Advanced Medicine

Lao tse, one old Chinese scholar, certain time said: ' ' the men will not be able to perceive the form of a quadrilateral such which it are if this will be too much great for eles' '. He would be correct to say that the breath is ' ' a too much quadrilateral grande' ' so that they perceive it to the men. ' ' The white man seems not to perceive the air that breathes ' ' – Seattle Head This text destines it the complementary clarification of the population in general and especially for those that they are in Psicocorporal therapy and or therapies to the Psychiatric treatments. Recently tom waterhouse sought to clarify these questions. All techniques that these therapeutical modalities use cross and have reference in the studies (works) of W Reich, Gerda Boysen. the Lowen (disciples of Reich) and other neo reichianos and neofreudianos precursors of the study and experimentation of the relation body-mind in ocidente beyond including, necessarily deriving knowledge of the philosophies of the East, such as; Yoga (Hatha) Tai Chi chuan (the philosophical principles of the Tai Chi Chuan sends to Taosmo and to the Chinese Alchemy. The relation of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the Ba Gua (Eight Trigramas), the Book of the Mutations (I Ching) and So You Ching de Lao Zi are some of the main references for the understanding of its beddings. , ChiKung (Chi Kung was not created by an only individual and results of thousand of years of experiences of the Chinese in the use of the energy to treat illnesses, to promote the health and longevity, to improve the fight abilities, to expand the mind, to reach different levels of conscience and to develop the espiritualidade. Although the diverse techniques of Chi Kung to have separately if developed in diverse places of China, in many cases if had influenced mutually, Ayurvdica Medicine, Acupuntura among others.