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The Greeks already indicated the existence of a fundamental particle, acting being constituents of matter, predicting the existence of a few atoms of small size, and listing a small amount of different types of them. Until the end of the 19th century were not discovered more data on those items. J. j. Thomson, along with other scientists, discovered in 1897 that atoms were indivisible as he was believed, but that could be separated into small components.

He discovered the composition of atoms and the existence of particles that orbiting in the outer zone calls electrons, whose mass was much smaller than the nucleus. The core for its part, had positive charge and its weight was almost the totality of the atom. While he was not able to determine the composition of the nucleus, were sitting the basis for further investigations, the first of which focused on the structure of the atom. The atom consists of a nucleus of great size that orbit the electrons. It was e. Rutherford who developed a model based on a solar system in miniature, in which the nucleus was a star (the Sun) and the electrons in 1911 the planets. The explanation of his theory had two errors: 1 – that the electrons would issued power spin, decreasing its speed would then fall to the nucleus; erroneous because the electrons occupy fixed orbits. The second error was that electrons could jump from one orbit to any other around the nucleus.

Health Secretariat

According to responsible for the sector of epidemiologia of the health secretariat, the illnesses as leptospirose, hepatitis, the diarria one, dermatosis, verminoses, have its roots in it accumulate of garbage in the sewers and rivers, therefore waters hinder the ticket them thus occurring to floodings and with them the illnesses above cited. It is to have of the governing, to promote the health for the community, so that the population has a glad and healthful life, but the action of the community is also of great importance in this promotion, therefore they are interlaceds thing, ' ' action of the community and commitment of the governments, in the search of a more healthful life for all and each one ' '. Ambient education and Health – 2 Lesson Prof. Dr. Pablo Enrique Battaglin Axe. Aiming at to the improvement of the conditions of health of the families, the Secretariat of Health of the city of Altamira comes promoting debates and quarrels in schools and quarters, around the subject, in the direction to acquire knowledge the society how much to the ambient education, despertando the conscience it criticizes how much to the prevention of the illnesses caused for the risk factors. This study it discloses to the diverse causal factors of the illnesses and the determinative ones for the improvement of the conditions of life of the altamirense society.

AMBIENT HEALTH For the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), basic sanitation can be understood as the control of factors of the environment of mental and social the human being, that intervene or can intervene with the welfare physicist, (PHILIPPI JR; MALHEIROS, 2005). The sanitation has for objective to minimize the damages to the environment that intervene with the health of the population, and has for purpose to protect and to improve the conditions of life of the population (OAK; OLIVEIRA, 1997). The good quality of the consumed water, represents an important factor in the relations of the sanitary monitoring epidemiologist, therefore, it hinders the sprouting them illnesses.

Happier New Year?

A happier New Year? If the old man is not repeated A new year this before us and Christmas is already something distant. The postal with desires of prosperous year have forgotten, because a brief balance of the past year produces an opposite effect rather. Many describe to mass media like alarmist, but what it is lived is dramatic and not only in Haiti. Only in Africa 2.2 million AIDS people die annually; 1,4 of pulmonary infections; 2,4 of malaria; 700 thousands of intestinal affections; 600 thousand by diseases that could be avoided with vaccines, to which those are united that passes away by wars, undernourishment or to live in subhuman conditions. In addition every 5 seconds a hunger boy dies. That in 2009 12,000 people as a result of natural catastrophes died only (the lowest number of last the 20 years, in comparison to the 240 thousand victims of 2008) is not reason to tranquilize itself, since the increasing defrosting of Greenland it accelerates, foretelling an ascent of about 7 meters of the level of the sea. Then for who will be a Happy Year? Many are wondered why God is silent and they do not include/understand how the churches do not give convincing answers.

To only say it does not bring solutions to them, nor either the theological ceremonies and speeches. Many are wondered why the church does not recognize that with to have arranged that the prophetic voice finished with the coming of Jesus Christ, it at the same time cut the direct dialogue that God had with its children through its prophets. That the hierarchy connected with the church in the last 2000 years broke away from in this way definitively that enemy with the divine world, they demonstrate the facts to it of history, as it has documented the German historian to it Karlheinz Deschner. And nevertheless all that one that feels that it is impossible that the Creator has left his children and wishes to discover of independent form the jaw imposed by the tradition connected with the church, can discover that God speaks and helps in this time, although not within the ecclesiastical institution. In the supply given by the prophecy of the present time, which prevails is the freedom of decision and the free will of each, under the motto: whoever to think whoever it creates that it and to leave the one leaves it. For that one dares more to it with the heart than with the intellect, yes it could be the beginning of a really happy New Year.


