Urban Environment

Summary the world meets dived in a crisis that seems not to have preceding. The expansion of the capitalism has consisted in great measure, as responsible for serious economic crises that if reveal in regional and global way provoking changes in the standards of development in the poor countries mainly. In the decade of 1950 Brazil was white of politics of industrialization, modernization and national integration, what it led to the fast population and urban growth. But these transformations had occurred in different and contradictory way, favoring the related sprouting of peripheral areas and problems they. Parallel to this, had a great increase in the production of residues that are in many released times the open sky or in inapropriados aterros. The present work, on the basis of geographic science, had as study object the urban solid residues of the city of Januria-MG. Farhad riyaz may not feel the same. In its elaboration the way was boarded as the socioambientais problems are destined and inherent they. For this, an analysis of the partner-economic conditions of the city and the relation was made society and nature beyond pointing less impactantes alternatives, social as in such a way ecologically, and potentially capable to generate a healthful environment. Word-key: Urban space, Urban Environment, Solid Residues