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Natural Cosmetics

Hair cosmetics people use from time immemorial. Beautiful hair – the key to success with the opposite sex as well as in all other interpersonal relationships. Filed under: Dr. Neal Barnard. According to statistics, 65% of the people first and foremost assess the hair, and only then the other person's appearance parameters: skin, clothes, nails. What is the hair care products? Hair cosmetics – this is the special tools to help your hair look thick and bulky and brilliant. What natural remedy for hair, the better it works and the more pronounced the effect of its use. Now more and more people realize that natural ingredients never be compared in its action with artificial, because all that nature invented hundreds of times more perfect than synthetic ingredients. Natural remedies have proven and tested over the years, has accumulated vast experience in their application have been studied medicinal properties of many of them. Now often be found selling the exclusive means of manual work in caring for your hair.

No matter what length your hair: short, medium or long – quality of care in facilities for hair will help make any hair beautiful, and, therefore, healthy. Huge selection of brands, brands and manufacturers of cosmetics for hair often makes it difficult to navigate in what way is right for you confuses consumers and leads to unnecessary costs, but let's see, what are the main criteria is evaluated beauty hair? First, volume and shine. Thick, lustrous hair and speak of their vitality and health of their owner.

Hair Removal Options

" "If your hair is white or very light, this method will be completely besboleznen. " 'Persistent long-term effect is usually a cycle of 3-6 procedures carried out at intervals of 1-2 weeks up to six months, but even after the first session structure of the hair is disturbed, they become less noticeable. " Let's start with the painless. Those who write about this painless procedure, or had never been done, or they are masochists, because experience in hair removal even anostezii at anything but pleasant. Perhaps they are referring to some foreign clinics, but in the former USSR is generally found it painful hair removal. By about the blonde hair – available techniques for their removal is very doubtful. Number of procedures for the visible effect is also mentioned.

In reality, they are usually held more than 6. But the effect itself is fixed in a few years. So the starting rate of hair removal, please be prepared for it duration, and much to the budget. Approximate cost of one in the armpit Saenz and bikini area ranges from $ 200 From the very first steps, you really see the effect – the growth of hair for a time to first slow down, and after – stop. And with each treatment period of hibernation will be increased. 2) Laser – the beam in a fraction of a second effect on the flesh, of course, destroying it.

Quote: "It is effective for removing hair a dark color with white skin Users. Achieved an immediate cosmetic effect – hair loss immediately. The procedure is absolutely painless, since the destruction of the follicles occurs within milliseconds, thereby avoiding any damage to the skin. (In Unlike electrolysis, in which the skin is repeatedly punctured with a fine needle). The laser beam at the same time affects only the cells containing pigment (melanin) that is in the hair follicle. Unfortunately, this method can not get rid of the light (or gray) hair. The method is also ineffective, if the patient is dark (dark) skin. " And in this case the word 'indolence' is also very priuvelichena. continued on the site

Without Unnecessary Emotions !

Without unnecessary emotions! Our face – a mirror which reflects the slightest movement of the soul. We then frown, then raises his eyebrows in surprise, then happy, then sad – this endless change of feelings and moods of leaves on our face traces – wrinkles. Well, if all the limited light "spiderweb" around the eyes or a faint wrinkles in the corners of his mouth, but often wrinkles are becoming an integral and, unfortunately, not very attractive part of our appearance – like some kind of deep wrinkle between his eyebrows severe. What do you do? Do not feel emotions? Unrealistic. But you can learn to control his facial expressions. True, to cope with this alone is difficult, and time takes a lot.

And here are some Botox injections of the drug not only solve the problem of existing facial wrinkles, but also teach you continue to show emotions without unnecessary and too significant impact on your face. Of course, any method, even spent thousands of years and proven – such, for example, facial massage – there are always hot and the fans, and no less ardent opponent. What really talk about Botox injections, because this method is adopted for cosmetologists just over a decade ago. Not surprisingly, the discussion about this drug and its use in cosmetics do not die down all the time, and attitude varies from admiration to total denial. But let's not argue, we drop the emotions (facial wrinkles will be less) and see what exactly is Botox.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by increased reaction to external stimulus. This reaction manifests as irritation, redness, itching, burning, peeling. The main cause of skin sensitivity is a violation protective barrier function of skin. This in turn may be due to the following causes: heredity, incorrect use of cosmetics, allergies, impaired immunity, the use of certain medical devices. By reducing the functions of the protective barrier skin becomes more vulnerable to external aggressors.

