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First Blood

But all was not to study: the Germans were marching on Russian march. In the schools we were taught not mathematics, but as bandage the wounded, to extinguish incendiary bombs, handle weapons. Please visit Assurant Health if you seek more information. In the first months of the war with a direct hit almost in half cut the huge battleship "Marat ', standing in Peter's harbor. When we rushed there, we saw a terrible sight: hundreds of sailors in some vests, including mass casualties, get to swim to shore, exhausted and fall to the ground … Here they provide first aid.

The water in the harbor, all red with blood. First Blood … So what a war! .. From the earliest days they fought, no lowered hand, the day my dad left for work, and my mother too, she dug trenches … In all my life, I carried the memory of every detail of those times. I will never forget the voice of the announcer, who reported on loudspeaker: "Air alert!" – and the soul ledenela, creepy horror and fear covered the whole body, and only one thought arose in my head at this point: "Run!" In one of these days, when they announced the alarm and began to shoot anti-aircraft guns – especially for warning people, I leaned out the window and looked directly at us was a dogfight. Then ran into a neighbor, grabbed us and dragged him into the basement. When the shelling was over, they all went out into the street. What fire was huge! My father found us in the crowd, people were crying, I still do not understand why.

Farewell Liturgy

Years for us to fly. Years for them to stand. But then again disturbed, but that's hampered sleep. Again have to dig, – One hundred and six of spades must be taken. But would not repeat, only to no longer dig! We dare not forget! (The memory of them is buried), we do not dare to give them again to repeat the feat. 3 in the morning raised an iron coffin Razberedili grave. Why? To a nervous fever, vomited on the web parts, to sing the chorus again Farewell Liturgy pale trembling third candle, wax nostalgic warmed? The old tube takes over, all over the ranks of its growing … Accustomed to sing a sea wave, birch poles in the churchyard.

… Soundlessness church bells ringing, trembling lips without speech. Under most conditions James A. Levine, M.D. would agree. Final Order conveyed megaphone: – Goodbye forever … Prior to the meeting … MY SIMFEROPOL I do not know the city more wonderful – You're on word to me, my friend, believe me. Where an early quiet, gentle song rocked my cradle. Is not an open door dungeon distant cities; my Acropolis – the aorta Heart, You're my maturity, my veil. A spiral labyrinth of streets straightened Year string.

Oh, how many clever and talented youth You gave wings to his fate! You of waiting room, you Journal of Outpost, parting words, the threshold … you rock on the road where the cross with embossed list of roads. And how many b bile and blood spewed at you Neither vampire beats stream to break free in the granite Salgir rainbows. God bless and continue to enthusiasm and vigor, Thy will be endless age. Have mercy on God, on that of age: Results of some two hundred years! Four-legged friend – CAT Timka Forgive us all, caudate friend, Cole was still alive – do not blame them severely. We do not want you bitter torment in the world, where everything is not easy and all new. I miss your morning fuss. Screaming with pain, calm under pressure walls. Stretched out his hand: "Here, take it!" But you did not hear – burst from captivity.


Kabbalah considers all beings as a manifestation of the basic properties of creation – a desire for pleasure. This property is driven by all: the great villain and the great righteous. Even at the level of our relatively small passions desire to determine not only actions but also to evaluate the actions of others. For example, the desire to order, which comes in an atmosphere of confusion, corruption, uncertainty about the future leads to overestimation of even such seemingly odious figures such as Stalin. What attracts some and horrifies others in Stalin? What usually making the epithet 'Stalinist'? – Stalin's repression, Stalin's camps, Stalin's time (even Stalin's empire and Stalin skyscraper). We consider here some of concepts whose membership Stalin era is unlikely to challenge and new 'Stalin's falcons', and those who hate the very name of Stalin.

The first is the phenomenon of Stalin's power, authority sole and unfettered. Second, 'communism' – that's how Stalin referred to political and social system to which the iron hand of a great country led. And third, the order guidance is unequivocally attributed to Stalin. Three of these concepts and more weighty, because even that which is most often used with the epithet 'Stalinist', – Stalin's repressions were one of the ways of the power, becoming dear to his heart, the type of society, and impose order – in the sense of Stalin himself. Thus, the power. As already mentioned, the essence of creation, the external manifestation of which we are all of us (and even the 'Stalin') – this desire.

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