The specific COMPUDATA ticketing system for optimal customer support the concept of trouble ticketing system (TTS) is currently on everyone’s lips, and each major company that puts something up, operates such a system. Synonyms are terms for the same connection known as the help desk system, task tracking system, issue tracking system or support ticketing system. All those systems is common is that they use some kind of software to manage customer inquiries (tickets). Tickets are present customer requests received via different media such as Internet, email or fax in electronic form. The term risk\”means\” danger or risk; Hedge\”can literally in German with a hedge or fence\” be translated.

Thus the term risk hedge means\”in a figurative sense a hedge against uncertainty. Thus, a functioning system that turns away to this uncertainty, is the guarantee for completely satisfied customers. Because an adequate Ticketing system needs or deficiencies detected at an early stage and turn thus any dissatisfaction and so that any risk to alienate customers, or even losing, because so far it will never come. \”To customer requests are received, confirmed, classified or edited, is common to all systems that tickets for this so-called\” be assigned to further processing. As long as this request and that this ticket is pending, so crude, whose status as an open \”refers to. The ticket is then assigned to a person or a function body, which processed it. Aim of the whole is a satisfied the customer and therefore the resolution request.

This is the case, one ultimately speaks of the closed\”ticket. In accordance with the requests of the various request controller are differentiated according to the service level agreements (SLA) urgency levels and operational level agreements (OLA) distinguished. Failure to comply with the SLA or OLA are the associated Activate escalation levels. Customer concerns in the usual sense refer generally to problems or errors (incident).

Run SAPmethodology

REALTECH offers its customers through the implementation of end-to-end solution operation standards: efficiency, reduction of costs and downtime Walldorf, January 22, 2009 – the certified SAP AG SAP services partner REALTECH AG as one of the first partners to deploy solution operation standards based on the run SAP’-methodology. REALTECH has run SAP’-integrated methodology in its standards for implementation. “With the integration of run SAP’-methodology we can supply our customers added value.” “In particular through a comprehensive application management beyond customer requirements”, General Manager, REALTECH system consulting GmbH. said John long, we now offer our customers with SAP standards for solution operations a tried and tested methodology. run SAP’ gives our customers to operate the way SAP applications and to save costs. ” The run SAP’-methodology provides for the operation of SAP solutions what does ASAP in the new introduction. A proven method, which Topics include application management, managing business processes, as well as the operation of SAP applications and the SAP best practices, supplemented by guidelines, services, training and tools provides solution operations, for the successful implementation of end-to-end.

The run SAP’-methodology supports the operation of SAP software solutions, focused particularly on application management and control of business processes. Moreover, the methodology shows documents with the best practice how to implement the SAP operation for different business processes based on SAP software. “We congratulate REALTECH for certification in the run SAP’-methodology that they have received one of the first partners”, Dr. Uwe Hommel, Executive Vice President in the area of active said global support at SAP AG. “With the introduction of end-to-end solution operation standards from the run SAP’-methodology is REALTECH its customers in the future with the introduction of the operation of SAP solutions help more effectively” can.” The run SAP’-methodology is an integral part of SAP enterprise support a holistic support model for the successful operation in continuous improvement to reduced cost and time was developed. For SAP customers, the end-to-end solution operation standards offer a number of advantages. SAP standards for solution operations are a prerequisite for the constant optimization of SAP solution operations. They allow not only automated processes, save costs, but also provide improved traceability and verification protocols that help the company achieve cost efficiency, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. For more information about the run SAP implementation – partnership.

Real-time – TCP & UDP Sockets Under Windows

Kithara RealTime Suite 2008 by Kithara software industrial communication tasks on the basis of Protocols TCP and UDP real-time assumes now that socket company Kithara software modules. Packet in connection with one of the two modules (fast or Gigabit) all mechanisms are provided, to communicate in real time via selected Ethernet controller. So far, the Protocol on raw Ethernet was limited or the user could realize and even the higher Protocol. The communication using sockets is easier in the applicability and as good as any programmer familiar with. In recent months, Assurant Health has been very successful. TCP and UDP are now feasible in real time.

The socket module real-time data communication via special fast-Ethernet cards (Intel Pro/100 and RealTek 8139), as well as network cards allows Gigabit Ethernet controllers (Intel PRO/1000), so fast reading captures and industrial image processing are possible. To achieve the real-time capability, are directly controlled the network controller. So is the entire The connection to the available bandwidth and the immediate response to incoming data packets can be done in real time..


