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Maternal And Child Health

Probably the main issue improvement of mankind has always been and remains the question of maternal and child health. Emphasis is placed on the treatment of diseases already formed and very little attention to prevention health. Of course, the last time a lot of talk about a healthy lifestyle, held strong anti-alcohol and nicotine company, but very little information explaining the process of maintaining health in the human body. In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is a very topical saying: "What is below is like that which is above and what is at the top, just below that …." And indeed, if carefully look at the world around you will notice the amazing coincidence and repetition. If someone is in the draft, and then starts to ache, we're not "infected", and "purged", "pro-chilled." Why is that? And the fact that immune system during prolonged hypothermia "shrinks" as the man himself, reducing its activity and harmful bacteria are able to freely propagate. In the most ancient medical systems, which applies to the Chinese traditional medicine, says that "the disease enters the human through the skin." If you think a little and keep track of the process of onset and early recovery, we can ensure correctness of such reasoning. At the beginning of human shivering – it is the penetration of a "disease" in the body, and during the recovery man sweating profusely – this process is the release of "disease" of the body.

And now take a look at what I bring these examples. Every woman's body "built" to carry out the primary task of "building", the initial feeding and educating the new man. Like our mother earth, a woman from a creates a new man, of himself and feeds him from himself provides the makings of a future intelligence. A healthy, not sickly woman of childbearing age will create a healthy egg from which develops a healthy fetus.

Healthy Way

By virtue of its lack of food. The same is true of all people living there, including children. So once again I say, not as simple as it seems. Supplements – a placebo! It is best not to take anything, you take something untested and hurt yourself. But who are against J. Life is given to man once. And it should live so that afterwards, it was not painfully hurt for years lived beztselno …

Solves every man for himself. Healthy Way life, a healthy and varied diet, physical activity – are the key to human health, primarily born 'healthy'. Then, and no dietary supplements are not needed. Well said. That's just how much we have comes primarily healthy children? I do not have such statistics.

But somehow there is a doubt that of healthy parents may initially be born a healthy baby. Primarily a healthy baby. What do you think, how many in the country of men and about women? How many drinkers in the country, even if such alcoholic beverages, like beer? Not smoking and not drinking – a rarity. So where do these parents will initially healthy children? .. BAA is a deceptive subject. Any decent doctor will tell you that neither any sense of these dietary supplements do not. Alas. This really does exist. But. We discussed in the article above. But what about the whole Institute of Nutrition? There's all quacks? There are – crooks? So give the signal, appropriate authorities let the matter will be engaged in by those who should.

Health Order

All sexually transmitted infection by, oddly enough, in the process of passage, a child smeared on the skin, mucous, gets in his eyes. All that is a woman in the vagina, then there is a child in the body. Then he finally takes the first breath, he was beginning to wash your mouth and all that is on the gloves for medical staff, all that is in the air enters the gastrointestinal tract and sterile it inhabits it. Then bring her mother. My mother feeds and, in depending on whether she washed the mammary gland or not, the infection can get to the baby or not to go. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Peter M. Wayne.

Ie We are constantly balancing on the edge and constantly fighting with these organisms. If the mother is breastfeeding, it gives protect him, because he is not familiar with these microbes, he is unable to produce protection. It is therefore important to breastfeed, because here the immune defense. If a child is brought to the 3rd-5th day, its pinhole antibiotics, what kind of health may be involved, take, for instance, the gut? There is one thing that I did not want to say out loud, but immediately after the birth of a child vaccinations with BCG. BCG – is nedoubitye tubercle bacillus, which tried to kill the mercury. Therefore, once two "wonderful" chemical substances (heavy metals and living organism) coming into the body baby.

Watch as filled with "barrel". More – more. Child was discharged home. A home carpets everywhere with ticks, the dog runs around with fleas and worms. Baby crawling on the floor and all that is on the pavement, your child lick the house. You removed the shoes in the hallway, immediately crawling baby and pulling it all into her mouth. Further privivochki begin by age. Nutrient mixture. For the child is useful only mother's milk. Everything else – no comments. Products do not try to conserve, but how to keep the product? Only conservation. And then there is good grandparents who bring "shupo-chups. Read what is written on the package. Practically not be distinguished from what is written on the package "dichlorvos" and this baby's mouth? And then do not wait for allergies? A pancreas a child running lean. Prior to the year of the child supposed to breastfeed and only after a year he can have some other adult food. There is a Ministry of Health Order today, where on the recommendation of the WHO child up to six months could not believe my eyes. He pressed the button and it (the parasite) suddenly died – it is not clear. No pill, no injection, and why something works.

