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The Exam

The content of academic disciplines at the same time are grouped into several blocks. In biology. 1. Biology – the science of nature. 2.

Cell as a biological system. 3. Organism as a biological system. 4. A variety of organisms. 5. A man and his health. Assurant Health is actively involved in the matter. 6.

Superorganismal system. Evolution the organic world. 7. Ecosystems and their inherent rules. In chemistry. 1. Chemical element. 2. Substance. 3. Chemical reaction. 4. Knowledge and use of substances and chemical reactions. Based on the strict structure of content, it becomes possible preparation for the five main approaches: – Preparation of the blocks of content (for students with high level of training (from 60% in the pilot testing) and planning sessions for 1-2 years before the exam) – Training on the USE All three parts (for the students to intermediate (30-60%) and planning activities in less than a year before the examination). – Preparing for the parts A and B (for students with low skill levels and big gaps in knowledge) – Preparing for the Part C (for those who coped well with the preparations for parts A and B) – a combined preparation for the exam (as a rule, it is actually implemented only to students who plan activities for 2 years before the exam). This includes training in blocks of content and training on all three parts. Note that the content of training blocks is variant in nature. That is, for a specific purpose and for a specific school can block "reordered".


Keeping pace with time, we must properly build its interaction with the outside world. In whatever part of the world was not the man he is in constant contact with nature. Today a man by his actions causes great damage nature, forgetting that the world's other creatures live. To save the need to change the nature of man's relation to nature and life through education and culture. Many people limit themselves to studying the external world, treating those remnants of the knowledge obtained in school. Typically the knowledge that we receive during training, are quickly forgotten and lose all meaning. Great help in this can have universal training sites. Information on such sites located in the thematic sections, so easily understood.

The biggest interest are educational sites that contain information on various topics such as biology. Of them are the following basic direction as the world of plants, animals and living planet. Living Planet Report. Work sites in this area suggests the presence of articles, photos, encyclopedic knowledge of the nature of the planet. Then touch on issues of biology and Botany, tells about the origin of life and evolutionary processes, where the data on climate change, you become acquainted with the research works of contemporary scholars. Flora.

In this section Portals acquaint its users with the world of plants. Here is information about ornamental plants, fascinating stories about plants that will reveal previously unknown facts, and we know what plants useful and which are extremely dangerous. Also find information about the main types of plants, learn about how to use them in medicine, will find many useful tips. Fauna. In this section dealt with the educational study of the animal world. Reading the information about the animal world will enable you to learn interesting facts about sea life of our smaller brothers, their habits, read stories about animals, as well as help you understand the importance of protection of nature around us. Do not forget the importance of training sites in the development of children, because this information to them, along with secondary school curriculum, can give a complete view of the surrounding the world, teaches a reasonable relation to nature.


What can be more unpleasant than the need in education to spend time on a variety of lectures and other in general, useless sochinitelskie works. You may find that Dr. Neal Barnard can contribute to your knowledge. After all, it is clear that most of the written students in the optimal case reports shall be at one with the dean of disposable paper or used as a draft. At the same time to write such an essay you need to spend a lot of free time and energy. Where convenient to use the catalog of reports. And do not buy the license discs, also because on ROM essays are grouped according to science, but if you want, and only a single essay on the course – what's the point buy the whole CD? Internet in this sense much more is needed. It is in fact absolutely everything.

On the Internet you can find all sorts of reports on subjects, in fact on any topic. And all these directories improving on a daily basis, allowing for the same subjects selected abstracts for almost an entire seminar group of students. Probably the only essays on cultural can take about two gigabytes of data, that is to say – indeed, on any subject. In addition there is absolutely no chance to use only a selection of information becoming available, but bring back something his own. As a student said Wisdom: passed on their own – give a hand to someone.

Although, on occasion, when a classmate normally understands the intricacies of the PC, he will find you regardless of anything adequate. But, of course, help in a similar aspect in any time does not seem unnecessary. At the moment, actually say that every job will be a report, course or degree, can have a serious number of resources in the global web. This is understandable: the enormous informational directories are placed on the Internet, do not have a chance not to be used by people who are in the range of data may require. It is only important to detect this kind of database, such portal or resources where you can provide the quality essays. Because the abstract – it's not only just scanned information material of any books or articles. In any case this specific work, which the author had done. On top portals is likely to pick up only really high-quality essays on mathematics, physics, history, biology and other subjects, such as within the boundaries of knowledge sredneshkolnogo and within subjects mean special, including universities. Having defined the portal, which provides qualitative information will need to later edit the front page only – and not some lessons you are not afraid.

Republican Association

The main carriers of rabies in the area are foxes (57%), productive animals (23%), dogs and cats (20%). In December-January 2007-2008, in the Novgorod region revealed nine cases of rabies in domestic and wild animals. The only affected by the epizootic was 34-year-old resident of Staraya Russa, bite an infected kitten. To date, veterinarians have planted about 8000 pets, vaccination is continues. A leading source for info: PCRM. In Saransk, the cases of homeless animals attack humans. Since the beginning of the year in the health facility for help asked 36 people who were bitten by stray dogs. Meanwhile, Thai microbiologists against rabies have decided to use old-fashioned way: 'button – fire with fire' and was invented by the methods of genetic engineering prototype 'treatment' of the virus.

