Dimension Work

Spiritual consciousness is the essence of holistic education that lead to the perception of truth, goodness and beauty that is life. It manifests as a deep connection with himself and with others, a sense of meaning and purpose in everyday life. Education must cultivate the healthy growth of the spiritual life, rather than do violence to constant evaluation and competition, as this generates feelings and emotions that enable the development and achievement of spirituality in the subjects. At Justin Gaethje you will find additional information. As can be seen in these five levels, the evolution of consciousness and acquisition and development of values ranging from personal to the social and training of the subjects, to feel part of a planet they have to take care of it for the good of humanity which is a part. In turn each of these levels also work for size given in the training of the subjects, it should be noted that each of the levels and each of them leads to concepts, methods and objectives pertaining to their field of attention .

According to Gallegos Nava (2003: 83) the dimensions that should work are: a) The cognitive dimension refers to the process of thought, logical reasoning ability, same to be cultivated with love b) Dimension corresponds to the whole social learning occurs in a social context of shared meanings c) The emotional dimension to make learning relevant and meaningful work to be done this state because they are not separate and is required for safety. d) body size in which the harmony between body and mind is a defining element the quality of learning.