Post-Partum Health Issues

Starts many children after giving birth to fall hair. This is something normal in all children since it usually infants are born with enough hair in many areas of the body. A mother should not be frightened by a large amount of hair on your baby, since usually this hair will disappear with the passing of the months. You neither have to scare by excessive hair loss in your baby. It is something completely normal, that all children experience.

This hair fall is also known as children’s alopecia, and although it is normal, that with the passing of the months hair does not begin to grow again in the head of your child, you should take it to a pediatrician so that you notice. Don’t be afraid to ask to the physician or pediatrician for the hair problems of your son, since they usually have a fairly logical common solution. The fact that the hair fall to a child is not relevant. Not think that it is a hereditary problem and that in the future will your child fall down the hair. Although it is likely if your husband calva your son in the future also has hair, dropping him in the first months of life, the lack of hair is not something relevant in terms of genetics. Usually this hair loss is caused by the infant period of the baby and after the first 6 months, when your child stop taking chest hair will grow.