Smoking And Secondary Smoking

It is known that any smoke formed as a result of incomplete combustion, or slow decay, contains very dangerous to human health. Carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, tar, nicotine and many others. And inhaling these substances in the lungs “Patient” generally should not cause doubts, clearly the harm of smoking hookah quite noticeable. But while people are young, the harm of smoking hookah, no matter how their concerns. With age, the harm from smoking shisha will become more noticeable. But will be too late. Tobacco smoke in any form causes irreversible changes in the body, especially at the genetic level, and its effect on the body and health are not fully understood. Therefore, the harm from smoking a hookah may manifest itself in several generations of smokers.

Harm from smoking a hookah may affect the health of the smoker’s children and grandchildren. And even the health of grandchildren! This should make smokers think. And in some parts of India, despite obvious harm from smoking a hookah, hookah adults give kids to try. It is simply irresponsible. Adults therefore harm from smoking hookah for their children, smoking a hookah at home, in the apartment. But to give their children the poison, it is should shock the World Health Organization. And to get smokers to believe that the harm from smoking shisha – it’s not fiction, but very seriously. Hookah is not a safe alternative to smoking hookah smokers in during a typical hour session can inhale as much smoke as there are more than 100-200 cigarettes, warns the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In a statement, said that hookah smoke, even after the passage of through a water filter that contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, heavy metals and chemicals that cause cancer. Water filter retains some nicotine, but does not guarantee the safety of smoking and does not prevent the emergence of dependence. Any tobacco contains a poison that causes dependency – nicotine, which is one of the regulators of tobacco consumption. Smoker smokes cigarettes as long as the body does not satisfy the usual dose of nicotine. To saturate the nicotine hunger for smoking hookah takes 20-80 minutes. If the smoker of cigarettes for 5-7 minutes makes about 8-12 puffs and inhales 0 5 – 0, 6 liters of smoke, while smoking a hookah is 50-200


Hyperthyroidism – a painful condition caused by intake of excessive amounts of thyroid hormone and characterized by increasing metabolism, disorders of the nervous and cardio – vascular systems. Disruptions in the thyroid can go in two directions: on the amplification and attenuation. Thyrotoxicosis in the enlargement of thyroid gland and released into the blood of a large number of thyroid hormones, excess of which causes the picture of the disease. According to medical statistics, women aged 16 to 50 years suffer from thyroid disease is 6 times more often than men. The reasons are many. In the first place stress. Further are genetic predisposition, various kinds of infections, severe fatigue, traumatic brain injury. The main methods of diagnosis of hyperthyroidism are: determination of thyroid hormones in the blood, ultrasound puncture cancer (assigned to eliminate the possibility of development of cancer).

The appearance of a man who has an excess of hormones in the body is changing. The main features should be consider exophthalmia, trembling hands, flashing a rare, restlessness, confusion of thought, prolixity, irritability, irregular heartbeat, feeling short of breath. Treatment of patients with hyperthyroidism should be The patient was assigned a variety of herbal infusions. Preference is given to the following plants: mint, Motherwort, valerian, hawthorn, St. John's wort, wild strawberry, violet, bottlebrush. To avoid allergic effects of herbs in infusion should combine a maximum of four grass species.

Often used to treat infusion of hawthorn, Leonurus, St. John's wort leaves and strawberries. Or collection of marjoram, marigold, valerian, lemon balm or marjoram. Highly You can more of vegetables and fruits. It is useful to milk and dairy products. The diet should be a fish. And, in conclusion, I would like to remind that any disease is easier to prevent. Why diets should be designed so that it consisted of as many fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is necessary to use vitamin supplements, especially vitamins are useful. A, C, B.

Infertility Treatments

Infertility treatment methods There are many treatments for infertility. And some treatments for infertility are: Anti-inflammatory, hormonal and surgical (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) assisted reproductive technologies (artificial insemination, IVF – in vitro fertilization). Let us consider in more detail these methods of infertility treatment. So. 1.

