Russian Green Teas Kusmi For Fall

Already in the old Russia, Kusmi was still the supplier of the Czars in St. ly to agree. Petersburg, one armed himself at the Court with tea for the cold season. To mobilize the defences again in the autumn, troika, Green St. Michael Miccoli does not necessarily agree. Petersburg and green tea Zoubrovka Kusmi tea introduces his three Russian green teas green. Rich in Antioxidatien and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and E, green tea protect against free radicals and boost to the immune system. Green troika named after the coach of the Russian Tsar, which was drawn by three horses, this tea is named troika”.

Is the Chinese green tea with bergamot, Orange and Tangerine flavoured and by its refreshing citrus flavour are reminiscent of the late summer. He can pur or drink sugared. 250 g Tin of green troika pulling duration: 3-4 minutes water temperature: 70 C prices: 250 g Tin: 17,90, 125 g box: 11.70 of Green St. Petersburg as a tribute to the founding city of Kusmi teas St. Petersburg, created the tea manufacturer that traditional black tea mixture St Petersburg. For the Green St. Petersburg, Kusmi tea has cast off the black tea recipe and replaced the black by Chinese green tea.

Flavoured with citrus fruit, red fruit and caramel this tea tastes gentle and fresh. 250 g Tin of Green St. Petersburg draw duration: 3-4 minutes water temperature: 70 C rates: 250 g Tin: 17,90, 125 gr.-WT.: 11.70 green Zoubrovka scent grass also bison grass called Zoubrovka lends a pleasant grass and fresh tea. The included licorice sweetens the Chinese green tea in a natural way. The tea can slightly sweetened or pure drink. 250 g Tin green Zoubrovka drawing duration: 3-4 minutes water temperature: 70 C rates: 250 g Tin: 17,90, 125 gr.-WT.: 11.70 points of sale in Germany: Oschatzchen, Hamburg; Galeries Lafayette, Berlin; Aroma coffee, Munich; Petersen good food, Frankfurt a. M.; Patisserie Imori, Frankfurt a. M.; Gmeiner, Baden Baden; L ‘ Apero, Cologne; Vintage, Hahn Street in Cologne online boutique: media contact: Classic communication Sascha Magorimbo 15, rue of the Ponchettes 06300 nice. France classic communication * is a german French communication agency based in Nice. We are specialized in the areas of French Delicatessen, lifestyle and beauty and provide information in German language directly from France German media as a competent partner quickly and reliably.