Art in Bad Blumau of Spa and wellness is currently very popular and the perfect way to gain distance from the stressful everyday life for a while. The artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser pondered similar is already in the 1950s and wanted to create places of retreat in the cities full of peace and nature. The travel portal presents one of these small paradises. The perfect alternative to a stressful city tour or an active walking tour provides a wellness holiday for all those who want to relax completely. Particularly the place Bad Blumau is suitable in Styria, Austria. There the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser has created once one of his famous oases, which is used as a hotel and Spa.

Hundertwasser was fascinated by the water and was inspired in his works of the fun run and the shape of the drop of water. He was a strenuous opponent of geometric shapes, which dominated most of the cities, and wanted to places create instead, where harmony and tranquillity a centrality have. The Spa Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau is characterized by bright colors, rounded shapes and green roofs in this sense. Visitors who live not only in a hundred waterworks, but relax at the same time, the various Spa offers variety. The hot springs can be enjoyed in eleven indoor and outdoor pools and affect thanks to its healing properties especially positive effect on muscles and joints. At the same time the hotel is environmentally conscious, the sources used by the way for heating and to generate electricity. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

Positive Waves

Again and again, research has shown that having a positive attitude will help you to be healthy and happy. How many of us really understand, however, what means an attitude positive and how to get it and keep it? A positive attitude does not happen over night. It will take time to start thinking positively about his life, and the key is to focus on one of the positive aspects of your life at once. Tips for being more positive focus on himself. Spend a little time each day meditating, practicing deep breathing exercises and reflecting.

It is also possible that you want to start a journal that focuses on things that feel grateful and write in it every day. Smile more. When he focuses on something good in your life and smile, it will take a smile to the faces of others. With smile at someone, you can only improve the day of that person. Smile when she wakes up in bed and you may have a great day every day.

Even if you are depressed and you don’t get a good night’s sleep, start the day with a smile and you can deal with their problems more easily. Focus on the good things in your life and you are smiling. Their happiness is transmitted to others! In order to achieve your goals, develop a saying that reflects its objective and place it where can see it as soon as it rises from the bed. To do this you will have more likely to reach your goal. Share something positive with someone in your life through prayer or positive thoughts. Be thankful for the blessings he has in his life. Don’t be confused by what has and what has not. Instead, concentrate on the good things in your life and be grateful for them.


This was only possible because more countries produce and also they export product the same, thus offering, greater credibility to the possible consumers in potential. Amongst some preset international norms, they are distinguished it evaluation since the o plantation, condemning in areas of ambient preservation, quality and income, until the man power used in the production. 5. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the research> presented, it was observed that economic development does not imply only in the demographic growth, but involves changes in the structure and improvement of economic, social and ambient pointers. In the social promotion of etanol Brazilian, some aspects still are to desire, with regard to the conditions of empregabilidade of the man power, without qualification and in relation to the problems of the sazonalidade of the period between harvests in some regions. It was also noticed, infrastructure problems and absence of investment of research in the sector, although the good projections and of its important paper in the Brazilian agronegcio. The production of etanol by means of the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar diminishes the importation of oil, but it stimulates the cultivation, that can bring serious ambient consequences, as the exhaustion of the ground and the reduction of cultivating food areas. Therefore, to prevent these mentioned problems, it is necessary greater fiscalization on the part of the initiative.

Making Friends

How to transform the pain of a break in peace, clarity and love for oneself by Sandra Iozzelli I received many messages lately about the pain felt by the people who are living a sentimental break. They describe it as an intense pain, which in many cases, not leaves them sleeping, eating, or enjoying your life. We can say that almost everyone at some point, we have gone through a similar experience. And we have believed us that it must be so, that when there is a rupture, the suffering is inevitable. But do such if there is an alternative that does not happen, that such if this rupture, this experience of heartbreak you could take to the depths of you and show you things you and your life that you need to know and otherwise not had discovered? Do so if the pain of this experience could transform into clarity, peace and an adventure of self-discovery? This article is not intended to help you return with your partner, if not to show you how this experience can help you to be more free. And if what you really want is to leave of suffer and regain your peace and well-being, I invite you to keep reading with the heart and open mind. A belief to question what I see in common in all these messages is that we are responsible for our couples of our pain and happiness. We are full of: he should have done this, she should not have done it, I need it to be happy, and an endless list of should, I need and want as conditions for our happiness that prevent us from being happy belief that our partner is responsible for our happiness or pain leads us to direct our attention toward another person leaving us as a result because we cannot have our attention on two sides at the same timeleads us to feel dependent and needy in the other person, if that person is not on our side or does not meet our expectations and to feel that we have lost control of our lives and our well-being because we have put it in the hands of another person.

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