another. Who does not want to have a healthy baby? But for some reason, this desire often goes against the way of life for future moms and dads, an indispensable attribute of the rest of which is alcohol. In addition to all the negative effects that alcohol has on the human body, it has a direct damaging effect on the genetic apparatus of cells at the molecular, gene and chromosomal levels, affects the structure and function of chromosomes. This fact is confirmed by numerous studies that found an increased risk of alcoholism among children born to drinking mother or father. If we average the figures, obtained by different authors, then 25% of children from their parents, alcoholics, develops a serious illness. Counter this predisposition can only be accepting a lifetime decision to stay sober.

Completely give up alcohol can not all people, especially when you consider the fact that a child of the alcoholic family, growing up in an atmosphere of drunkenness and sees this lifestyle as normal. Lacking knowledge about the possible predisposition to alcoholism, as well as not having the strength to resist the alcohol environment, most of the children after their parents give up their life alcohol, thus continuing the vicious circle of family alcoholism, which now expects the new and the new generation. Break this vicious circle can be treated for alcoholism. It is important to take care of their genetic background, do not allow alcoholic poison mutilate their genetics, dooming not only their children but also their offspring to suffer from alcohol dependence.

Chronic Alcoholism

Alcoholism – a disease that develops as a result of the systematic use of alcohol. It is characterized by an irresistible attraction to alcohol, a change of mentality and internal organs. The most important manifestations of chronic alcoholism are modified tolerance to alcohol, pathological attraction to intoxication, the occurrence after cessation of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (Hangover). The development of alcoholism development proceeds under the influence of alcohol many external and internal factors. The main internal factors include genetic predisposition: it is known that the immediate relatives of alcoholics alcoholism risk is 7-10 times higher. In addition, recent studies in genetics have the genes, which predisposes damage to human disease Alcohol / The internal factors of chronic alcoholism is also a specific individual stock, which is characterized by mild suggestibility, the difficulty of social adaptation, sharp fluctuations in mood, etc. The factors of the environment, contributing to the development of chronic alcoholism include family and its traditions, social environment, level of culture.

Chronic alcoholism is due on the one hand – Narcotic effects of alcohol on the structure and processes of the central nervous system, on the other – the toxic influence of alcohol and its breakdown products on the organs and tissues. In the development of alcoholism there are three stages. The first stage of alcoholism raises formidable desire to use alcohol, while decreasing control over drunk. At this stage of alcoholism, vomiting as a protective reaction organism is absent. Increases the frequency of consumption of alcohol, lost a critical attitude toward drinking, apparent cases of retrograde amnesia: the patient does not remember the events of the last day, when he was in a state intoxication. The second stage of alcoholism alcohol craving becomes stronger and at the same time increases the tolerance (endurance) to alcohol.

Even small doses of alcohol can cause long-term binge. The main sign of the second stage of alcoholism – the development of withdrawal symptoms: chronic alcohol intoxication after a growing acceptance of a certain amount of alcohol. Abstinence syndrome is expressed in the trembling hands and fingers, eyelids, tongue, heartbeat, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, vomiting while trying to drink or eat anything. In some cases, may develop alcoholic psychosis. The third stage of alcoholism at this stage of tolerance to alcohol decreases, while its consumption is almost daily. There is a significant degradation of the individual, grow and become irreversible violations of the internal organs (alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic encephalopathy, etc.).

Longevity Life

Let's start with the first step – your decision to live a long time (or forever). You took a firm solution, despite the collective consciousness, despite the opinions of your friends and others. You have chosen to live long, happy and still be healthy and wealthy person. Kicked out of my head the images of frail elderly people and of their lexicon removed the word "aging". What do you do then? That's right. Look for ways to do this.

How to renew myself zhizn.Ne will consider rejuvenating external procedures – this is not the prolongation of life. It is simply pointing gloss on his appearance. Inside you're still those who est.Fizicheskie load and different forms of power (solntseedenie, raw food, etc.) simply supports the body. Prolong life by 10-15 let.Nanotehnologii is closer are to progress. But while the Higher Powers do not want to give everyone the opportunity (you can guess why). Scientists share information bit by bit.

So the science is advancing, but very, very close medlenno.Pochti to the issue of prolongation of life came genetics. Changing a person's DNA – it is precisely the way in which you want to go. There was talk about extending life up to 120-150 years. And when scientists do it – is unknown. But if you want more, then we must change. Change yourself. Their thoughts, their actions put in order. I repeat: Longevity and immortality – it is reality. Only a person need to understand why he needs it? Why is it allowed? And why is he? It is unlikely that the traditional "plant a tree, build a house and raise a son" – this is the meaning and purpose of your long life.