Face Massage

What is a facial? First of all, it's absolutely essential part of skin care. The benefit of this massage is very, very significant – the normalization of metabolism and elimination of congestion, a hundred leads to conclusion of metabolic products and helps the skin retain its youthfulness longer. Facial massage can be performed both independently and using the services of professionals. Of course, the specialist will massage and higher quality effective, but in certain situations and self-massage is also worthy of release. Turning to the master you can count on his high qualifications and an individual approach, taking into account the characteristics of your skin and your wishes.

Professional should correctly pick up and cosmetics that are used during the session. It can be podsushivayuschee powder with antibacterial activity, massage or massage oil emulsion. If talk about the massage, there are only three of its main types: classic massage. Basic movements of this massage is all kinds of strokes and kneading, which allow for a beneficial effect on fading skin and tone up facial muscles. A classic facial massage can help in cases when the skin is dehydrated, there are wrinkles or you just want to look their best. Facial plastic. Its main difference is the stronger and rhythmic than the classical massage effect on tissues and skin.

This method is good for heavily wilted skin flabby tissues of the face, as well as the presence of pigment spots, wrinkles and rosacea facial massage or plucking Jacquet massage. This method is mainly used to improve the appearance of the skin in the presence of phenomena such as congestion spots after the rash, the epidermis, seborrhea, and others. Massage consists of deep tweaks, vibration and strokes. Typically, facial massage consists of several zones and includes massage of the forehead, eye sockets massage the area, massage the cheeks, nose massage, massage of the mouth and chin and neck massage. In the case of self-massage you need to know and comply with simple rules for such treatment: The surface of the skin on the face and neck should be cleaned from the skin to massage kosmetiki.Podgotovte. To do this, use your finger slowly draw from the back of the nose (between the eyebrows), down the cheeks to the jawbone. It is necessary to implement a uniform and strong pressure. Thanks to this technique is the outflow of blood. Do not forget to apply massage cream or massage maslo.Vse traffic should be light and sliding. It is not necessary to resort to the strong tension of the skin and face treniyu.Massazh held on the main lines of massage so if you decide to make yourself a facial massage, then you have done absolutely correctly.