Java Visualization

“Visualising-software with Microsoft .net and Java support and advanced graphic features new version 9.0 of the visualization software sphinx open / sphinx open the all-round solution for visualization tasks and support from Microsoft .net and WPF / new graphics and editor functions / benchmarks / visualization of vector graphics / more scalable and faster than native WPF implementation, very wide range of applications / mobile Edition with sphinx open 9.0 released the visualization specialist integrated information systems GmbH” a new and innovative version of its popular and market-leading visualization product. The GmbH here consistently continues its strategic platform concept. In addition to the well-known Java Edition, now also a .Net/WPF available is compared with a native or other WPF implementation is easier to use and it far exceeds in performance and scalability of the displayed objects. Version not change all functions available in the Java Edition and their integration in the .net. Thus a maximum compatibility and migration capability is guaranteed.

In the course of the next months sphinx extends open to the mobile edition, sphinx open will support then also iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. Sphinx is a tool for all visualization tasks with high demands on flexibility and scalability with dynamic updating of graphic objects open. This particularly applies to visualizations in conjunction with highly distributed Web-based solutions. -Unmatched – application areas open with sphinx can be professionally develop. In many industries and fields sphinx has already proven itself open for years successfully.