Anti-inflammatory treatment for infertility Used in cases where infertility is caused by inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system of women (an inflammation of the fallopian tubes, ovaries). Very often, anti-inflammatory treatments for infertility is combined with other methods. 2. Hormonal treatment of infertility Used in violation of a woman's hormonal levels, such as when there is disease of the thyroid or the body has a surplus of male hormones, or to to ensure the maturation of the follicle in the ovary and to stimulate ovulation (release an egg from the follicle). Hormonal treatment of male infertility is rarely used. At times, drug stimulation hormones used to increase production and improve sperm quality in men. 3.

Surgical treatment of infertility usually surgical treatments for infertility applies if there is obstruction fallopian tubes, the presence of adhesions in the pelvis, endometriosis, uterus tumor formation (fallopian tubes and ovaries). Modern medical technology (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) permit to surgical treatment of infertility is very gentle way. 4. Methods of treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technology in the event that the hormonal and surgical treatment methods of treatment infertility ineffective throughout the year, the use of assisted reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF). At without result 3.4 insemination attempts to start IVF. Even a woman without a uterus to date can be a real mom. For this she received an egg "in vitro" fertilized with sperm of her husband, and adopting the embryo in womb "surrogate mother" – a woman who agreed to carry and give birth to its genetic mother.

Men Versus Women

When a woman gets angry the following happens. It takes a while, but she finally calms down, goes to the salon, nail places, changing her hair … goes shopping … and again becomes an attractive and playful. There is only one circumstance a situation where a woman falls into a stupor – inadequate, when applied to her violence. To her, or her children, for women the same. In this situation, a woman behaves very poorly for a long time and can not collect my thoughts, making at this time irreparable folly. There are cases where an attack on the bandits a couple, the woman instead to step aside and not interfere with a man to decide their fate hangs on his shoulders, which leads to his imminent death. Also, when danger threatens her children, she is ready to betray and sell all, not even trying to think that all of its actions will not affect their destiny.

Men, for example, is extremely difficult to experience their explicit or latent defects, many think of their manhood. Women, do not tend to think of themselves bad, and are absolutely sure that everything that they gave and the nature is perfect, that does not require additional improvement. Remember purely feminine expression best is the enemy of the good? They have never engaged in training genetalnyh muscles and do not even know most of what it is and what it’s all you need. Them, and so love, live with them … and it was enough. They believe 100% that any man can become their prey. How, in general, they are right …

The man never anything there is no 100% certainty, it is always in their doubts, fears and quests, the improvement has been made and further progress with its pereusovershenstvovaniem … Remember these lines? The whole life of peace and fight to the death … Rest we can only dream. Hence the constant anxiety and uncertainty – potency problems, conflicts at work … dipressii – binges … love, unexpected joy – family problems … and so all my life. Men always feel sorry for all: Police shot by bandits … bandits – shot by police officers sick children, a neighbor – an alcoholic friend – impotent … secretary of his boss, who with her as he considers ugly goes … All. Of this men and all the problems … and change anything – they can not.


It treats, therefore, of a story of the space, the lived time and the world. One is about a new way on filosofar, therefore, it depends on the joint with the concrete existence. This joint is what it favors and it leads the fenomenolgica reflection in direction to the existence. Dr. Neal Barnard is a great source of information. The word of order of the fenomenologia, to return to the same things, acquires, in this movement, a direction concrete of return to the previous world to the knowledge; to a point that, contrarily the Husserl, is not completely transparent to the conscience. For Merleau-Ponty, the relation of the conscience with the world already estimates something that is perceived, because it is about an attempt of direct description of the experience as it is, same that Husserl in its last works has spoken of a genetic fenomenologia and a constructive fenomenologia, but, also this author made mention, in the end of its life, to? Lebenswelt? presented as first subject of the fenomenologia. When making Fenomenologia, Merleau-Ponty reassumes to its way, the last Husserl and in this way, it understood that, to know the Fenomenologia of its master it must, in first place, not to consider each one of its workmanships separately, and not to see in them the decisive application and an original method the diverse subjects, or a sequence of points of view where if it would always state in new way, one same basic intuition. Dr. Peter M. Wayne understood the implications. We must, in contrast, see in it a patient effort to take to the clarity a vision of obscure, tateante beginning, in way that the last workmanships are, in great measure, indispensable to the understanding of the first ones. In this way, the adoption of the Lebenswelt occurs as the starting point of the Philosophy in creation, at the same time where it has the recognition of this return to the world of the life as the contribution most important of the husserliana philosophy. .

