Kissed By The Sun – Tanned Naturally In The Spring

January 26, 2012 a delicate tanned complexion with Selftan by Louis Widmer naturally tanned in the spring of Rheinfelden, memories fade quickly on cloudy winter days makes. But when the first rays of Sun Tickle us in the spring, the skin is usually still hibernating. Too long, decollete, arms, and legs under thick woollen clothes were hidden. Selftan”by Louis Widmer gives a streak-free, attractive, natural Tan without the harmful UV rays of the skin in the blink of an eye. So the spring can come very quickly! Evenly tanned skin is considered ideal beauty not only in Hollywood, but is also in vogue. But the few women are ready for regular visits of solarium, only to their summer tans in the next spring to save. It is so easy to shine even in the winter with the complexion to the bet: the new formula with vitamin provides for a smooth, natural tanning results.

Already after two to four hours Selftan conjures up”by Louis Widmer a delicate tint. The pleasantly scented, non-greasy cream maintains moisture with an extra stroke tender. So, women not only with stylish Tan, but also with nice well maintained skin can shine. “The self tanning Guide” by Louis Widmer gives valuable tips on how to achieve an even and especially natural Tan with the Selbstbraunungscreme in the blink of an eye. The Louis Widmer “self tanning” Guide: step 1: body peeling body peeling prepares the skin perfectly and removes dead skin cells.

Whether peeling cream, sea salt or the sisal glove ever even the base, the better the result. Louis Widmer extra tip: exfoliated should be thoroughly even the skin of the hands, elbows and knees, because these places like to darken. Step 2: Apply cream evenly the tanning cream should be applied as quickly as possible. Best so individual parts of the body”evenly after lotion with Selftan.