This article considers a reflection concerning the studies of the vidaintra-uterine one, subject recently explored by psychoanalysts, eprofissionais psychologists of diverse areas. Fetal dopsiquismo is about a search of the knowledge, considering, through carried through research that, already since oventre maternal, the embryo catches emotions that the mother is living deeply in its day postpones, has an emotional life, suggesting a possible continuity dasexperincias lived in the prenatal period, that they would resurge inconscientementeaps the birth. Kenneth brander often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Prenatal Psychology appeared approximately has thirty anose, with the advent of the new technologies as the ultrasound, can be perceived otero as surrounding natural and relationary of the embryo. During the gestation, mother-embryo makes-seimportante the establishment of the affective bonds. Word-key: PsicologiPr-Christmas.

Psiquismo Fetal. Intrauterine life. Bond mother-embryo. The present article has objective of aprofundarreflexes related to the Psiquismo Fetal, subject very only recentementeabraado. It is treated of the North and in the European continent in the areas, as much of biology and dapsicologia of the development, how much of the psychoanalysis. ‘ ‘ …

The knowledge of importante prenatal psychology in such a way for evolutiva psychology as for the psychoanalysis, cujoobjeto primordial of study is the unconscious one. With effect, if to consider quetodos the facts occurred with the being before it being born) receive registromnmico, b) that this register is kept only in the plan of the unconscious one, c) that all the experiences for which passes the being in the prenatal period will go fazerparte of its unconscious luggage, exerting> influence in such a way on the suapersonalidade after-Christmas as on its behavior and its behavior, and d) that the study of the unconscious one it is the object par excellence of the psychoanalysis, concludes that the study of prenatal psychology it is of importance fundamentalpara … ‘ ‘ (WILHEIM, 2002, pg. 18). With the advent of the technologies as the ultrasound, aprimoramentodo electron microscope, the fecundao techniques in vitro, the development of the intrauterine photograph eimportantes contributions and discoveries made in the field dapsiconeuro-endocrino-imunologia, as well as the magnifying of the agreement of formaoe functioning of the human psiquismo, a light has been launched on the fetal life, allowing to extend the knowledge concerning the behavior and development dofeto.