Can seem out of place make a comparison between the theory of evolution and the attitudes to take today. But the facts are stubborn. Invariably they have been repeated over time. And the result shows us that to overcome the crisis, one of the best alternatives is to work on the Internet. Four thousand six hundred million years have taught us how works the mechanism of evolutionary survival.

It is based on three points: first, a changing source. The habitat, ecosystem, is constantly changing. Alterations in climate, arrival of new species, disappearance of sources of food, etc. Second, genetic variation in reproduction. Random mutations occur in genetic inheritance. They can be changes in the color of the coat, alterations in the morphology, or any other. And finally, what could be called a filter, called natural selection mechanism.

If those genetic changes coincide with a greater possibility of adaptation to variations, natural selection It will give more opportunities to survive who have them. From generation to generation will accumulate, increasing its proportion. And the time, it will have established and fixed in all individuals, creating a new species. However, the development of civilization has made unnecessary the natural selection. We no longer need to transform ourselves with variations in the environment. At least physiologically. The society meets the needs that previously could have generated the Elimination of the misfits. For this reason, unlike animals, are becoming increasingly more different (as a species) between us. However, created a new kind of already not natural selection, but culturally. Not conform to the cultural changes (that it cover everything) creates another type of exclusion: underdeveloped countries, disadvantaged classes, marginalized. In these moments, we find ourselves immersed in a great imbalance, an alteration that we call crises. Crisis means change. The equivalent of the previous variations of the medium. And this is the biggest change that has suffered from humanity.