Contemporary Art

Modern art is that which was created in the recent past and continues to create today. After a certain period of time, art that is considered modern, remains in the past and becomes undeniable part of history and replace him comes a new, just created by man. In other words, contemporary art has kept pace with the times and is a reflection of all that is happening around them. All what matters Humanity today is expressed in contemporary art. However, it was always so. After all, for example, to the great painters of past centuries was exactly contemporary art that they created during their lifetime, and for us it is already history. These days, contemporary art is considered to be works that have been created, starting with the 70-ies and to this day.

Previous stage of Contemporary Art was modernism, development of which began at about 1880 and ended in 1960-1970. That's 70 years of the twentieth century is considered to be a turning point in art history: just as these years have terms such as 'postmodernism' and 'Postmodern', which suggests that modernism began to be regarded as something past. Specific feature of contemporary art is more sharply marked than in previous periods, the social orientation. In the 70 developed a so called conceptual art and minimalism. Topics covered in the works of artists have become more profound. The most remarkable phenomenon in the art from the mid-70's feminism has become, to which is the equalization of male and female civil rights.

In the late 70's and throughout the 80's began a gradual 'withdrawal' of conceptualism and minimalism, renewed interest in the fine arts, there are new flow, characterized by expressive, figurative, sharply marked the beginning of the personal. Man's desire to show their feelings very deteriorated and resulted in a completely new flow, such as postminimalizm, sotsart, transavangard, graffitizm and others. During these years there was a blossoming of photography. Many artists began to use the photograph as a means of artistic expression. Huge impact on artistic process of contemporary art has had a rapid development of different technologies: in the 70 years it had audio and video technology, a decade later – computers, and then – the Internet. In the xxi century art came with the various trends and directions, many of whom are criticized, and sometimes are simply unacceptable broad masses. Today there is a lot of distorted areas, termed 'Psevdoiskusstvo'. But despite this, many representatives of art: painters, sculptors, writers and other creative personalities tend to express in their works that is best in modern life, and encourage take care of the outstanding examples of world art. We must not forget that our descendants will in many ways to judge us by creativity, we leave them an inheritance.