Due to reduction of the quality and life expectancy and the failure of treatments conservatives, as the dietoterapia, the mrbida obesidade is difficult of being treated only by means of diet and physical exercises and has led to the indication of surgical intervention, and thus to carry through the surgery of the obesidade or baritrica, for the fact of being treatment most efficient e, with effect, more lasting (WAITZBERG, 2006; IT HISSES; IT WALLS, 2007). The used techniques to carry through the baritrica surgery are the gastroplastia, adjustable gastric band, gastroplastia vertical line with bandage, bypass gastric in Y-of-Roux, biliopancretica derivation of Scopinaro and Duodenal Switch (HISS; IT WALLS, 2007). This article is organized in sections. The first section is this introduction, section 2 represents the objectives of the research. The methodology used in the accomplishment of the research is presented in section 3. The results are described in section 4. Finally, final consideraes are presented in section 5.

2.OBJETIVO Verificar the incidence of the obesidade for sex; To analyze practical of physical activity and its frequency; To analyze the incidence of patients who possess the upheaval of the periodic alimentary compulsion; To verify the degree of obesidade of the inserted individuals in the program. 3.METODOLOGIA This article is about a qualitative and quantitative research. The collection of data was carried through by means of interviews for half-structuralized questionnaire, therefore it allows a more complete and detailed description of the qualitative and quantitative aspects, thus is possible to verify the veracity of the answers (DAMASO, 2003). The gotten information had been recorded with a recording device of voice. 7 patients in the month of April of 2009 had been interviewed. As inclusion criterion, the patients had been selected who had interned one day before carrying through the baritrica surgery in the Hospital Evanglico Goiano, Anpolis-GO. The etria band was of 23 the 58 years.