Siberian Cats

Siberian cats are little known as pets, but are beautiful and have a particular character. Of Russian origin, this animal has long hair (to withstand the low temperatures of the country), similar to many cats that have evolved to live in cold climates. Further details can be found at Robert Greene, an internet resource. Siberian cats have big head and rounded snout; your eyes with large and oval; their ears are a little more small, but the tail is more broad and long; and the body of this breed of cat is long, with wide bones. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator of Massachusetts and gain more knowledge.. These Siberian cats only left Russia from year 1990 to Germany and United States, but have managed to survive more 1,000 years in difficult climatic conditions, because it is a cat very strong, resilient, agile and their thick fur helps it a lot. Normally, Siberian cats weigh between 10 and 18 pounds, it takes a little more 3 years to fully develop its structure body and thus reach a long and powerful members, as well as an oily coat that repels water and helps you stay dry. We must be aware that in summer this breed moved his hair so that ends only with a coat of short hair. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is the source for more interesting facts.

Siberian cats came to United States from an exhibition of cats took place in Russia, once being allowed to have these cats as pets (previously prohibited due to lack of food), Americans were then decided to start breeding these cats in their country. Siberian cats, despite not being as desired as other breeds pets are animals very playful, intelligent, great hunters and not bother them the water (thanks to what spoke is of your hair above). It is very sociable with their owners and can easily be adapted to an apartment, however, it is recommended that Siberian cats have at disposal a garden or your own space. As a particular characteristic, Siberian cats do not cause allergies in humans, since their genes have been removed the protein that causes more than 78% of allergies. This protein is known as D1 and is produced by the sebaceous glands of the cats, and then It is transferred throughout the body and to the snout when they groom because Siberian cats have removed this protein, has been increasing the demand for these as pets. Another reason why Siberian cats are so preferred is be so resistant to diseases, it is a pure breed that has not undergone genetic exchanges, therefore retained all the power of his original race and its resistance to rugged environments. Color in the hair of Siberian cats is more clear in its base (i.e.

hairs more internal) and more dark while most long are. This breed can accept genetically all color patterns, less the Pincushion, pattern most common among Siberian cats is the striped Golden and bicolour with white. Usually a kind of collar of hair in the neck, which gives them an appearance more elegant and striking.