Family And School Partnership

During much time the term ‘ ‘ superdotao’ ‘ it was used as a phenomenon uncommon, surrounded of misticismo and taboos unchaining superstitions and preconceptions around the people who presented characteristics of abilities above average. After the studies carried through for some researchers in special Stenberg, Gardner and Renzulli, it can be perceived that the phenomenon of the high abilities/superendowed superendowment is well more common of what it imagined and that if cannot attribute an only model of in view of that the abilities can be developed in distinct areas and be disclosed in diverse ways. In accordance with the carried through bibliographical research, the sprouting of the high abilities/superendowment can have its origin in the genetic transmission, but it is in familiar, pertaining to school and social the environment that if develop. Therefore, acolhedor environment that provides to challenges and motivation is favorable to the development of the adept person; in case that contrary, the abilities could be hindered in some stage of its life.

The purpose of the displayed one is to stand out the importance of family and of the school in the identification of children and adolescents with high abilities and formation of parents and educators to promote adjusted actions to motivate the development of the high abilities and at the same time to work the moral, ethical values and the socialization with its pairs. The term superendowment during much time was had as something is of the common one, what it contributed for the sprouting of taboos and beliefs that took the people to the endeusamento or the discrimination of the superendowed individual. In the Average Age the people with superendowment characteristics were treated as witches for presenting abilities later special and, considered illuminated people.