The Exam

The content of academic disciplines at the same time are grouped into several blocks. In biology. 1. Biology – the science of nature. 2.

Cell as a biological system. 3. Organism as a biological system. 4. A variety of organisms. 5. A man and his health. Assurant Health is actively involved in the matter. 6.

Superorganismal system. Evolution the organic world. 7. Ecosystems and their inherent rules. In chemistry. 1. Chemical element. 2. Substance. 3. Chemical reaction. 4. Knowledge and use of substances and chemical reactions. Based on the strict structure of content, it becomes possible preparation for the five main approaches: – Preparation of the blocks of content (for students with high level of training (from 60% in the pilot testing) and planning sessions for 1-2 years before the exam) – Training on the USE All three parts (for the students to intermediate (30-60%) and planning activities in less than a year before the examination). – Preparing for the parts A and B (for students with low skill levels and big gaps in knowledge) – Preparing for the Part C (for those who coped well with the preparations for parts A and B) – a combined preparation for the exam (as a rule, it is actually implemented only to students who plan activities for 2 years before the exam). This includes training in blocks of content and training on all three parts. Note that the content of training blocks is variant in nature. That is, for a specific purpose and for a specific school can block "reordered".