Does the treatment by alternative practitioners make sense? So far, only the private health insurances cover an expensive but effective treatment by alternative medicine for their patients. A private supplementary health insurance or an outpatient supplementary tariff allows even patients an alternative medical treatment without cost explosion in the supplement. The practitioner insurance is intended for all those who place great value on the unfortunately always still not recognized naturopathic treatments. This form of protection but also suitable for glasses and contact lens wearers, because their lenses and glasses can quickly blow the money bag. While conventional medicine focuses mainly on eliminating the symptoms of a disease, alternative medicine aims such as homeopathy, acupuncture or osteopathy rather, to find the cause of a disease and to eliminate.

She sees people as holistic beings, which is equipped with self-healing powers. Statutory health insurance funds are more critical of alternative treatment methods opposite, because its effectiveness is not scientifically verifiable and they also shy away from the costs. Only a few secure therefore the costs for alternative treatment methods in their performance catalog and offer only standard services. With introduction of health care reform, the statutory health insurance have also restricted their services. Uses the outpatient additional supplement plan of a private supplementary health insurance you can supplement the legal insurance coverage in places where services have been reduced or cancelled entirely. A patient has the choice between the allopathic treatment covered by the health insurance fund and fee-based treatment by a therapist, he is looking for the school physician for cost reasons, although he actually prefers the naturopath. Does he pay some euro a month more, white but, that the visit to the practitioner is insured up to 80% with an additional insurance for health practitioners and can so confidently choose the treatment method, the It appears effective.