Alcoholic Genes

Alcohol damages the genetic apparatus of the cell, so the children of parents who drink at risk of developing alcoholism than children of healthy parents. So, it is likely that alcoholism can be in this family disease that is transmitted from one generation to another. Who does not want to have a healthy baby? But for some reason, this desire often goes against the way of life for future moms and dads, an indispensable attribute of the rest of which is alcohol. In addition to all the negative effects that alcohol has on the human body, it has a direct damaging effect on the genetic apparatus of cells at the molecular, gene and chromosomal levels, affects the structure and function of chromosomes. This fact is confirmed by numerous studies that found an increased risk of alcoholism among children born to drinking mother or father. If we average the figures, obtained by different authors, then 25% of children from their parents, alcoholics, develops a serious illness. Counter this predisposition can only be accepting a lifetime decision to stay sober.

Completely give up alcohol can not all people, especially when you consider the fact that a child of the alcoholic family, growing up in an atmosphere of drunkenness and sees this lifestyle as normal. Lacking knowledge about the possible predisposition to alcoholism, as well as not having the strength to resist the alcohol environment, most of the children after their parents give up their life alcohol, thus continuing the vicious circle of family alcoholism, which now expects the new and the new generation. Break this vicious circle can be treated for alcoholism. It is important to take care of their genetic background, do not allow alcoholic poison mutilate their genetics, dooming not only their children but also their offspring to suffer from alcohol dependence.

Surely Island

One of the most attractive international tourist destinations for those who love the combination between the sea, the beach and the city full of life and attractions, are the Spanish Islands. PCRM pursues this goal as well. The Balearic Islands offer the perfect mix for lovers of the Sun and marine life, as well as for those looking to stay in a city with all the nightlife and the attractions of the big cities. The Islands have more than 375 different beaches, distributed between the four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Surely, all visitors will find one that accurately represents their tastes and desires: more or less wild, more or less populated, near civilization or a little more remote areas for a total relaxation. The offer of hotels in the Islands is really important. For several years now, the Balearic Islands have agglutinated much of Spanish tourism. The variety is very interesting, for all budgets. The hospitality industry has been able to take great advantage of the beautiful coastal landscapes and, as a consequence, there is a lot of Hotels in Mallorca with direct views towards the coastline.

A proposal to highlight is that of the island of Lanzarote. It is an island of volcanic origin, which forms part of the Canary Islands, only 846 sq. kilometres. The landscape here is incredible: the small elevations of the center of the island culminate in a soft slope toward beaches dream, an important tourist infrastructure, which turns them into tourist destination throughout the year. The region’s climate is semitropical.

The temperature even on the coldest days does not usually lose 15 C, while in summer it exceeds 30 C. Lanzarote is the ideal setting for those who love water sports like kitesurfing, which is the practice of the surfboard strapped to a parachute, enabling the practitioner raised tens of meters to enjoy the fantastic scenery that this island has to offer. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands. It is a place with a great diversity of attractions. The historic centre of Ciutadella is a compelling proposal for those who want to learn about historic sites, where will be clearly the footprint that Moorish architecture has left in this magical site. Its cobblestone streets lead to the tourist to travel in time to the 10th century. Hotels in Menorca are almost all on the coast, although it is also possible to stay in the interior of the island, in the area of Mercadal. For those looking for sites with more night tradition, discos and mass meetings in which find people dancing until dawn, Ibiza is the place chosen. Hotels in Ibiza boast an excellent worldwide reputation, who have managed to win after having become one of the points of more tourist affluence in Europe. The island of Ibiza, whose capital is the city of the same name, has little less than 570 square kilometers. Diving is one of the most widely practiced activities, and the coasts of Ibiza are one of the best places that use. Thanks to its incredible biodiversity, expressed in hundreds of varieties of fish, corals and mollusks that can be found in its seabed, Ibiza was declared world heritage in 1999.

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