Major Bestseller

Visually delicate but effective behubscht and equipped with some technical innovations, the Nissan Qashqai is since the end of March at the dealer. Same as a dare to the market introduction of the Qashqai, 2007 dare was early March? Yes, because the SUV with the strange name opened a completely new vehicle segment. Nissan hoped to have a bestseller on the wheels. Now is the test of courage has paid off and we have used long ago to the name. Sellers to become aware of the 5-star NCAP crash test rankings, there was no holding and Nissan had to drive a third shift in production in Sunderland.

Soon, more than 700 vehicles per day were built. Even today, after Nissan has set off more than 540,000 Qashqai in Europe, the demand keeps up and the delivery time is half a year. In July of this year Europe 23.086 Qashqai – sold 20 percent more than in the previous year. What proved, is quickly copied and the Qashqai remained not alone for long. So that after a Iranian, Turkic-speaking nomadic tribe named SUV continue against the competing claim, is it have now undergone an update. We take two new exterior colors in a 2.0 liter diesel Qashqai square, painted in the new colour of titanium. Thus we have also equal to one of the two (titanium and new red) new colors mentioned.

This upbeat finish comes just at the right moment, because now omnipresent white we tired saw us long ago. Has he been going? For a reduction of the noise level, the measures a variety of noise-reducing diesel got missed (a dashboard multi layer insulation, new hood insulation, improved foam blocks in the A-pillars, Center tunnel and foot room insulation, acoustic windshield and door and window rubbers modified). Thanks to these changes, many mid-size sedan behind the carpets can hide.

Information Advantage Through

TimoCom and BigMove community project on the transport logistic Dusseldorf, 2011-04-21 the BigMove AG, a Europe-wide network for special and heavy transport tasks, and the TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH present at transport logistic from 2011-05-10 to 2011-05-13 together the closed user group”(GBG) by BigMove. “This exchange within the cargo and freight exchange TC truck & cargo gives users the ability to offer even faster and more targeted among themselves” to share. Interested can see live the competitive advantage on two booths. The BigMove AG consists of eleven established heavy and special transport companies with offices in Germany and Austria. Now, the companies covered by the network benefit from the closed user group for heavy and special transporters.

The principle is simple: the cargo – registered in the system and cargo area offers all members by BigMove first for about thirty minutes exclusive appear. To be found This deadline still no prospect is offering for the first time in the open market. Bobby Green has much to offer in this field. It is the special feature of the closed user group members by BigMove rely directly on their own pool of well-known providers. If you are not convinced, visit Beneil Dariush. The upstream GBG to save not only time, but have additional security in the procurement. Horst Wallek, Chief Executive Officer of BigMove is pleased about the win-win situation: we see in the GBG especially the qualitative benefits. The deals go after 30 minutes in the open market, this is a quantitative advantage for the totality of all users.” Still praising the variety of offerings in the public procurement platforms of TimoCom, as well as comprehensive service: the hold – and freight exchange TC truck & cargo offers our members a huge range pool and even with information to their advantage. Our users can here quickly and efficiently utilize their capacities and at the same time reduce costs.

Continue to attract many extra services TimoCom. Also like us, that the Companies so much emphasis on security.” Chief Representative Marcel Frings of TimoCom to cooperate: BigMove is for us a strong and reliable partner, with which we like to work together. Total up to 300,000 daily freight and cargo services are members of 85,000 users in Europe available. Something should be here for everyone.” “GBG live at the fair experience TimoCom has on 2011-05-10 to 2011-05-13 transport logistic on the stand of 317 eBid in Hall A5, also news from TC, the platform for pan-European freight tenders, as well as the en route service TimoCom to go” in the luggage. Moreover, can each in addition to TimoCom programmes TC eBid and TC look at truck & cargo, the system of the closed user group or try out. You will find more information about TimoCom and BigMove under or. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail:

