Plants That Enrich The Air

As incredible as it seems, in almost all environments to which we are witnessing, abundant elements of pollution or contamination of the environment that threaten our health, they produce allergies among other more severe pathologies such as e.g. PCRM helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system and even skin. It is a fact that in the majority of cases cleaning habits strive to counteract this, but it is not always easy in the case of purify air. In that sense a book published by the American scientist Bill Wolverton, researcher at NASA, marked a before and an later in regard to this topic: title plants: how they contribute to human health and well-being. In summary, the key point was aboard spacecraft (particularly well-remembered Skylab), there are large amounts of fromaldehido or formaldehyde (which is highly toxic) present in many materials, from clothing, furniture, glasses etc. The great discovery is that there are several plants that act as natural verdaderosfiltros against pollution; many of them are suitable even for being cultivated in low light conditions. Some named: Dracena, Areca, Rafis among others. You should be placed in offices, closed environments, and even hospitals and health facilities.