Month: November 2013


Hip Surgery

There is a disease known as osteoarthritis of hip, that is a reality that is already affecting not only seniors, but also to those middle-aged people. Surgeons who carried out the hip surgery, ideal to combat this disease, often with experience in both bone problems as joint, carefully evaluate the patient and they are who determine whether it is feasible or not to carry out the surgical procedure. What is taken into account are their clinical background, its function articulate and the strength of his hip, in addition to observations carried out on how it moves, how you feel, and how leans. Likewise, carried out the taking of x-rays and if the surgeon notice severe damage, is the hip surgery. The symptoms that occur range from mild annoyances that cause discomfort, until severe headaches that can incapacitate you up in your daily activities. Hip surgery involves the placement of a prosthesis of hip and reduces pain, considerably improving the mobility of the joints. It is likely that you feel identified with the symptoms you mention here; If that is your case, I suggest that you go to see a surgeon and review if you are a candidate to submit yourself to a hip surgery. A. Verastegui hold.


At the beginning of namoro all wonderful age, they adored to take a walk in shopping, to attend to all week the cinematographic launchings, the plans during the engagement; research of buffets, business-oriented suppers, trips, gave credit that it would be forever. Exactly ahead of as many attritions and insults the separation never passed for the thoughts, never was an alternative. Welcome to the reality, nor everything happens of the planned form. The love finished and what it remains? Hurt, much pain, frustration. This is the reply of the pessimistic person, dived in the loss, that does not see that the situations present positive and negative points.

The pain of the loss of the friend (a) to who made oaths still seems an opened wound, dilacerando day-by-day, leaving the sun without brightness, the life without color, any food without flavor! Exactly after months in some cases until years. It is common for some time to feel abandonment, squeeze in the chest, extreme sadness when seeing clothes, photos, I smell feeling it. The epilogue of the sacred marriage is a form of fights; you many without desiring have that to continue the way alone. The dreams and plans had been interrupted. Already he stopped to think if it (a) was so good thus, or you had projected its desires and idealized? The attritions happened because the other difficult age or you wanted to transform it? It is basic to stand out that the bankruptcy of an institution does not occur instantaneously, for the opposite, is a long period that both contribute. However after I ruin it accomplished, remains to join the pieces that sobraram and to discover new ways, to plan new strategies. The separation leaves any unsafe, vulnerable individual.

Perhaps some say that the men suffer more for not sharing, for machismo, to keep the fort position. Independent of the sex pain is real, and the word of order is ' ' REAGIR' '. Right now suffering it has more time to reflect, to evaluate, to invest in its dignity, its well-being, to take care of of its interior, to fortify its emotions. The life this offering a new possibility to you to rewrite its trajectory, moving without its permission the direction. You have diverse alternatives, between them to be crying, bitter taste, muttering, and its friends if moving away. Or to face, to know that the wound this healing, but you decided to fight, to fight for the life, the happiness, you, the other good news that still will happen. Already he decided of that side will be?

What are the Chances?

The chances are better to keep that extra distance pound when it is gradually lost. If you lose weight very quickly are more likely to recover it. So go slow and steady, as well win the race. Apart from this, you’re not going to weaken and will not have adverse effect on your health. Maintain a good state of health is as important as maintaining weight. Council 3 diet and motivation: be patient. The results are not visible quickly. You need the element of surprise that this always there.

This you remain enthused about what will happen after two weeks, get standing on the scale. With my personal experience, I say, that when I used to measure my daily weight, a day I used to show less on the scale and the other day I showed one kg, if it was very discouraging. Then I realized that there are many factors that come into play, such as the retention of water and other things. So be very patient and continue with your efforts, do not worry about the results. Keep a term for you and control your weight only after that deadline. At the end, I would like to say that I’ve lost 10 kg of weight in two or three months and I believe that it is possible. Nothing is more important than maintaining a correct attitude towards you and your goal.

Always keep these three things mentioned in this article in your mind and everything you’ve decided what tendras. People have created a great advertising display about diet plans, loss of fast kilos and a healthy lifestyle. But the fact is that it is as simple as we want that is. I wish you all good health and happiness! Weight loss is possible.

Relevance Importance

Only stones thrown in the fruit-laden tree. We daily act in the scenarios that our part according to our role and we face challenges, changes, testing often required of each person properly use its potential, not only for not perish, let yourself be caught by the effects, but also to give way to that creativity, innovation that allows us to illuminate us and know the opportunity of life that we bequeathedespecially when facing critical situations, adverse. says, resiliency is the ability of a person or group to continue projecting into the future despite events destabilizing, hardship and trauma sometimes severe. Resilience is situated in a stream of Psychology positive and dynamic promotion of mental health and seems a reality confirmed by the testimony of many people that, even having lived through a traumatic situation, have managed to fit it and continue developing and living, even in a level top, as if trauma lived and assumed would have developed in them latent and unsuspected resources. Wikipedia in this regard reminds us, that the concept was introduced in the psychological sphere into the 70s by paido-psychiatrist Michael Rutter, directly inspired by the concept of physics.

In the behaviorist view of Rutter, the resiliency was reduced to a kind of Adaptive social flexibility. The concept is deepened to transcend to Behaviorism, for example, with the investigations of the ethologist Boris Cyrulnik, who expanded the concept of resilience observing the survivors of concentration camps, children in Romanian orphanages and Bolivian children in street situation. In psychology, the term resilience refers to the ability of subjects to overcome deaths or periods of emotional pain. When a subject or group of animals is capable of doing so, he is said to have proper resiliency, and you can overcome setbacks or, even, be strengthened by them. The concept of resilience is It corresponds with the term integrity.

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