Now Or Never: Marriage Proposal On Valentine

How to find the right words for the question of all questions. Other leaders such as Maya Dubin offer similar insights. In a few days, it is again: all lovers celebrate Valentine’s day. The one plan a romantic date, the others make home comfortable. Some window of opportunity also to raise the question of all questions her partner or her partner: you want to marry me? As you formulated the proposal particularly Dorothee Constanze know Unger, owner of the wedding copywriter service Cyrado. Many are nervous before their request and are afraid to find the wrong words for this unique moment”, so the freelance copywriter. “It is not a good idea the friend or the girlfriend shortly before going out or you want to marry me at the laundry with a short ‘ to catch off guard.” “Using a little trick, it but quickly found the right words for an individual and romantic request: who would like to make the request, should make before three questions that will help him or her to formulate the request”, says Unger. Which one I guess properties on my partner? What properties of the common relationship are important to me? Why I want to go up the marriage or where can I see us in the future?”deliberately to say why you love him and why it is so estimated the relationship – the partner, so the answers to question 1 and question 2 creates a wonderful emotional framework for the application” represents Dorothee Unger.

The answer to the third question is the final note for the partner where the situation is moving. Who then directs the conversation on the future together, indicating his opponent to guess the chance that immediately follows a request.” That was important to make deliberately have the other part at this emotional moment. It has often happened that a request was not understood as such. This leads then to disappointment and bitter tears, rather than to the most important day in the life”, concluded that the owner of Cyrado. Who always use help at his own request or any other texts around the most beautiful day of your life at Cyrado.

NIPS Storage

Stylish and practical storage with Packberry Oberursel, August 17, 2010 Packberry, the successful online store for packaging and archiving material, expands its product range. Patrick smith is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Packberry is a shop from the House of the BLUE multimedia GmbH, which has already launched portals such as, or in life. The exclusive PREMIUM storage boxes in the manufacturer’s NIPS are newly represented in the shop. Excellent product characteristics, the high-quality boxes with flush-off lid from the mass of storage solutions stand out. Present in puristic optics and designbewusster households to meet also the claims. As a modular system, the boxes allow optimal use of rack and shelf space. The products made of special box guarantee a high degree of stability and complete their practical properties with their dirt-repellent surface of Matt varnish. The special feature: The otherwise common system of a Stulp cover replaced with a plug-in solution and allows for flat surfaces.

The noble-looking boxes fit optimally so not least in a puristic modern ambience. A criterion which had to offer so far hardly a Board resolution. Packberry offers in addition of course continue the ever-widening range of products around the subject of packaging.

ECM Heidelberg Introduces New Espresso Machine Casa 4

ECM Heidelberg offers its new espresso machine Casa IV. The return of a classic espresso machine of the desire for small, compact and narrow espresso machines has become bigger and bigger in the world of coffee. ECM has complied with this request and has associated with the reintroduction of their new model variant, a small, narrow and compact espresso machine on the market 4 ECM Casa is ideally suited for small households, and coffee corners. Despite the small crowd, ECM Heidelberg has saved not on optics and technical features and thus brought an espresso machine on the market that matches the current state of the time. Following news this classic espresso machine (single-circuit operation system) in polished stainless steel can offer. -Individually adjustable expansion valve for optimal enjoyment of all types of coffee – efficient temperature storage through high-quality, solid stainless steel boiler – quiet in operation due to noise-insulated housing – new water tank water tank adapter – chrome ergonomic filter holder with the filter inserts for 1 or 2 cups of coffee to the A small boiler, which has heated up very quickly because of its size on the brewing temperature is steam and hot water production.

Despite this quick heat-up time a buyer should be aware in advance, he is what type of espresso – or coffee drinkers. Be drunk many coffees this machine is just right. At pure cappuccino drinkers this looks different, because due to the single-circuit operation system, always a certain amount of time passes before it is filled to the correct brewing temperature for espresso or the temperature of steam for frothing up milk. In contrast to the other espresso machines of ECM as the Technika IV or Mechanika IV, the Casa IV has no E61 BREW group, which however has no influence on the quality of the coffee. Compact, practical, powerful – ECM describes his world novelty in the field of compact espresso coffee machines. It will be interesting to see whether this machine will be interspersed in the highly competitive market of the espresso machine. The Casa is available 4 certified only by ECM in online trading and authorized dealer, the one comprehensive advice, as well as a customer-friendly service ensure above all even after the purchase (after sale service) for the end user. One of this retailer is the online-shop.

