Pants Curtas

In the guard clothes of the current, modern women as they are, the pants is the item that never loses space. Had to this fact, in the world of the fashion where the time is measured per seasons and not stations, the pants are renewed, in order not to seem perpetual repetitions to each collection. To read more click here: James A. Levine, M.D.. In this year two models of pants had been rehabilitated, and appear in the main sites of fashion and blogs of style. The first option is the pants flare. Although the name they well are known and with certainty you already must have had one, since flares is, simply, pants bell mouth. They had been born in years 60 and 70 and have as characteristic main to keep cs just, while the remaining portion of the pants goes widening of the hip for low.

Some models of these pants, known as elephant legs, possess a difference in relation to flares traditional, because they go down adjusted until the knees and from they are widened there. Generally the elephant legs are of jeans, but flares traditional can be confectioned with other fabrics, and they are called pantalonas there. All are very good when used with sandals of high jump, because they are pants models that tend ' ' encurtar' ' it uses who them. The style of the sandal also must vary the fabric in accordance with because the jeans are well more democratic of what the silk, the hemp and the pants with cut would alfaiataria. The second option of pants can be considered an escape for who detesta flares, but it wants to be antenada in hits of the station. The short pants are good options for who like one skinny because they can well be justinhas, with boquinha a little opened, it differentiates what them of leggigns. It has who it likes to use proper skinnys and to only fold the bars, and also who prefers to go up a bit more, and to opt to pants models that stop in the potato of the legs, the privateers. The pants cropped also are models of short pants, however, are confectioned in lighter fabrics, and ask for chic and rich compositions that the other models. For the feet, it has a infinity of options, since sapatilhas scarpins, but a modern and bold production asks for ankle boots or botinhas of short pipe. The winter is there, and with the described models of pants of the one to parade with looks well accidental and deloused in one day and super chic and sexys in the other, everything it goes to depend, only, of the remaining portion of the composition.