French Jewelry

And relates them to the jewelry in the full sense of the word is difficult. That is why the destruction of documents at the jewel face great difficulties in further in determining its price category. Translated from the French costume jewelry is nothing like cheating, forgery. It was on counterfeiting precious stones majored Georges Frederic Strass – a man whose name is given the name of one of the types of jewelry. Unfortunately, his contemporaries did not appreciate the skill of the jeweler, and regarded him as an ordinary crook. Strasse did not live up to that time, when its stones suddenly come into vogue. It happened in the eighteenth century, then the crystals have been actively used for clothing and footwear. By the way, these gems are still in high demand among designers.

And many ladies prefer their expensive jewelry. After all, such articles look great and are inexpensive. In the end, the money saved could be spent more usefully. For example, to solve the problem of unwanted hair – photoepilation whose prices are very low, will help in this. But back to the history. Rhinestones suddenly in vogue, but they have not been used yet for the production of jewelry.

The turning point is nineteenth century. It was then established trading house with . Jewellery, designed by designed by Daniel was an incredible popularity among the fashionable audience. Now wearing fake rocks became even prestigious. Fake jewelry in some cases more expensive presents. We have already mentioned legislator of fashion Coco Chanel, who is very respectful of the jewelry.