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All of them are collected in a book compilation that constitutes a volume of very interesting specialized consultation for all professionals of the sector, and that can be purchased through ANI.Among the papers presented aroused special interest presented by ANI waterproofing industry market: present and future. It was given by the President of ANI, Fernando Mena, together with Anna Maria Munoz, Vice President and Carlos Sanchez-Pando, Secretary General.Conclusiones CongresoLos 3rd two years almost and means that have elapsed since the previous Congress have been valued by ANI as very tough for the companies of the sector of construction and specifically of the waterproofing. After the conclusion of the third edition draws a scenario in which the flexibility of enterprises will be decisive to endure. Conclusions the Organization particular the following needs and estrategia:1. Interest in the profitability of waterproofed both construction and hydraulics work surface: production of photovoltaics, utilization and regulation of rainwater for the benefit of the environment urbano.2. The concern by normatively regulated the safety of reservoirs and dams, by public administrations and private companies. 3. The urgent need to make an inventory of the rafts in espana.4.

The quest for improving the durability of chemical matrices involved in continuous waterproofing and discontinua.5 systems. The open debate on whether the technical building code is bringing quality to the waterproofing. The adoption of recognized documents that facilitate their development and implementacion.6 is believed essential to. The need for continuous training of the personnel installer of proofing, before the development of new technologies and products. ANI has announced among other possible initiatives, training online, relying on the companies manufacturers asociadas.7. The observation that budget heading of waterproofing with respect to the total cost of the works (barely 1.5 per cent) is insufficient for an absolute guarantee of tightness. In addition, later performances by other trades, often damage the continuity of membranes impermeabilizantes.www.ani.