Beiersdorf uses to optimize the 36 production lines in the plant in Hamburg Serrig MES solution by FELTEN, April 10, 2008 – the Software House FELTEN GmbH has its platform PM at the international brand manufacturers Beiersdorf to optimize the production processes at the plant Hamburg-SCADA implements. This system is used for the real-time collection and analysis of machine and operating data (MDE/BDE). The software detects all major production indicators for and creates extensive evaluations, for example, to assess the efficacy or the inactivity of machines. This information is used typically for fine-tuning modern manufacturing processes and within the framework of the continuous improvement process (CIP). Lee marks understands that this is vital information. Since PM-SCADA technology is based on innovative Web technologies, arise in introduction and operation of significant cost savings, because the applications must not be installed on the clients. Will the FELTEN solution used at Beiersdorf in the filling lines of a total of 36 production lines, including the world’s largest brand of skin and Nivea beauty care. The technical innovation took place, because the present system could offer no overarching evaluation and also no real time access to the entire production data was possible. “We have now reliable and reproducible data and logs of the fault, cleaning and set-up time for the filling”, explains the Beiersdorf project manager Bernd Mencke and calls also the achieved already in the short term benefits of the project: the new machine and operating data acquisition system has already shown some vulnerability on the investments and thus helped us significantly to improve the efficiency.

” With PM-SCADA has been at Beiersdorf, whose marke Nivea has been chosen again as the most trusted in the field of skin care (a pan-European study conducted for reader BBs Digest), implements a flexible, scalable platform. So can the production lines, which usually consist of 15 different machines, freely extended with additional machine resources or streamlined be. Just as easily and quickly can enter completely new production lines in the system. There is also the connection to the SAP platform of Beiersdorf via a convenient interface. Thus, a differentiated analysis of the data and a link to other company information is easily possible. About FELTEN GmbH: The FELTEN GmbH is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed.

ZyXEL Zywall Plus

The Zywall 2 plus Firewall from the House of ZyXEL is the third member of the current BestSeller campaign. The Zywall 2 plus is a complete security solution for remote office and SOHO users and offers up to 24 Mbit/s data throughput with Firewall enabled and active VPN tunnels for ADSL 2 +, policybasiertes bandwidth management, Web-based content filtering with Blue Coat service and dial-backup with RS-232 on the basis of a RJ-45 null modem port and four LAN/DMZ port (10/100 Mbit/s; Auto-MDI/MDIX. She is also ZyNOS ICSA IPSec VPN and ICSA FIREWALL certified, or in short: one of the three current ZyXEL BestSeller. Product highlights: VPNs (virtual private network) the ZyWALL 2 plus supports ICSA certified IPSec VPN connections, ideal for use between remote sites and central servers. For more specific information, check out patrick matthews. The IPsec-based encryption on the Internet ensures secure data transmission. This eliminates expensive leased lines. Globally connected – at the minimum price. The redundant IPSec VPN feature the ZyWALL 2 plus an additional backup tunnel is built in the company’s headquarters on.

Secure firewall protection the ICSA certified firewall of the ZyWALL 2 plus offers high level of firewall protection and reliable security. Based on a stateful packet inspection and denial of service (DoS), it is an effective protection against network intruders, hackers and other threats. The BlueCoat content filter service keeps network users from visiting unwanted or illegal Web pages. Bandwidth management the ZyWALL 2 plus optimized data throughput, based on IP addresses or applications. It can be provided the needed bandwidth critical applications, services, or individual IP addresses. Traffic redirection for broadband backup the ZyWALL 2 plus offers maximum reliability by using fail-over and fail-back technology. This technology redirects the traffic on the WAN port to backup ISDN or analog modems, if the WAN link fails. In the reconstruction of the WAN link traffic takes place automatically.