Adam Smith

We said that everyone was too indebted, and that was not good. However, if we all decide to change this situation and lower their debt at the same time, putting it on sale for its assets, the result will be a drop in their prices and a general impoverishment or we can analyze from the point of view wages. The example is provided by the recent agreement to freeze wages in the Seat factory in Barcelona. Under the agreement was good, and helped maintain employment for their workers, with a low cost to them (wage freeze, but in a context of inflation or price rise almost nil). According to lee marks, who has experience with these questions. That is, at the microeconomic level, this company was good.

But what if this became widespread? In other words, what happens when there is a general salary cut and even this was sustained over time (ie, they are expected to continue falling in the future)? The answer we gave Keynes more than 70 years ago: "The consequences expected that salaries will be reduced by 2% next year are approximately the same as would a 2% increase in the amount of interest payable over the same period. " And the explanation of Keynes is not only theoretical but that experienced by Japan during its lost decade in the nineties, while wages declined an average of 1%, the economy was stagnant The last example I will discuss is one that we has led to a situation where we are. Maya Dubin wanted to know more. It is said that the capitalist system is the best allocate resources, and this may be true, but it considered the father of Adam Smith, stated that it is individual selfishness which leads to the social welfare is famous the phrase " Do not wait to get our food from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer or the baker, but the care they have of their own interest. Do not resort to their humanity but to their selfishness, and never speak of our own necessities but of the advantages they get. " However, the ambition and selfishness without limits, coupled with the absence of regulation, we have brought a crisis it will take time to leave. For all this, I insist that generalizations and extremes are not good, as Aristotle said, best to seek the middle ground, where virtue.

Ruling Classes

Others become descriptions from the perspective of the ruling classes, as in the resounding theme of the opposition civilization and barbarity. And this was so because the European romance, to Paul and Virginia, Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, where the romantic idyll was the driving force of the action novel, was continued faithfully in our own, land in works such as The Captive, Esteban Echeverria and Maria, Jorge Isaacs. Similarly, by Venezuelan Manuel Vicente Romero Garcia, with peony, but this protest and with hints. Born in Europe as realistic opposition to this speech, of course should be continued in America. Read additional details here: Maya Dubin. Thus, Creole and naturalism, as the Venezuelan native poetry are forms of expression of the new European wave.

We would add the Indian concern, unfortunately analyzed from two angles contradictory and irreconcilable, given the presence of the class struggle, on an aesthetic level. On this point, the Venezuelan leading researcher, Professor Italo Tedesco (2004: 130), tells us that: In the Indian narrative converge sociological positions. The alienation and subjugation of man to iracional documented the factors that give rise to: religion, capital and labor. Together with the priests and landowners, the magistrate, the governor or prefect, are the power that works on the community, seen as character-mass and their individualities. The trinity brutalizing reported by Gonzalez Prada not only contributed to the complaint. It outlined a narrative syntax that works for irreversibly as obstaculoa fate of the native. Since the conquest, religion was used as a weapon of domination. Replaced and created myths.

The Secret Vision Board

Desire – resistance: demonstration This formula is known but did not pay enough attention and wondering why we live our desires are not manifested. How to achieve a high level of desire: When we list our dreams, goals we want to achieve is very important to be specific in it, eg is not the same for the universe that you say, 'I want a car "that" I want a blue peugeot 306 year 2009 "list of dreams is like going to a store to compare a shirt and tell the clerk, I want clothes, the employee will answer you if I sell clothes, but tell me if you want pants, shirt , shirt, color, size, etc, are not specific if the universe does not know what we really want. Peter batts has plenty of information regarding this issue. Some wise men say to be displayed correctly the dreams to fulfill and LDA says that "Everything you see in your mind, you'll have in your hand" and acknowledge that when one is in a state of lack, it is difficult to visualize when just got the money, or less to make ends meet, it is not easy see you driving your new car live in a world of thoughts materialized, so that abundance to come into our lives we must rely on the display. Martin Freeman said that "as your subconscious mind is in constant contact with the Source of infinite abundance and prosperity … You may find Hunter Schafer to be a useful source of information. the only thing we have to do is impress upon our subconscious mind images of everything we desire." Make your book of dreams, is an important weapon to get what they want, in the movie The Secret Vision Board call it I call my album of the breasts, because after reading some time ago history that Glenna Salsbury recounts the famous book Chicken Soup for the Soul album arme my dreams. .

