Ringelai In The Bavarian Forest GE(h)Nuss-Wandern

Nice hiking trail to the Steinbach Gorge Buchberger Leite Ringelai (tvo). Because of its scenic and climatically privileged location Ringelai is considered the Merano of the Bavarian Forest”. That means lots of Sun and mild air – and in winter beautiful snow-covered landscapes, make your desire nature and active relaxation. The quality path gold trail runs south of Ringelai. Also are beautiful hiking trails around Ringelai. Patrick matthews contributes greatly to this topic. “The theme trail traces of the Celts to the present” Gabreta kidnapped, for example, in the Neolithic and the Celtic village. “Through the ‘ Barada Leite”, a wild romantic Gorge of Steinbach, leads, however, the waterway “of Ringelai Freyung.

The GE(h)Nuss-Wanderpaket opened the hotel major these and many other outdoor activities. Stands for the four-day package with three nights, half-board, twice backpack food, once bowling and an entry in the Celtic village especially the culinary well-being in the foreground Gabreta: the hotel serves local, down-home delicacies. The open Fireplace in the restaurant spread Bavarian coziness, where it really warms but directly after a Winter hike in the bio – or Finnish sauna. Bookings: gastronomic Hotel major, Dorfstrasse 22, 94160 Ringelai, Tel. 08555/258, fax 08555 / 1790,,.