Cesar Aurelio

Well that for now, do not remember more. Does that they found it?Here ends the cheerful showroom of Cesar Aurelio. Well as you can see nobody knew how to explain what it means, is not an issue that can be taken lightly, for the simple reason that humans do not dominate that area, ghosts walk not entering and exiting our material dimension for the simple reason that no longer have a body physical, nor an ethereal body, which would be two of the four bodies that we are compounds, body physical and ethereal, are eventually removed after death, one first than the other, but in the end disappear, leaving us the emotional or mental body and net spirit, which does not require more than any corporeal for sucistir representation, so they are eternal, people should not fear the Ethereal body of the already fallesidos, because it is something natural that some times be displayed in its final disposal process, is what many llamarian a fhe soul. Because I have this very clear information? because I see ghosts and les esscucho since he was still very young…I never had fear has been part of my life and my life experience, people do not have to fear, ghosts do not harm anyone, it is a part of us in process to be disposed, thats all. I’ve even written my life story watching and adaptandome to see them in a book called: seeing ghosts, you can get it anywhere in barnes and nobels or on amazon.com, just look for this title with my name, there will find many explanations to these questions nobody can answer such questions better than someone who can see them daily. also pre-shackled because it is true that I see them, the same document explains things that are still a mystery. Original author and source of the article