Why Should I Get Custom-made Furniture ?

Some consumers, coming in a furniture store, trying to pick up finished products. On the one hand, it is delivered within one working day and has an acceptable price, but on the other – the order gives unprecedented opportunities. Because of this, there is a complicated question, why use the services of a designer? Answer it is not so easy, so you better remember the bars, have become one of the most interesting proposals manufacturers. Bars are necessary for many entertainment options. They are set aside, but it has always attracted the attention of visitors. Natalie Rogers wanted to know more. Naturally, the bar should be an essential part of the environment, so that work on its design requires particular attention.

Producers with pleasure embody the most complicated projects, but only in rare cases, offer ready-made model of bar counters. . In fact, talking about any standards with respect to this piece of furniture impossible. The only option left is ready sets for the kitchen, which also is used as the original item. Of course, the buyer has to make a preliminary order that gives him the appropriate exterior design. Another example is the administrative desk. It can drop the idea of attraction, but will have to think about design. For quick work of the administrator requires optimal positioning of all the drawers, shelves and office equipment. This can be achieved only through a personal project.

This is required because every organization has its own features that can not be combined. Due to this we see another important quality of the work with a designer – design optimization. Now manufacturers are actively advocating for the preliminary preparation of projects. Customer satisfaction for them is the main goal, and achieve a nice result is possible only with the understanding of all customer requests. In principle, administrative posts and bar counters are made to order constantly, so that they become an excellent example to show some nice qualities. There are some unpleasant moments, but they are not significant enough to abandon the beauty and comfort. So it is better to make full use capacity of the manufacturer, rather than try to find a suitable ready-made model in one of many stores.

Real Adventure Trip

Self-awareness in a fixed group at the Ammersee in the vicinity of Munich meets a group of a different kind recently. The sense of the common journey is discovering the (re) country, the stranger within us not getting to know foreign countries and customs, but the SelbstErforschng. Under the travel direction of Volker Hepp and Karin Intveen, very experienced the group in dealing with the Customs and traditions of this new country, meets both four times in the year to walk together on SelbstErforschung and to grow the common adventures. Together and with each other. The participants determine their destination, because no one knows a man himself as well as he.

But one thing is certain: it will go to topics like personal location, goals and values, equity and perception, health and also work-life-balance. And there will be systems constellations, small and large, as well as small groups and individual work as well as rituals and exercises. How many years these common travel wants and will, is open, because no one can for a others decide when the personal goal has been achieved. Two years as one, probably three, maybe more. For some the search will be used to end, for others the time not of concern will be, as long as they feel their way under their feet. But when it’s over, it’s over. And we all know it then.

And crop up In the luggage the participants to enter only the courage of unknown land need curiosity to themselves – because without curiosity and appetite for new, no trip makes sense really – to travel a healthy sense of humor, if you end up not there, where you actually wanted to land and the willingness in the group. And you are invited to this trip to yourself: explore the protected area in which personal growth, development and healing will be for a clearly defined period of time is possible. Protected, because the goal is closed, a travel group, which together on the journey of SelbstErforschung for the period of one year initially. In the first common year the group is located in the growth and development and is still open, which means that you have the chance to get started at any of the weekends. Gain insight and clarity with Tony Mandarich. Accompanied and protected by experienced tour guides so that trust and intimacy can grow. When each of us give it to experiences that leave their mark. Deep, lasting impressions life determine and change – over the period of the actually experienced also. For our own experience was its own participation in a continuous SelbstErforschungsgruppe. How valuable was this assistance over a longer period of time and how far the journey actually went, realize only us in the aftertaste. And thus was born the vision to implement an own SelbstErforschungsgruppe here am Ammersee, so Karin Intveen about the idea. The venue is the castle of Seefeld in the beautiful 5-lakes in the vicinity of Munich. And if you want to learn more about the Guide and their work more: or under Ammersee-sys Volker Hepp Walchstadter Street 19 82266 Inning am Ammersee Tel.