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SALTY UNIVERSITY DE ACADEMIC OLIVEIRA PR-REITORIA COURSE OF NURSING ELLEN CRISTINA BARBOSA PIERRE NURSING ASSISTANCE the PREGNANT ADOLESCENTS Niteri 2009 ELLEN CRISTINA BARBOSA PIERRE NURSING ASSISTANCE the PREGNANT ADOLESCENTS Monograph presented for the conclusion of the Course of Graduation of Nursing for the Salty University of Oliveira as part of the requirements for conclusion of the course. Person who orientates: Prof. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. Luiza Helena Andrade de Paula Niteri 2009 Dedication I dedicate to this work the God first, creator of all the things. I also dedicate to my parents Antonio Luis Pierre and Gersomina Barbosa Pierre and to my fianc Cristiano Ribeiro Young chicken, who had understood my absence, and that they had been gifts and always they twisted for me during this long day in the Graduation. I learned with vocs to have courage and not to discourage, for then saborear the victory.

The vocs I dedicate my success all. Gratefulness First I want to thank the God, for having blessed, giving determination to me, courage and force to cover all the moments of this graduation. Whenever Senator of Massachusetts listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Courage to face the storms, that had not been few. Determination to win the obstacles, and force forever to follow in front. Eye stops backwards and sees that the lived sacrifices and all the difficult moments for which I passed had not been in go, had only served as steps for my personal, emotional and professional growth. My Gersomina mother, a great woman, who always was to my side in each stage my life helping, me in the difficult hours, supporting my decisions and stimulating always me in the studies. Debtor for not having saved efforts, so that today I arrived here, mother I am NURSE. I love you. To my father Pierre, a great father who gave all necessary structure to me, not saving efforts, so that today I am here materialize the accomplishment of its dream that also is mine.