Neural Growth Factor

Thanks to the special synergy of its components that also enhance dramatically among themselves, our treatment promotes shaped natural, real and comprehensive regeneration and Reversion of degenerative processes bone and articular, and delay the actual phenomenon of aging of the organism, as well as extend human longevity. We must remember that the most important thing in this our life is that the time that we are going to live, that healthiest possible, in other words is to create the conditions necessary for live more and better, and healthier, and be able to perform and carry out all our goals, desires and primary goals of our life in ideal form, in addition to the abovealso it has discovered that the salivary glands in addition to its main secretion endocrine which is the parotina protein of tissue Mesoderm-mesenchymal (bone, muscle, cartilage and connective General tissues) regenerative, produces other interesting substances that are very important for the organism tissue growth factors such as Neural growth (fcn) Factor and the Factor of epidermal growth (fce), among many others; this is the reason why our Tratamientoademas of the Parotinacontains extracts, peptide, class and protein totals of the salivary glands, and is because of this that has been able to achieve its surprising actions and functions, and on all amen being integrated with other substances, such as garlic (Allium Sativum), protein and lecithin from soybean (Glycine Max), Ossein gelatin and calcium caseinate, and interesting Homeoisopaticos and herbal extractsamong other many components, substances that together are empowered and sinergizan of a very important way to carry out its great effectiveness and clinical outcomes in bone and joint regeneration and anti-aging. In the Saliva are also factors of overall action, which are the Parotina, the Neural Growth Factor and epidermal growth Factor. The Parotina is an important globulin in the formation of the enamel, in the elasticity of the skin and glasses, and the neogenesis of cartilage. Senator of Massachusetts: the source for more info.