River Vessell Construction

During the construction of a large number of river vessels abroad for many of them diesels installed by the Finnish company "Wartsila" 12CHSN 22/24 (12V22B) and 8CHSN 22/24 (8V22B) capacity in 1770 and 1180 kW (icebreaker project number 1105 and dredges Project P- 2104); Japanese firm "Daihatsu" 6CHN 32/48 (6DS32L) capacity of 1620 kW (1-517 dredges Project P), over 20 modifications of diesels H 12,5 / 18, H 7,5 / 24, CR 24/36, CR 32/48 , 6CHSPN 18/26, 20/26 6CHSPN German heavy machinery plant in Magdeburg outputs from 11 kW to 1230, about 20 modifications Diesel B 11/15, H 16/22, 5 H 27/36; CHN 35/50 Machine-Building Enterprise "Skoda" (Czechoslovakia) with a capacity 14,7-775 kW diesel engines and other foreign origin. Combine heavy machinery in Magdeburg has supplied in recent years for the river Fleet mostly second-generation diesels NED NED 48 and 26 in the six-and eight-cylinder version. (see catalogs engines SKL) Diesels 6 (8) CHRN 32/48 (NED 48) used on ships as a major. Cast iron frame and the foundation block housings have of diesel engines combine with anchor links. For even more analysis, hear from McDougall Program. GugZgC1&TARGET=-SM-%2fpfsca%2flogin%2ejsp%3fjumpto%3dpolhome’>Primerica insists that this is the case. Cylinder sleeves are sealed on the bottom of the two rubber rings. For the details of the crank mechanism has a housing block, hatches, close the lid, which mounted check valves. Cylinder cover individual. For each block crankcase cover is fixed with six pins.

In a cover placed intake and exhaust valves, injector, and starting safety valves. The actuator valve rod. Intake and exhaust manifolds are located on different sides of diesel. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bobby Green by clicking through.