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All sexually transmitted infection by, oddly enough, in the process of passage, a child smeared on the skin, mucous, gets in his eyes. All that is a woman in the vagina, then there is a child in the body. Then he finally takes the first breath, he was beginning to wash your mouth and all that is on the gloves for medical staff, all that is in the air enters the gastrointestinal tract and sterile it inhabits it. Then bring her mother. My mother feeds and, in depending on whether she washed the mammary gland or not, the infection can get to the baby or not to go. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Peter M. Wayne.

Ie We are constantly balancing on the edge and constantly fighting with these organisms. If the mother is breastfeeding, it gives protect him, because he is not familiar with these microbes, he is unable to produce protection. It is therefore important to breastfeed, because here the immune defense. If a child is brought to the 3rd-5th day, its pinhole antibiotics, what kind of health may be involved, take, for instance, the gut? There is one thing that I did not want to say out loud, but immediately after the birth of a child vaccinations with BCG. BCG – is nedoubitye tubercle bacillus, which tried to kill the mercury. Therefore, once two "wonderful" chemical substances (heavy metals and living organism) coming into the body baby.

Watch as filled with "barrel". More – more. Child was discharged home. A home carpets everywhere with ticks, the dog runs around with fleas and worms. Baby crawling on the floor and all that is on the pavement, your child lick the house. You removed the shoes in the hallway, immediately crawling baby and pulling it all into her mouth. Further privivochki begin by age. Nutrient mixture. For the child is useful only mother's milk. Everything else – no comments. Products do not try to conserve, but how to keep the product? Only conservation. And then there is good grandparents who bring "shupo-chups. Read what is written on the package. Practically not be distinguished from what is written on the package "dichlorvos" and this baby's mouth? And then do not wait for allergies? A pancreas a child running lean. Prior to the year of the child supposed to breastfeed and only after a year he can have some other adult food. There is a Ministry of Health Order today, where on the recommendation of the WHO child up to six months could not believe my eyes. He pressed the button and it (the parasite) suddenly died – it is not clear. No pill, no injection, and why something works.

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