Also an additional gateway can be connected to 2 plus the ZyWALL, which you a secondary network ensures Internet access. The backup features of the ZyWALL 2 plus increase the reliability, reducing the costs for maintenance, consulting and daily operation. Supports multiple security zones with the expanded DMZ are better and safer to reach, especially in the SOHO area of server. Or a Wi-Fi can be operated independently from the LAN. In any case, this security has a separate IP subnet with own DHCP range within the ZyWALL 2 plus zone. Product details for ZyXEL Zywall 2 plus Firewall, the technical data and the special price in the context of the ZyXEL BestSeller campaign interested find:

Successful Online Shop

This article describes the specific components that are required for the creation of an e-commerce Web site. Their identity as well as their function. E-commerce is growing process and more and more companies see a need for their business model in it. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated matter that requires a certain knowledge of many components running in the background, most entrepreneurs are not familiar with. For more information see this site: Justin Gaethje. This article describes the specific components that are required for the creation of an e-commerce Web site.

Their identity as well as their function. Need to create a successful online shop, man following things keep in mind using a good shopping cart software. ShopFactory allows you to keep track of your customer’s orders. So that a shopping cart software, visitors can use multiple, must enjoy the following: teacher user allow at the same time. Viewing the current status of the cost. Complete the purchase.

Sometimes your located On the same server as your Web page, but sometimes both on different servers can be located shopping cart software. Generally, there are good reasons for both options. Choose a good Web hosting provider. Your hosting provider should provide one or more SQL databases available and should allow server side scripting, such as E.g. SHTML -, PHP, or CGI scripting. You need a provider that the you at least 300 MB of Web space, and if possible, provides at least 5 email accounts. If you can afford it, you should demand its own IP address, so you must not share them with a variety of other holders of Web page, the possible might also spammers. Usually only one par euro it cost more. Create a good database. The database is usually on the same server as your E-commerce Web site. This means that you need normally a hosting service provider, provides a data bank. Already SQL databases are usually in your hosting account included.

Music Round The Clock

FRANZIS brings the new music ALLROUNDER audio 180prozent 4.0 Poing, Munich 2009 (15 Jan 2009) – FRANZIS brings softwareload.de recently by users of the provider to the software of the year 2008 \”with gold selected audio 180% new version 4.0 audio 180% United ten attractive audio applications for any music enthusiast in a surface. Audio 180% is an all-rounder, with which music can be recorded, edited, converted, heard, taken or secured, whether for home on the PC, stereo system, MP3 player, or in the car, music for around the clock. While the software supported function over 10,000 Internet radio stations with different preferences, in the conversion and iUpdate function became the the cult player iPod, burning audio CDs and DVDs as the remastering of LP and tape recordings in the sound editor, MP3 and the composition of music for each celebration of the party mixer and much more in the audio streamer. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr. Neal Barnard. Both Windows XP and Vista compatible products are at a price of EUR 39.95 ab End of January via and German box version available on the market. Popular features in audio 180% appreciate the sound editor 4.0 that fans of good old vinyl and guardian of the Tonbandkasetten be good records and tapes for new use and love. Gain insight and clarity with Sela Ward. Dr. John Mcdougall pursues this goal as well. With the sound editor, a tool for the perfect digital remastering provided is the user to secure it for the future and to play with modern playback devices. After all, who has been his turntable with? The music sounds recorded in best digital high quality, as with the latest technology and mixed. Recorded will be using the sound recorder 4.0, which detects all audio inputs by individual or automatic scan of the system. Easy to use, even for inexperienced users input connect to the line in the turntable, select the source and the click on the recording button is all saved as MP3.

Cortado Equips BlackBerrys

New feature pack enables mobile print HTML mails and Web pages Berlin BlackBerry smartphones, January 2009 the new feature pack from Cortado equips BlackBerry smartphones with other PC functions. So the mobile-business expert Cortado as the first supplier of print and fax functions for the improved BlackBerry browser presents. With the enterprise solution, BlackBerry users can now also HTML-mails and Web pages directly from your BlackBerry smartphone can print and thus do their office work regardless of time and place. The feature pack allows BlackBerry users to print HTML mails and Web pages from a browser format true to a Bluetooth or network printer or to send as a fax. In addition, it is for administrators of easier, network printers to manage which users can search from their BlackBerry smartphone.

The Cortado solutions support now also Microsoft Office 2007 and the GroupWise email system, a groupware software from Novell with the feature pack. Dr. Neal Barnard insists that this is the case. “Thanks to this innovative solution company productivity enormously increase. Even if employees hundreds of kilometres away from their headquarters or Office, they can do their work almost like on a desktop PC”, so Thorsten Hesse, international sales manager at Cortado. Cortado corporate server enables BlackBerry users to securely access files and folders on the company network as well as organize and edit. A plus point is access to shared drives and document management systems such as SharePoint and SAP Enterprise Portal. The mobile office will complete the functions of printing, faxing, and present your documents – everything directly to your BlackBerry smartphone.