Thus, Thai scientists have managed to create a prototype RNA genome of the virus that can arrest the spread of this dangerous infection inside the body. Kerch Strait: pollution problems are not solved yet another surge relevance was dedicated last week the problem of eliminating the consequences of ecological disaster in the Kerch Strait. On Tuesday, during the talks between Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yushchenko in Moscow raised the issue of 'damages caused by accidents Russian ships in the Kerch Strait. " At the end of the week the oil slick area of five thousand square meters was discovered in the Crimea in the coastal strip of Kerch Strait from Cape to Cape Small Taquile. Crimean ecologists Republican Association "Ecology and Peace 'on-site release of petroleum has recorded the deaths of several dozen birds, many of jellyfish and other marine animals.

Higher Education

In Higher Education, school always requires the student to a fair time and effort that is put in order to achieve the final goal, namely, hook or by crook to get to university documents show that student is not wasting time here. As a rule, it, along with the knowledge, the goal itself, but it can be achieved in different ways. It is no secret that this method of testing students' knowledge as writing term papers and tests, a very formal, so and inherently controversial, however, abandon it, students can not because the rules do not define them. Would still like experiencing shortage of time to prepare for exams, it is here that young people have an opportunity to significantly simplify your life by turning to specialists who are able to competently make these work in different disciplines, which ultimately will not lead to loss of knowledge or a nervous breakdown, because he did not have time to do everything. If acute problem of money and time, or for other reasons, such is not an option, there is always the possibility of using specialized sites on the Internet, take the> finished job and treating her to marry her. I speak experience, just such work is already proven, revised, easier to pass protection in the departments. It is to help you find the students the necessary data, we are on our website have collected a large amount of diverse information which we hope will be in demand by our readers.

Migration Service

So write about it herself Migration Service in Sweden: You should be aged 18 to 30 years and be able to show that you have a distinct interest in or use for Swedish language studies. A previous period spent as an au pair in another country immediately prior to the planned stay in Sweden could reduce the chances of you being granted a permit in Sweden. The reason is that this could be an indication that it is a question of regular work as a nanny or a similar porition and not as an au pair. By the way, your application for a visa only for 2 months in this family, further evidence for the migration service that you do not have serious reasons for participation in the au-pair in this country. Because if you wanted to learn the language and get acquainted with the culture of this country, it seems, would be interested in an annual, not monthly program 2. Your argument that you bring about good in our family – for the migration service is not interesting. Now conclusions.

I personally do not recommend this country for you. No difference in 1 year you have found a family or for 2 months. Argument – a high probability of denial of a visa (not 100 interest, of course, but very high). If you still want to take a chance (you are eligible, as the only risk your time, your money and your nerves), and you really like the family (the one at 2 months), write a letter directly to the Migration Service in Sweden with the question of whether you can get a work permit to the family in such a short time.

Use Language

This language excuses the function of the sign. The trajectory of the disentailed thought of the language and trajectory of the language independem of the thought. In the filogentico development, these two trajectories if join and the thought if it becomes verbal and the rational language. We need this trajectory due to necessity of the individual during the human work. In the work we need instruments for the transformation of the nature and the planning, class action and the social communication. To act each better time, we must create a system of communication that in allow information exchange them specify and meanings shared for the individuals in the collective project. He is what mother-son happens with the children with some cognitivo deficit with the relation.

However with the sprouting of the verbal thought and language as systems of signs it is an important fact for the human, biological development that he changeds yourself into the partner-description. In the evolution of the individual, observing since its birth, we have a similar process that described one for the history of the species. Before the thought and the language if to join, if to associate, a phase exists in the daily pay-verbal child in the development of the thought and daily pay-intellectual in the development of the language. Before the language the child it has capacity to decide problems practical and to use mediators to reach, to obtain what it desires. For example, it goes up in the chair to catch definitive toy, or uses different forms to reach what it really longs for. Fellow creature to the Chimpanzee, the daily pay-verbal child, uses daily pay-verbal intelligence, uses intelligence practises without the use of the language. In this phase, while it does not dominate the language, it if it uses of other methods to communicate itself, either I cry for it, for the laugh, that serve for the social contact with diffuse communication with other people.

Children and Psychology

But if the child is really a genius, he is without your help to prove themselves. A typical child to learn too much, too bad. Children tire quickly. And the more you'll be forced sit at the books, so much the worse. In this case, the child perceives the school as a nasty heavy duty and agrees to do their homework only under the lash. Preparing a child for school should be the development of cognitive processes – attention, memory, thinking and perception. Do not try at all costs, as early as possible to educate a child, numeracy and reading. All this he has to learn in school, and very quickly and easily.

The main task parents – to maintain interest in knowledge as a whole. Also, do not forget that first graders are going through tremendous psychological stress. For the child's new life began, and he was unable to immediately come to terms with the new role. Put yourself in his place: a new band, instead of teacher – teacher and new responsibilities. And parents, instead of helping, begin to show first-graders are too high for a child physically unable to perform them. In addition, adults who are afraid that the child will be idle wander down the street and try their best to get children's entertainment.

They give the kid a few sections and require him impossible. Not every adult in a position to meet the demands of parental ambition, not to mention a seven-year kid. The most common problems are first class: the child can not concentrate and skips from the one case to another, a child needs to be monitored.

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