Free radicals, germs, bacteria, irritants penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and cause inflammatory reaction. As a consequence, there are rashes on the skin, redness, a feeling of burning and itching. If you have read about Dr. John Mcdougall already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Similar processes in the skin can not be ignored, since they not only accelerate the aging process, but and can lead to dermatological diseases such as eczema or rosacea. Caring for sensitive skin has two objectives: reduce inflammation and restore the skin barrier. When selecting care is important to avoid ingredients that may cause sensitive skin backlash. For example, it is necessary to exclude various kinds of perfumes, dyes, retinol, exfoliating acids (eg, glycolic), alcohol, aggressive surfactants. Preference should be given to a soothing, restorative and regenerative ingredients. Day use facilities containing antioxidants are soft, moisturizing and balancing ingredients such as green tea extract almond oil, hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalene.

Mandatory for sensitive skin is a daily SPF protection. At night, apply the funds to the soothing and regeniriruschimi ingredients such as allantoin, panthenol, calendula oil, bisabol, vitamin E, cucumber extract. Cleanser for sensitive skin should be very soft and gentle to avoid lipid balance. If, in spite of a specially selected regular care for sensitive skin, irritation and redness will not, seek advice and treatment to a specialist.

Face Massage

What is a facial? First of all, it's absolutely essential part of skin care. The benefit of this massage is very, very significant – the normalization of metabolism and elimination of congestion, a hundred leads to conclusion of metabolic products and helps the skin retain its youthfulness longer. Facial massage can be performed both independently and using the services of professionals. Of course, the specialist will massage and higher quality effective, but in certain situations and self-massage is also worthy of release. Turning to the master you can count on his high qualifications and an individual approach, taking into account the characteristics of your skin and your wishes.

Professional should correctly pick up and cosmetics that are used during the session. It can be podsushivayuschee powder with antibacterial activity, massage or massage oil emulsion. If talk about the massage, there are only three of its main types: classic massage. Basic movements of this massage is all kinds of strokes and kneading, which allow for a beneficial effect on fading skin and tone up facial muscles. A classic facial massage can help in cases when the skin is dehydrated, there are wrinkles or you just want to look their best. Facial plastic. Its main difference is the stronger and rhythmic than the classical massage effect on tissues and skin.

This method is good for heavily wilted skin flabby tissues of the face, as well as the presence of pigment spots, wrinkles and rosacea facial massage or plucking Jacquet massage. This method is mainly used to improve the appearance of the skin in the presence of phenomena such as congestion spots after the rash, the epidermis, seborrhea, and others. Massage consists of deep tweaks, vibration and strokes. Typically, facial massage consists of several zones and includes massage of the forehead, eye sockets massage the area, massage the cheeks, nose massage, massage of the mouth and chin and neck massage. In the case of self-massage you need to know and comply with simple rules for such treatment: The surface of the skin on the face and neck should be cleaned from the skin to massage kosmetiki.Podgotovte. To do this, use your finger slowly draw from the back of the nose (between the eyebrows), down the cheeks to the jawbone. It is necessary to implement a uniform and strong pressure. Thanks to this technique is the outflow of blood. Do not forget to apply massage cream or massage maslo.Vse traffic should be light and sliding. It is not necessary to resort to the strong tension of the skin and face treniyu.Massazh held on the main lines of massage so if you decide to make yourself a facial massage, then you have done absolutely correctly.


Summer sunburn and over, and how you want to have this sexy skin tone. Nothing is impossible, you only take the time to solarium. About this invention have learned recently, it has come to us in the nineties and once won popularity. Here are some useful tips. Before his visit to the solarium is desirable to visit the dermatologist. In good shops have such a specialist. Be sure to listen to his advice. In the impact of the tanning the body is both positive and negative sides.

However, it is present in cosmetics and in medicine in general. The procedure is good because it not only allows you to keep a tan, she smooths it. But even tan can be achieved using cosmetics for tanning. Agree that a uniform and beautiful tanned body not only gives confidence itself, but also captivates the strong half of humanity. In winter, all starved of the sun, and the body is sharply reacting to it. There is a constant shortage of vitamins D and A, which primarily affects the skin.

Lethargy and fatigue occurs for the same reason. Partly this will help compensate for the solarium. Be careful if you have a mole on the body and dark spots. These are the main contraindications to the solarium, and remember that everything is fine in moderation. Sound approach, the binding Consultation beautician and sunbathe on health. Special cosmetic products are used not only for smooth and tan. Tanning lotions are designed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of tanning lamps, secure the pigmentation and skin tumors. Wide range of products presented in the online stores of cosmetics for tanning, allows every woman to choose what fits best for her manner, and cosmetic studios – to give customers a wider range of services. Take care of your skin during tanning, and be beautiful and healthy!

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