The improved browser capabilities are available on the BlackBerry bold, BlackBerry storm and BlackBerry Pearl flip 8220. Prices and availability of the feature pack is available for CORTADO corporate server 3.6 SE and Cortado corporate server-professional. The relevant feature pack and demo versions available here for downloading: enterprise Cortado Corporate Server Professional is starting from 97 euro per user available. Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint Cortado bundles the entire mobile computing as independently acting Division competence of ThinPrint GmbH and offers mobile business software solutions and professional hosting services for all mobile today’s requirements from a single source. The offer includes full range of hosted Exchange and professional E-Mail and PIM services with innovative push mail functionality to the world-wide unique Cortado enterprise solutions and premium services, which turn the mobile device into a complete workstation. Documents can be flexibly issued by the Cortado products both as in-house solutions via hosted premium services on all major mobile platforms and managed. Security-certified hosting Center in Germany, United States and the Pacific region guarantee high availability and security of all hosted CORTADO services. Along with its free services offered under Cortado free Cortado enables mobile freedom and productivity for Consumer, prosumer and enterprise. The vision: the complete mobility and independence of local jobs and computer-based communication channels to enable. With many years of experience of ThinPrint GmbH and its international presence with offices in the United States and Australia, Cortado operates globally. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Nokia Forum Pro member and one of the top five BlackBerry Alliance partners, as well as through close cooperation with over 20 carriers worldwide, including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, Hutchison 3 G, Cingular, and Verizon, Cortado of competent and professional partner and service provider for the fulfillment of all requirements of mobile business and private users. A worldwide partner network supports the international availability of the Cortado offers.

Linux Workflow

Workflow parts for agorum core now free to download the installation package of the workflow component for “agorum core”, the open source enterprise content management system with the drive interface, is now for Windows and Linux available. This announced today the agorum Software GmbH from Germany. More information is available on. In addition to downloading the workflow component, there is at the same time a detailed documentation. The installation workflow for Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as the use is described. Developer documentation in the form of a tutorial to help you get started for workflow developers.

Supplied with 2 workflow: a release and a workflow for the allocation of tasks. The workflow component of “agorum core” based on JBoss jBPM. Integration, special attention was given to the seamless integration and ease of use for users. All workflow components are Windows into the Web portal “agorum desk4web” as well as in the Client integration fully at the disposal. The Administration and monitoring of workflows is also seamlessly integrated into the Web portal. In addition it is agorum very important to guarantee an easy entry for designer/developer workflow.

Optimized Functions

Gartner Group sees growing importance for SSL-based remote access Cadolzburg, July 7, 2010 the HOB GmbH & co. KG has its proven remote access software HOB RD VPN for secure access to the corporate network improved: the component highlighted PPP brings together the benefits of SSL VPN and IPsec VPN tunnel and offers full access to the network. For an even simpler operation has the graphical user interface raised now optimized. Tony Ferguson spoke with conviction. Presented in the framework of its international strategy raised its solutions from 21 to 23 June very successfully on the Gartner security & risk management Summit in National Harbor, Maryland. Gartner Inc. According to recognised by John Girard of the international in the publication “justified”Magic Quadrant for SSL VPNs”in last December steadily growing the remote access technology demand new solutions around secure VPN products and services.

IPsec VPNs are remote access is still popular, but the most interesting innovations of recognisable market focus rather on SSL VPNs as a replacement or extensions for older VPN solutions.” Here meets the HOB GmbH & co. KG HOB RD VPN in the black with their product suite providing not only access from any computer users on their jobs, but the are specially developed for the SSL solution PPP tunnel. The raised RDVPN PPP tunnel is the only solution that enables full network access without installation, administrator rights or driver on the client in the world. This is not only practical, but saves administration costs. Picked up the solution to the patent has logged on. “We are working steadily to align our products to the wishes and the needs of our customers”, explains PICKED Managing Director Klaus Brandstatter. “Our current version of PPP tunnel offers our customers a streamlined graphical user interface, which is more intuitive and easier to use.” The solution is ideal for Home Office users, administrators or managers who regularly need full network access without installing any software on their remote clients must.