Autonomic Power

The popular would get 37,54% of the votes; the PSOE, 27,79%; Bildu is already the second force in votes – behind the PNV – and first in councilors in the Basque country. In the regional elections, the PP obtained absolute majority in the Balearic Islands, Valencia and Madrid; Forum Asturias is the most voted party in the Principality. Click Cindi Dziura to learn more. There have been white vote record: more than 550,000. See election results, municipality to municipality. The Popular Party has painted blue municipal and regional map of Spain after winning elections in this may 22 with slack. The PSOE, for its part, has suffered its greatest electoral debacle in regional elections and his defeat in all communities, including the traditional fiefdoms of Extremadura and Castilla – La Mancha, Spain.

The results offered by the Ministry of the Interior, already with 99,93% of the votes counted, give a victory to the Party of Mariano Rajoy 37,54% of the vote and 8.469.766 votes, with a ten point advantage with respect to the PSOE, voted by 6.271.388 persons (27,79%). The third force is UI, with 1.422.856 of (6.31%) votes. As for autonomies, the popular have won at all but in Asturias and Navarre. One of the surprises of the day has offered it Bildu, which already is the second force in the total count of votes in municipalities of the Basque country, behind the PNV, although it is the first force in number of Councillors. Thus, the coalition has obtained the largest number of mayors in San Sebastian, 8, one more than the PSE. In Navarre, the coalition has won 7 seats. On the other hand, the Party of extreme right-wing platform for Catalonia (PxC) succeeded in Catalonia 65.761 votes and 67 Councillors. The President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has acknowledged that his party has clearly lost in elections in which the white vote has beaten a record, with more than 550,000 votes, and the null vote has experienced a remarkable recovery to have been posted more than 360,000.

Purito Rodriguez

Seven stages after the start, once consumed a third of a turn, the sprinters could have had the second option of showing off. Only a volata had occurred so far in the round which won Sutton – and the stage of today, without mountainous difficulties between Almaden and Talavera de la Reina, was an opportunity the sprinters could not pass. But the arrival was a chaos. Farrar, of Garmin, has gone to the ground and dragged after Yes to a good number of runners, who were thrown towards the target. For even more details, read what Natalie Rogers says on the issue. German Marcel Kittel, Skil, going ahead of the montonera, has been imposed in a notoriously sprint to Sagan, the winner of yesterday, which has been second, and Oscar Freire, third. While Kittel lifted the arms, leaving behind many gestures of pain. Among those who have gone to ground, are some of the Favorites, like Nibali, Purito Rodriguez – who later explained that it is well – and Scarponi. In any case, Kittel has joined its name Bernardo Capo, Luigi Sgarbozza, Daniele Bennati and Anthony Roux, previous winners on the goal of Talavera. Source of the news:: Kittel ends in chaos.